#425 When you’re merging into traffic and there’s no traffic to merge into

Forget speeding up, forget slowing down, forget twisting your neck in twelve different directions.

Nope, now’s your chance to calmly merge without any worries and enjoy a smooth and relaxing drive home.


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37 thoughts on “#425 When you’re merging into traffic and there’s no traffic to merge into

  1. Feeling like you own the road? Check! Completely makes up for all those anxiety-laden drives when you were merging into rush hour city traffic during a torrential downpour in the midst of road construction.

  2. I hate traffic. And merging?? It seems like everytime I go to merge there is a big rig right in my way not letting me over. Yes, it is really awesome when there is no traffic, no one in my blind spot, no one coming out of nowhere, no one blocking me……….. so very awesome

  3. I live near Washington, D.C. and often have to merge on to the Capital Beltway. A stress-free merge is a rare, awesome thing.

  4. This happened on the way to work this morning, for the first time since I started this job, there was minimal traffic. Even gave me enough time to get coffee!

  5. Love it! Hey, my daughter has an “awesome” for you (she’s 5). She’s been wanting this $2,000 swing set which we could never afford. This week, we put a tree swing up for less than $20.00, and she can’t stop swinging on it. So here’s to awesome tree swings that don’t break the bank!

  6. If you’re from Toronto, you may have experienced the merge from the 401 eastbound to the 427 southbound. In usual traffic, it’s like playing frogger every time you go from one highway to the other, trying to get to the far left to avoid everyone getting off at the next offramp!! This ‘awesome’ is so perfect for that intersection!!! YES!

  7. No better feeling .. like you won the lottery, without all the family members to pass the winnings on to! ;-)

  8. Living in maine, this is usually my interstate experience. W00T! Of course, this means when I travel, I am nervous as heck of the other traffic…

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  10. This just happened to me today. There’s this one stretch of the interstate that goes in about five different nerve shattering directions with people merging all over. But today it was empty, and it was indeed awesome.

  11. There’s this place in my town where you can almost see the curve of the earth from the on-ramp. :P Love merging on that thing at 4 in the morning.

  12. What would really be awesome is if you people would go to your local driving school and learn to merge so that performing one of the simplest maneuvers there is doesn’t scare you.

    No, watching how other people do it doesn’t work. They’re learning to drive by watching you, too.

  13. I agree! Sucks when there is a solid block of cars you are trying to merge into. Best is when you are expecting it to be hard but its super easy instead :D

  14. I dont understand how this is at all “awesome”! Yeh it is nice to merge when there is no traffic but seriously… Awesome? Bit over rated in my opinion!

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