#437 Seeing a plane from another plane

Hello out there.

Staring out your airplane window and spotting another plane cruising calmly through the clouds feels a bit mysterious and magical. The open skies are suddenly traffic lanes from The Jetsons and you get to take a brain step back at how far we’ve come…

While our ancestors were painting ocean caves, sleeping in treetops, and crossing ice bridges into new worlds, I bet they never guessed in just a few years we’d be zooming across the planet through the sky staring at other people flying on by.

We’re going places, people.

And we’re going fast.


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36 thoughts on “#437 Seeing a plane from another plane

  1. Spotting another plane cruising calmly through the clouds is strangely calming. It’s certainly a welcome distraction from the fears that can rush into your mind when you realise where you are in relation to the Earth and how fast you’re moving and the feeling that you really shouldn’t be there. I think our ancestors had the right idea though – keeping their fur-clad feet firmly planted on the ground …

  2. Related to this one, I would add to the list: seeing lightning storms from above the clouds while traveling in a plane.

    1. I remember a flight from Philly to Hartford many years ago. It was a stormy night, with huge thunderheads all around. The pilot ever so softly swerved and swayed our way through them. It was a smooth, beautiful flight, and the light show from the thunderheads was Awesome!

  3. Awesome!

    …and what about feeling the shade of an airplane passing right over you?? That’s how a sunny day becomes a funny day!

  4. Neil:

    Just wanted to say that I continue to enjoy your blog and look forward to every post. I tend to get it at the end of the day…which means the day always ends with a smile.

    Still getting lots of hits on your interview as well.

    Hope all is well.


  5. The only time I’ve ever seen another plane from inside a plane was when I was in my dad’s friend’s little 4-seater. We were flying low over my hometown just for fun and could see some other planes taking off from the airport. It is such a unique perspective, seeing them so close up while in the sky — and from both above and below. Love it!

  6. I love to fly, seeing other planes is one of the coolest things about it along with the weather and the spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

    Are people scared of flying or are they scared of crashing?

  7. I was in a plane leaving from St. Kitts (I think) in the mid-eighties on an over-night flight. The pilot announced that we were flying over Florida and the Shuttle was taking off below us – we could see it pass us from our plane. I still think that I dreamt that but my friend, flying with me, confirms it actually happened.

  8. I have never travelled by air , because I am worried that there will be a crash and I will be dead.But I know it must be very great,because I feelexcited just by imagining it.


  9. What’s awesome is when you board a plane and sit down to put your seatbelt on, and find that the person who sat there before you was the same size! No adjustments necessary!

  10. i cried the first time i flew. i was heading to boston to visit my best friend during thanksgiving break. i wasn’t scared or anything, it was just beautiful and amazing and when i looked out the window and watched the sun rising, i couldn’t help but cry.

  11. To all who think that this is AWESOME, you should have my job as I get to do this lots. And not just with civilian airliners, but with military fighter jets!!!!!!

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