#430 Eating ridiculous things for breakfast

Cold pizza is just the beginning.

Now, make no mistake here: breakfast has a lot going for it already. Yeah, we’re talking fresh brewed coffee, sizzling bacon, and hot, fluffy pancakes. Nothing wrong with waking up groggy and heating up the dirty frying pan, flipping down the toaster, or getting that coffee machine dripping. But there’s also something sinful about eating things that have no business being in your mouth before noon:

• Cake. What’s up, last night’s birthday? We were all stuffed when the flaming sugar slab got wheeled up so most people didn’t eat much. Thank goodness someone put it back in the fridge because now it’s time to kickstart the day with a couple icing flowers. Goes great with ice cream.

• Coke. It’s deliciously sinful pouring a tall glass of the brown fizzy at 8:00am. Don’t even try to justify it, either. We understand, friend. We’ve been there too.

Mix and Match. This is where you stare into your fridge for five minutes and realize you don’t have any good breakfast stuff kicking around. Now it’s time to grab a couple pickles, spoonful of peanut butter, and some slices of bologna before putting the backpack on and running to the bus.

• Regular breakfast food with a key ingredient missing. When we were little my sister Nina got sick and couldn’t eat dairy for a while so she subbed apple juice on her Cheerios. Sure, maybe it’s disgusting, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. If you’ve ever smeared strawberry jam on your pancakes or eaten a plate of eggs with a handful of Ritz crackers, then you know what we’re talking about.

• Breakfast Barbecue. Flip on the gas and get grilling. You can try whipping up bacon or eggs out there if you want to keep the classics, but frankly, if you’re ever gonna do dogs and wieners, now’s the time. Great for camping or cottages.

• Leftover takeout. Open up your fridge and get ready for that surprise Styrofoam wake up call. Nothing like some snow peas and cross-cut carrots soaking in an ice-cold bath of soy sauce to get the day started with a salty jolt.

Now, morning is generally time for slow movements and soft tastes. Most of us baby our tongues with oatmeal muffins, scrambled eggs, or some butter on toast. But that’s why it’s fun eating ridiculous things for breakfast once in a while. You’re drawing outside the lines, ripping up the rules, and adding adventure to your morning.

Bring on the day.


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128 thoughts on “#430 Eating ridiculous things for breakfast

  1. Caught up to two years worth of blogging in two weeks… and caught today’s entry hot off the press! ;)

  2. Oh goodness. This is by far the best. I enjoy the mix-and-match, perhaps a piece of cheese with a spoonful of jam and a few gulps of chicken soup?

  3. I will deliberately order a pizza, bring it home, stick it in the fridge, and have it for breakfast for the next three days. Mine HAS to be microwaved, but it’s like left-over mac and cheese – it is BETTER a couple days later.

    1. This is genius. I’ve never gone out and done this before. I’ve always done the “order an XXL pizza to make sure you have breakfast leftovers”, or even “order a second pizza for breakfast leftovers”.. but I’ve never just gone full out: “I’m ordering this pizza with no intention of eating it right now.. this is all breakfast!”

      Great idea!

  4. I’ve done peanut butter on pancakes/waffles before (not too weird really), and seen of others who have water on their cereal (eww?). lol

    I’d have to disagree w/ Hope’s comment about mac and cheese. It’s the best when fresh!

    1. Brinner? hmmm.. I’ve never called it that before, though it makes sense.. I’ve always just stuck with BFD (breakfast for dinner).

      Or for those of us familiar with the comment thread over in “passwords”, BFD Dinner.

  5. I’m having last nights chinese takeway and pepsi for breakfast while reading this!
    What are the chances

  6. Alert! Alert! Second book material, right here. LOVE this one! Another “laughing out loud at five a.m.” post.

    As a punishment for being too busy/lazy to go to the grocery store, my breakfasts have been completely ridiculous for the past week. I’ve been rocking a pretty steady Mix and Match (hello Teddy Grahams, grapes, and peanut butter crackers); one day it even combined powers with some Leftover Takeout. And I’ll never turn down a Diet Coke, regardless of the time of day in question … glad to read that soda in the morn isn’t completely unacceptable!

    1. This one HAS to be in the book!!

      I can’t do the mix and match. If I do, the I over-do it and get too much food. I get a bit carried away.

      1. Yes, well, I can see that and normally I’d be right there with ya … but being too busy/lazy to go to the grocery store has also taught me a life lesson in rationing. Just enough to get me through to lunch or else I’ll either 1) go hungry for breakfast the next day or 2) have to go to the store. ;)

  7. Hahaha, I love the mix and match. Pickles & PB, that’s so funny! I love the day after a party, “I’ll have an egg roll, a few pieces of turkey, and some apple pie… and time to leave!” hahaha

  8. Last time I spent the night at my bff’s house I had ice cream for breakfast.

    Nothing’s better than cold pizza for breakfast. MMMMmmmmm…….
    Cake, yep had that a few times too. Take out is awesome for breakfast. Soda too.

    I don’t think I will start putting apple juice on my cereal anytime soon though. That’s just a little out of my league.

  9. I’ve done cake for breakfast more times than I want to admit. Also, burritos.

    A most excellent post! Thank you for bringing a smile to my morning. Now where are those pot stickers?

  10. Apple juice-with-rice crispies-lovers UNITE!

    What are the chances that there would be others who, through dietary issues, would add the AJ to their cereal?? Absolutely LOVE this one.

    And, for breakie this morning, I had 3-day-old dinner leftovers – yummy start to my day!

  11. My mum’s homemade chocolate cake is always my fave way to start the day. Chocolate always tastes best first thing in the morning before your taste buds have been spoilt by anything else.

  12. Hurray! By mentioning the “ridiculous breakfast” idea on your site, you have taken a clandestine, shameful activity out of the closet and into the realm of AWESOME! Ridiculous breakfast eaters everywhere are dancing in the streets!

  13. Breakfast from today…
    Left over grilled cheeseburger from lunch yesterday

    It was AWESOME!

  14. I loathe breakfast food. I normally wake up craving for strong tastes and substantial food, ie. lotsa carbs and fat. Living in Brazil I don’t even have the option of eating bacon, so I normally have to settle for some bland butter on some soggy bread… until I went to New Zealand and discovered the wonders of Marmite. Now that’s a great way to cheat on breakfast. The thing is healthy, the thing is disgusting and the thing tastes like your mouth’s being raped. And the thing can be spread on toast.

  15. My absolute favourite breakfast food is leftover fried spaghetti!! When I make pasta, I always make enough for leftovers. The next morning I grab the frying pan and throw in a wad of butter. The pasta has been sitting in the fridge, soaking up all the deliciousness of the sauce and cheese. Toss that into the pan with the butter, maybe add more cheese (because cheese is awesome) and fry it all up. OMG – the best breakfast ever!!!!

    1. That sounds ridiculously good, Piper! Now I really want to try fried spaghetti sometime. Thanks for the tip. :)

    2. I prefer my fried spaghetti on a sandwich. There is nothing better than a spaghetti sandwich. On white bread with butter.

      1. This is one of the best culinary comment threads I’ve ever seen..


        I’ve never tried it, but as soon as I read it, I felt stupid because it is so obvious.


      2. I love spaghetti sandwiches!! I’ve never done it with fried spaghetti, but I’ve definitely had cold ones for breakfast when I make too much pasta the night before.

        1. Fried Spaghetti is definitely the shiznot. But, my buddy introduced me to Fried Kraft Dinner recently, and it wins.

        2. Fried Spaghetti is definitely the bees knees, but Fried Kraft Dinner wins. So plain, but so golden.

  16. My weekend breakfast is usually leftover rice with curry. To satiate my sweet tooth, buttery biscuits (‘cookies’ US English; m british) dipped in hot milk while browsing news on a Sat/Sun morning. Never realised I wasn’t the only one with crazy breakfast habits.. Awesome..!!

  17. My sister got the stomach bug, and you can’t have milk when you’ve got the stomach bug. It doesn’t mix. So she wanted water in her cereal! I put water in it, and she actually ate it.

  18. We have a tradition in my house. You get cake for breakfast the day after your birthday. At first my husband was weary of giving this to the kids until I reminded him that he gives them donuts.
    BTW, it’s 9:30 and I’m drinking diet Mountain Dew.

  19. “flaming sugar slab”? LMAO. I have to start using these Neilisms in every day conversation. P.S. Strawberry jam on pancakes= lazy man’s strawberry crepes. I used to do that every Saturday morning as a kid!

  20. this one made me smile ore than others because as I was reading it, I was eating a slice of cake at 9:30 in the morning(: Awesome.

  21. Cake for breakfast is that ridiculous, people have doughnuts and muffins which are kinda like cake but it’s still awesome.

    I’m known for grabbing a bag of chips for breakfast if I’m late for school.

  22. “Nothing like some snow peas and cross-cut carrots soaking in an ice-cold bath of soy sauce to get the day started with a salty jolt.”

    LMAO a salty jolt. That’s EXACTLY what I think of when I think of leftovers…a styrofoam thing with some kind of leftover asian food. lol. I wish I had the talent to write like that. He literally NAILS it on the head, not just sometimes, but ALL THE TIME.

    1. How have none of us noticed Milo’s name here?

      Milo, come join in all the fun we’re having 3 comments down from here! I have a feeling you’ll like it! :)

  23. not that weird but chocolate milk on your crunchy bowl of cheerios or cocoa puffs can just really put a smile on that morning face of yours. =)

  24. I’m surprised I haven’t heard about some kind of weird Nutella pairing from Chez Freddo yet…

    1. Nutella transcends normal food/meal protocols. It is a universal food, so it can’t be classified as “weird” to eat it for any particular meal. It is a dietary staple that can get included all times of day.

      In fact, any time you are awake where you’re not eating Nutella is a wasted opportunity.

      However, we’ve recently been experimenting in a different direction at Chez Freddo. There is a Dutch treat called Hagel, which is effectively chocolate sprinkles eaten on buttered bread, FOR BREAKFAST. Check it out:


      We’ve been devouring this in mass quantities recently. However, no one will be surprised to learn that the wife has begun considering replacing the butter base (used to make the sprinkles stick) with Nutella. I’ll report back on her findings.

      1. Well, looks like I’ve just been schooled, a week early!

        Hagel! I’ve had that before! That would totally go great with Nutella!

      2. We usually call it hagelslag actually. And it goes great with Nutella! My sister and I do it all the time.

      3. “In fact, any time you are awake where you’re not eating Nutella is a wasted opportunity.”

        I couldn’t have said it better myself!

      4. Yes, please report back.

        In other Nutella-related news, this morning I was in the teacher next door’s room and she had an unopened jar of Nutella sitting on her desk. I squealed and said, “I love Nutella!” And she was like … “Yeah, I dunno, I’ve never had it. I bought it on a whim.” She seemed unsure, but I reassured her that it was the spread of the gods. Come lunch, she was all smiles over her impulse-purchased jar of Nutella.

        1. i love nutella & everything.
          nutella & popcorn is a fav.
          same with plain doritos
          nutella & peanut butter sandwiches.
          i could go me some nutella right now..

          1. Grilled Banana & Nutella sandwiches. Glorious. Especially elegant when sandwhiched between two Eggos instead of bread. Also, an abundance of Nutella smeared on crappy over-processed white bread accompanied by a glass of milk, is the Breakfast Of Champions.

  25. On my birthday my mom used to give me and my twin cake and Ice cream for breakfast.

    My tastiest rule-breaking breakfast was pasta and garlic knots that I had at my friend’s house for breakfast on New Year’s. She said she eats dinner items for breakfast every single day.

    I don’t blame her, it’s really tasty =D.

  26. I love putting together my breakfast bowl the night before–extra cilantro and fish sauce on the veggies, please! Mark Bittman posted about how he enjoys savoury breakfasts (oatmeal with soy sauce and scallions, I think). Not overly ridiculous, but definitely different.

  27. I had a rice krispie today for breakfast.
    Once, our power went out after a hurricane for several days and we had bbq for every meal. I loved having hot dogs for breakfast!

    1. Ah, never mind. I had a rice krispie treat (the one with marshmallow and corn syrup in a bar). I just realized my mistake. Rice krispies alone is perfectly normal.

  28. leftover steak, or bbq from the night before always goes great for breakfast! that bbq smell in the morning is simply awesome =)

  29. It doesn’t happen often for me, but leftover takeout is just the best. Especially Chinese food or pasta.

  30. This has to be one of my favorite comment threads – I love reading everyone’s crazy breakfast combos!

    As a broke college kid who tends to sleep in until noon whenever possible, I almost never keep breakfast food around. This morning? Fruit snacks, a spoonful on Nutella, and a handful of grapes. Healthy, I know.

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