70 thoughts on “#427 Blaming your fart on the dog

  1. This has become a big joke at my house. Whenever ANYone lets one go, it’s blamed on our dog … even if he’s asleep, not in the room, etc. Poor baby, always taking it in stride, never getting a chance to defend himself or retaliate.

    It’s funny when he actually IS the one who farts. It’s like the family who cried wolf; why would anyone believe that the dog really did do it this time? ;)

  2. We can’t blame the dog at our house. If you are sitting on the couch next to the dog, she senses it and leaves the room. It doesn’t matter if it is is silent or only a little pop, Lady can sense it and automatically leaves the couch (even if she is comfortable asleep). So when she gets up and runs, everyone knows who to blame.

  3. When my Weimaraner farts in her sleep, she wakes herself up, looks around for the culprit and then sniffs the spot where her behind was and looks chagrined. Makes me laugh every time!

  4. I love this post! When my girlfriends dog farts she wags her tail as if to say, “Finally! I’ve been holding that one in for hours.” It’s hilarious.

    Here’s to Dogs! (because we all know there better than cats)

    1. Yeah… the dog actually reminds me of the Hutch dog :)… Very cute…. and superb post… Yet another reason for me to get a dog soon :)….

    2. Yeah… the dog actually reminds me of the Hutch dog :)… Very cute…. and superb post… Yet another reason for me to get a dog soon :)….

      Superb List…. Keep it coming :)

  5. hey, same with me – i also blame it on barking spiders! with a face like that pug has, i would be ashamed to place ANY thing on it.

  6. That was sooo funny. I was sipping a cup of tea when I opened it. I now have to clean off my desk.

    Thanks for the laugh!!

  7. When I was a teacher, my favourite grades were JK and SK. That’s because these little guys wouldfart at will and therefore I got to do the same. Just blamed the little guy sitting next to me. Got harder when I went into special resource and there would be only one student and myself in the room. Now I am retired and I can truly blame the dog!

  8. When my boyfriend farts I ask him why the ducks are so close to the house. It’s a team effort and we don’t have pet ducks. I’m a girl and therefore don’t EVER ‘pass wind’ so I get to blame when he’s nice and relaxed.

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