#429 Baby toes

We took a trip last weekend.

My friends Mike and Jes had a baby so we jumped in a car and headed down the highway to visit the three-month old pile of diapers, flab, and giggly charm.

She was a stunner, too — cute and cuddly, silent and smiling, she was passed around like a hot potato for a few hours on Saturday afternoon. Now, I have no idea how to hold a baby so when someone passed me the potato I held her up by the armpits about two feet above my head. She gave me a patient smile and a weary sigh that seemed to say “Buddy, seriously?”

While I had her up there I couldn’t stop staring at her tiny feet. I mean, they were the size of hotel shampoo bottles and had ten wiggling toes searching for support way up in the living room stratosphere. All the toes were so small and had microscopic little toenails — even that tiny baby toenail, which as we all know never changes in size.

It’s fun picturing how much those tiny feet are going to do in the future. They’ll be walking this baby every single day, every step of the way. Wrapped in fresh runners on the first day of school, tied tightly in ballet slippers for the big recital, jammed into cleats for the weekend ball tournament, and wedged in hiking shoes for trips cross country. From trampolines to treadmills, from backyards to backpacking, and everything in between, these tiny feet will be clocking up and chalking up everywhere she’s going … and everywhere she’s been.


Photos from: Mike and Jes and here

48 thoughts on “#429 Baby toes

  1. This one is so sweet! I love babies … and posts about babies :D

    My friend came to visit me a couple weekends ago and brought her six month old baby. One of the most hilarious things from the weekend was when she (the baby, that is … not my friend) was on my bed kicking me in the face. Yes, that sounds weird, but hear me out! I stood at the end of the bed and let her kick her little baby feetsies at my cheeks … I’d puff them full of air and she’d poke at them with her toes to get me to make a sound/blow air onto her face. Maybe it was a had-to-be-there kind of thing, but it was ADORABLE! She was laughing and smiling like crazy.

    1. Other than singing in baby’s feet…. I like to take the baby’s feet and sorta “clap” them together. They seem to think its funny

  2. This has to be one of the most heart-warming posts I have ever read. Just thinking about where those cute little feet will lead that young girl and the amazing journey she will have just makes my heart swell! So yay for cute, wiggling baby toes! And congratulations to Mike and Jes!

  3. whenever i see baby feet, i have an intense urge to kiss them. obviously i can not act on this urge unless the baby belongs to a family member or friend!

  4. Impromptu contest: Imagine an alien landed on the earth, and starts a conversation with you. For some reason, the alien has full knowledge of everything else on the planet, aside from babies toes. You need to use another item in the world to convey to him the general size/shape of baby toes. What do you use?

    I’ll start:

    They are like little pink eraser heads on the end of pencils. And super cute.

    Now you go…

        1. They are like miniature, pink, gnocchi. And super cute.

          That was in vain, Freddo’s simile will best convey the size/shape of baby toes to said aliens.

  5. I love baby toes! When I take trips to the mall, I see so many short stubby baby toes (attached to adorably chubby babies). Especially in these hotter months, they make my ovaries happy :)

  6. Seriously…what IS cuter than baby’s feet? Well…other than the baby itself…
    I love baby’s feet. They haven’t walked anywhere yet, or stepped in anything gross yet. They are basically always clean and always cute.

  7. Love, love, love this post!
    I’m quite partial to baby cheeks myself, but baby toes are also super-adorable!

  8. This has to be my favorite awesome!!! Every time I hold a baby, I have to take their socks off to peek! I hate when they have those footie pj’s on, those ar a little harder to take off on the sly!

  9. When I saw the title, I went “Awwwwww” and got happy little shivers down my spine. :) That picture is adorable.
    And yes, baby feet and puppy paws are SO cute.

  10. This post actually got me teary-eyed. Reminded me of my nephew’s little feet and how he’s growing up so fast! Love how you show us everyday to remember that little things that are awesome; you brighten up my days!

  11. Great timing, Neil! Just today I was leaving Walmart and the sun shade was covering Avery. A woman walked by and could only see Avery’s little feet sticking out the end. The lady was gushing about the cute feet :) I agree with many comments above including how great it is to clap the feet together and eat them too!

  12. Normally I hate feet soooo much, but I just can’t help but love baby feet/toes! They’re so pristine and tiny and chubby and adorable!!

  13. Baby toes are cute, the way they curl up and wiggle. My sister has a baby not a year old yet, he is still figuring out the whole walking thing.

  14. I love when a little baby finds their little chubby baby toes. Best if they have mastered some motor skills and are still bendy enough to pop them into their mouth!!

  15. Aww it’s so cute when you say to yours or someone else’s baby, “Big babaaa” (in the way that they do on big babies. My wee boy watches it) and then blow on their foot to make a farting noise. They find it so funny and they smile and laugh! Aw it’s sooooo cute <3 That was ages ago! Good times

  16. lol i eat baby toes for dinner!! its too awesome!!! omg i love this website!! EVERY1 WHO SAYS ITS NOT AWESOME UR WRONG!!!

  17. I remember when me and my sister were kids (I was around 5), we used to put our feet to grandpa’s face. He had some beard, and rubbing our feet to his face made us giggle so much. Our feet were small enough to fit into each side of his face.
    I miss my grandpa! He used to offer anything he was eating to us, so the kids won’t be hungry, and he had the kindest face in the world!

    1. Doublen~I have 2 grand children that do this with my beautifully bearded husband and the way you have written your memory is divine. Thank you.
      *I like to gently chew down the sides of their feet, then nibble on the toes, pretending they’re sweet little corn on the cob. I add nummy noises and they love it!

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