#433 Being next

Suddenly the shuffling crowds parts and you’re at the front of the line. Suddenly your boss quits and nobody else can do her job. Suddenly you’re on deck during a late inning tie game. Suddenly your sister’s finished opening her Christmas present.

Suddenly you’re next.


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56 thoughts on “#433 Being next

    1. I have noticed it before too. I made my day a little more awesome when I did see it :D

      Nice name btw….

    2. Hey, I hadn’t noticed that smile. Just seeing the little smile gave me a big smile. You pointing out an oft overlooked little sign like that is awesome! :)

  1. I’ve been waiting for my turn to comment, and now that Jasmine has commented about the smiley face, I guess I’m next…


  2. Sometimes I’m unusually patient, so I pretend I have to wait longer than I need to, because being impatient just makes being next that much better.

    1. So so so true! This comment made me laugh so much.
      Sometimes I love the surprise when suddenly you realise it is your turn. So I distract myself making it even better again : D
      So lame. But so awesome.
      P.s Freddo – kudos on getting in first with that one.

  3. i love the rush when you realize you’re next. you become anxious after waiting for so long, and when it’s your turn, especially if you’re impatient like me, it’s just such a happy feeling :)

  4. I love this. It’s so exciting, and so relieving.. it’s like AH FINALLY! and then you can continue on with life.

  5. Even better is when you think it’s going to be a really long wait – like you approach a restaurant and see all the people waiting – and then it goes so much faster than you thought it would. That is the best “next”!!

    1. YES. One time we had a group of like 10 or something at prime restaurant busy-ness on a Saturday night. The wait for everyone was like an hour … but they had a large table they weren’t giving up for small parties and our wait ended up being about two minutes!

  6. You get such a rush, when you are next in line, trying to eyeball the next person to leave. And what a relief when the next spot finally becomes free :P

    A small note on the ‘Book’ being on sale in New Zealand. Nothing, zip, nadda!! Borders in Wellington central have it on ‘special order’ but nothing has come of it :'( I am going to investigate other shops to see if they have it in…

  7. Suddenly being next can be great. Like the time I was queuing up to get into a U2 gig at Giants Stadium and the huge queue evaporated in front of me and I was next to get frisked by a large chap name Keith who was guarding the gate. Unfortunately, I was also next to have a few moments of panic when the super-efficient Keith pondered whether to let me in at all due to the size of my ‘fanny-pack’, as he put it. After a long pause Keith smiled and waved me through, next to get in and very relieved…

  8. I love how universal this one is. Everyone — from toddlers to old folks — enjoys that precious time when their line-waiting is over and they’re next up for the activity/event in question. It never gets old!

    1. The past few weeks I’ve been very excited when I’m next in line to get my McDonalds french fries.

      That’s all the baby wants.

  9. I love being next!

    Yesterday I was at the doctor’s and it was me and one girl in the waiting room. She was there before me, so I thought she was next…. but when the doctor came in she called both our names!
    And hey….btw….. its a boy!!

      1. Ha ha…yeah. That was the first thing my daughter said when we told her it was a boy. “YESSSS!!!!! His name is going to be Octopus!!!!” Um…no I’m sorry.

        1. Exciting, Bekah! Congrats! :)

          I can’t wait for awesome thing #248: Octopi, and it will be dedicated to the birth of your little munchkin..

          1. Thanks!!
            #248 huh? I’ll just assume that’s the post for the day (or near the day) I’m due. I’m not even going to try to do the math. You and you’re mad math skills are awesome…..

            1. Uhhh…. oops.. I didn’t actually do the math.. I just picked a number at random that seemed pretty far away.

              However, I don’t actually know your due date, but for the sake of argument, let’s assume it’s Feb 1, 2011. If that’s the case, Octopi will be post #317. :)

                    1. I’ve got a whole group of Octopodes here that want to kick your…

                      Actually.. if you want to be a big know-it-all about Octopuses, what do you call a group of them (i.e., pride of lions, murder of crows, etc.)?

  10. This post is definitely “awesome because it’s true.” Growing up in a large family means there are often waits – that Christmas present one struck a chord with me, for sure!

    Also, I would like to mention the long rest-room line-ups during intermission, when you think there are 7 people in front of you, but then 7 people finish up at the same time and suddenly you are next!

    1. Ah, yes. I too grew up in a very large family and there was a lot of taking turns. Being next was what it was all about….. unless you were next to mow the lawn or next to wash the dishes.

        1. Ha!! These are true … I didn’t even think about any kind of un-awesome flip side to being next. It seemed like today ended up being a “bad next” kind of day for me.

  11. I wish I could view smiley! I have this page as my favorite on my phone (no comp). Mobile smileys please! And this is incredible, awesome work! Thank you for sharing with us!

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