43 thoughts on “#432 When the crosswalk changes to walk just as you approach it

        1. Well, you really should. Because the word on the street is that it’s starting to look like a triple rainbow.

    Neil, you are awesome for providing us with all these reasons to start our day off in a great mood!

  2. haha, just happened to me today. if you walk the route often, you can slow your walk to time it just right

  3. Yes! And when it happens consecutively, it becomes the pedestrian’s equivalent to hitting a string of green lights! Love it! No need to break your stride … the crosswalk fairies are smiling upon you.

  4. I love this! I really don’t like waiting at the corner of the sidewalk for a clear road. The wind from the cars, visions of the cars running up on the sidewalk and running me over, the corner getting crowed with other people…… I don’t like any of it. But then there are those rare times when there is no waiting and I can just keep on walking. Those times ARE awesome

  5. Once there was a power cut where I live, and I was entering the town by car when the streetlights started to come on again at the same time I drove near them.
    It was magic!

  6. My boyfriend and I play a game where we countdown from 3 until the traffic lights turn green. It’s always nice when they change right when we get to 0!

  7. I never want it to change, but that’s because I think pushing the button is awesome, and even better if it changes right as you push the button.

  8. I go to school in the city so I cross a crosswalk multiple times a day…it is still rare for this to happen and when it does it is definitely awesome.

  9. Ooooooo yes :D Another one of the “NEO” stories… And you walk on like some tough *** warrior, you don’t have time for mortals, “you’re not here to co-exist, you are here to win”. WOOHOO :D LOVE IT !

    Change, I command ! Open says me. :P

  10. YeS!! As a runner myself, I greatly appreciate when this happens!:) often times I can’t seem to get a chance to run on a bike path. So…when this happens, it truly is AWESOME!!

  11. Once I was walking to a friend’s house from a main street, and I had to cut through the downtown area to get to his house. There were at least 15-20 crossing/walk signals, and I somehow managed to make every single one of them, without having to stop or press a button. I felt like such a boss.

  12. I am a wizard and I am dating Harry styles! I love the earth and mostly Harry! AWESOMeE!!!!!!!!

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