#434 Pizza soulmates

Toppings are tough.

The other day I was watching movies with my friend Shiv when our stomachs started rumbling and we decided to dial for dinner. I got up and grabbed a stack of crinkly takeout menus from the junk drawer and we flipped through all the fancy ones before settling on pizza.

Of course, before I picked up the phone we entered into one of those classic Pre-Order Topping Chats.

Most of us know from experience that those chats don’t always end well. Brother, it can get heated with the double cheese debates and stormy arguments over pineapple juice runoff. I’ve seen movie nights get divided and end with tears, broken hearts, and slamming bathroom doors. Shiv and I had both been hurt before so we entered into our chat slowly:

“So… uh, what do you like on your pizza?”

“Oh, you know, I’m pretty easy. Do you like … meat?”

“Yeah, of course. Pepperoni then? What about mushrooms?”

“I love mushrooms! Okay… pepperoni, mushrooms. Want to get one more? Um, how do you feel about pineapple?” (giant nervous smile with raised eyebrows)

“No way, you like pineapple? That’s my favorite! This is perfect, I always get pepperoni, mushrooms, and pineapple. And thin crust.”

“I love thin crust! We’re Pizza Soulmates!”

An hour later we were still wearing clown-faced grins when we popped open a steaming box of crispy-corner pepperoni, paper thin mushrooms, and juicy pineapple chunks staring back at us. We sat back and scarfed back a lot of hot slices of perfect pizza that night. And it was beautiful.

Life will twist and turn us in all directions, but let’s remember that we all deserve to be happy. Yeah, I say forget half-toppings, forget counting slices, and forget making sacrifices. If you like green olives, hot peppers, or spicy sausage, don’t leave it off.

Just keep looking for your Pizza Soulmate.

Maybe they’re out there right now looking for you.


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97 responses to “#434 Pizza soulmates

  1. Laura

    They are! They are out there. It may take some time, but never lose hope of finding your pizza soulmate.

    Most my friends are very picky about their pizzas; my pizza soulmate is a little girl I used to babysit! She and I are completely un-picky but ended up choosing the same toppings as each other every time we ordered pizza.

    Unrelated, I like the new header image :D

  2. This seems to be the perfect compliment to the “chicken wing partner” entry, which was equally as awesome.

    • Freddo

      I thought exactly the same thing, as soon as I read the title.. I love it when loyal readers make the same connections I do.. :)

      • Jay jay

        Can you imagine the epic proportion of your soulmate-ness if you were to find your pizza soulmate AND chicken wing partner in the same person?!


  3. everything in it — yessss! :)

  4. Pineapple is my favorite, too!

    Haha – I feel like it’s been gaining popularity. It used to be really hard to find pineapple lovers, but I recently found a few :D

  5. “What do you like on your pizza” is such a loaded question..

  6. Tana

    One day, I am going to find my pizza soulmate. Then I will have pizza! Seriously, I can only eat like three slices, so it’s not worth getting one for myself.

    • Esther

      The solution to your problems: Crooked Crust Pizza! You can order a quarter of a pizza for $5.00 and it comes with a drink–fantastic. You can also order half a pizza for $9.00 and it comes with two drinks! Check it out : )

  7. Michael

    A bittersweet thing (with this and the wings partner too) is that I’m like the complete opposite of a picky eater so I can have multiple pizza soulmates. Wow I’m such a pizza slut. :(

    • Laura

      HAHA! This made me laugh! I’m not very picky, either. I have my VERY favorite, of course, but for the most part I can be pizza-compatible with almost anyone. Except an anchovy-lover … y’all are on your own.

      • Freddo

        I tried to introduce the wife to the pleasures of anchovies on a pizza early in our relationship, and she wasn’t buying.

        Finally got her to give it a go just last year.

        Let’s just say, it didn’t go very well.

        I guess we’ll just have to be soulmates in other “non-pizza” areas.

  8. Sam

    im so lame, i just love a nice, cheesy good ol slice of pizza :)

  9. Vodka and Ground Beef

    What a touching story. Does it end at the Blue Oyster?

  10. A!

    My twin brother and I used to be pizza soulmates. Then he got even pickier and I got more open to more toppings so we’re no longer compatible. Instead, my friends replaced him. Non-picky eaters = yay :)

  11. Ian

    I’m probably pizza soulmate for like a zillion people.

    “What d’you like on pizza?”
    “Er. Anything*?”

    * Within reason, obviously. If somebody wants me to share their pigs-trotter and tripe pizza they can get the hell out.

  12. I like all kinds of things on my pizza and I like to switch it up sometimes so its hard for me to find my pizza soulmate. I usually settle and get an all meat pizza cuz that’s what hubby likes, but I don’t. The only meat I really like is the pepperoni. Peppers, mushrooms, fruit, even spinach are just some of my favorite things.

  13. Is it wrong that after reading this post I’m craving ‘za and it’s only 7:50am? Nice work! :)

  14. My family gets vegetable pizza because they don’t have a particular favourite and it’s my favourite so they get it for me. :D

  15. My partner and I are more like “sushi soulmates” – I agree it’s a delightful experience to bond over favourite foods….

  16. Leah

    My boyfriend likes all meat lovers and I like all veggie… it’s tough at times..but somehow we make it work! haha :)

  17. just stumbled upon your blog/book.
    I’m so excited you’re making us realize the little things!

  18. My husband and I end up doing the “I’ll have this on my half” when we order pizza. I despise mushrooms and he despises fresh tomatoes.

  19. EvilSkittles

    My best friend is more than my Pizza Soulmate -she’s my Food Soulmate! We love the same foods, which makes it easier to share.

  20. peg

    I learned to make my own pizza, when we moved to a rural setting ( no delivery)…now each family member gets their own personal pizza…everyone is happy and half the cost :) …but i have to admit…a pizza soulmate would be nice.

  21. Michelle Gehrett

    Somehow I have been able to share most pizza toppings with my Hubby. The only difference is the mushrooms and I don’t mind picking them off. The real crazy thing is when we went to a pizzeria a couple years ago. We decided to try anchovies. We were both weary and put them on an extra pizza, one that would be nice to have, but not necessary to feed the family. My husband picked up the first slice and took a bite, he was in heaven. He was also terrified that I would hate it and he would never enjoy anchovies again…. I took my first bite, and yes, we are still soul mates, even with pizza.

  22. Alicia

    Pineapple, pepperoni, and mushrooms are my favorite pizza toppings too. Crazy!

  23. Keith

    ahhh! We’re pizza soul mates too! i love pineapple pepperoni and mushrooms!

  24. Freddo

    “An hour later we were still wearing clown-faced grins when we popped open…”

    If it takes you an HOUR to get your pizza, you’re doing it wrong…

    • EvilSkittles

      The wonderful sound of the pizza man ringing your doorbell: AWESOME!
      So you’ve ordered the pizza, and your mouth is already watering. You start to drool as you dream about the spicy pepperoni and greasy mozzerella. All you can think about is the best food in the world: Pizza.
      But, wait! There’s a twist: Unlike fast food, your pizza dream doesn’t come true immediately. You gotta wait for what seems like forever to open that hot box of pizza and dive into a world of delicousness.
      So you sit there, flipping through magazines and TV channels. But you can’t focus on American Idol. No, you can’t hear the screeching wails of whatever contestant is trying to….er, sing.
      All you hear is that doorbell ringing, signaling dinner time.

  25. Tiffany

    I, too, have yet to find my Pizza Soulmate. Every open pizza debate ends with me hanging my head in shame/sadness because once I tell people I’d be fine eating a plain cheese, I get accused of being a toddler.

    Then once the pizza comes I slink back into a corner and nibble on my crusts. Ah me, what’s a girl to do?

  26. Dude! That is an amazing thing! I don’t know that I’ve found my pizza soul-mate, yet, but I cannot wait to! Bahahaha.

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  28. I have yet to find a pizza soul mate, as well. I have two favorites that I choose from, depending on whether I want something sweet/fruity or not.
    1. Cheese, pineapple, and sausage
    2. Extra cheese, pepperoni, spinach and broccoli (if it’s available).


    • !!!!!!
      I’d take #1 if it the sausage was replaced with ham
      But #2 is awesome! I can never find someone else that like those veggies on their pizza.

      • Broccoli on pizza is Ah-mazing!! I’m usually willing to compromise and put ham or canadian bacon instead of sausage, since people usually like that more.

        From an earlier post, it looks like we both like dipping pizza in ranch, too. It looks like we’re virtual pizza soul-mates! =)

  29. Ashley

    That combination sounds absolutely delicious! Pineapple is easily my favorite thing to have on pizzas!

  30. Daph.

    Not that long ago, I had a small party with 5 friends. The good thing about having more people over is that you have to order more pizza ^^ So those who didn’t like chicken or pineapple could get some of the other, more basic pizza.

  31. Katie

    Pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms, and pineapple here. This should definitely be in The Book of Awesome 2.0. :)

  32. Amy

    My Pal and I always have a ham and pineapple and sweetcorn pizza on a night out. It’s classic :)

  33. I like mushrooms on mine. Just plain is also good.

  34. Naomi

    I actually hate all pizza toppings I’ve tried. I like my pie plain, or with extra cheese.

  35. Shiv

    it’s all fun and games, until you and your pizza soulmate are both eyeing the last slice! :)

  36. So true. soulmates are always awesome :)

  37. You described my perfect pizza, except for the thin crust bit. I like some substance to my bread :)

  38. ArnoNym

    AWESOME! That’s exactly how I like my pizza!

  39. Ares

    Why do I hear that guy that narrated the b&w Twilight Zone narrating this blog? <3

  40. niko

    who names their kid Shiv?

  41. Jose

    Deep dish with pepperoni and mushrooms. Yeah, it’s kinda simple, but I was still overjoyed when my wife and I were first dating to learn that it was her favorite too.

    But it gets better – I love making them at home and so does she. Then to top it all off, her mom even had an AWESOME crust recipe that was better than mine and which she bequeathed to me, not knowing she would unexpectedly pass away soon after.

    Talk about destiny!

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  43. I like it plain, so i dont have any probs to find partners to pizza :)

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  45. That’s so true- i love peperoni pizza though

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  47. There’s a restaurant here called East Side Mario’s, and they will make a compromising pizza… save passion…”Budda-boom, budda-bing, budda-boom, budda-ching,” that’s amoure!

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