#428 Seeing your reflection in a store front window and liking what you see

Thanks, surprise full-length mirror.

Without stopping our struts we’re able to sneak secret glances in your silvery buildings, glossy storefronts, or silent lakes. We stare superfast so strangers don’t think we’re mistaking the sidewalk for a runway. Of course, we manage to look long enough to see our shirts hanging just right and our hair having a good day.

Nobody needs to know our self-motivation secrets.


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38 thoughts on “#428 Seeing your reflection in a store front window and liking what you see

  1. Oh this is a good one. Especially when you’ve got that awesome heels, flowy dress and there’s a slight breeze whipping your hair back, as you glance on your floating self on the mirror, with your head raised confidently, thinking you look like ramp model, and you imagine people turning their heads towards you and giving you an appreciative glance.

    Vanity (in a non-harmful way) is one of life’s luxuries I suppose we can indulge in every once in a while. Who said its wrong to admire ourselves? =)

    1. No no no, don’t. Everyone’s beautiful in their own way, and even if you can’t convince yourself you’re not, think of yourself as funny looking! Like an owl! I intentionally forget to pluck my eyebrows once in a while for extra giggles.

  2. Perfect picture … haha!

    And everyone does this, too; this summer, I was in a store at the mall and saw this little girl — probably five or six years old — walk by the outside of the store. She looked over at the reflective glass, adjusted her humongous hair bow, and gave herself a huge, approving smile without missing a beat. It was hilarious!

    No vanity here, just a quick glance at our own awesomeness ;D

  3. Its so funny sometimes to see other people checking themselves out. I work in a bank, but upstairs. One day I was downstairs talking to a friend at her desk and you wouldn’t believe how many people stopped to look at their relection in our very reflective windows. People stop to fix their clothes, check out their behind, one lady even adjusted her wig in the window reflection. They just don’t realize that, yes, there are people on the other side of the window.

    I do love looking into a mirror…or very reflective window…and seeing my hair is having a good day.

  4. i’ll use anything that is available, from car windows, store front windows, picture frames, anything with glass or gloss. mirrors are sweet.

  5. Being a rather short-sighted Scottish person I do occasionally materialize from a reflective surface but it’s usually punctuated by a shocked ‘aarghh!’ before I realise I’ve just spooked myself again ;-)

  6. u r simply gr8..u talk abt d little pleasures dat v experience everyday even without our knwldge…

  7. Rarely happens because I stopped looking :). When it does–by accident–I love that. I still have pounds to lose from babies (OK, she’s 5), so maybe one day!

  8. i do this at least twice a day – there are 2 full length shiny windows that i pass every day, and i know they’re my “last chance” to straighten up :)

  9. I like to just pretend that I’m actually looking at what’s inside the store… then I can spend an extra-long time checking myself out.

  10. Once I was walking into the coffee shop and saw a guy behind me checking out my butt in the reflection from the window. That was awesome

  11. thanks, i really enjoy your posts and they make me smile about experiences i have had involving them, but even better it makes me smile when they happen again because i remember the article.

  12. I have a major problem when i do this. I lounge around at home in baggy jeans or sweats, so when i go out in my heels and skinny jeans, i love to stare at my reflection, i feel so damn hot.

  13. I can’t stress how brainwashed I was this was sinfully vain.
    Today, however; I’ve learned if you “pretend” check the orfices while getting your prim on, U2 can “move in mysterious ways…it’s alright, it’s alright, IT’S ALRIGHT!”

  14. The best is when you can see everything from your side of the window and the person on the outside can’t, as the windows are pitch black on their side and you notice them checking themselves out.

    (I see this a lot)

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