36 thoughts on “#418 Carrying the ice cube tray you just filled up all the way back to the freezer without spilling

  1. I love this website and how it makes me appreciate how awesome simple things are in life!

    Also, another awesome thing would be when you get the perfect crack in when you’re trying to get an ice cube out of the tray.

  2. I just shivered at the thought of wet socks. Ewwww, wet socks. Then you’re all mad because the floor is wet, your feet are wet, and your ice cube trays are half empty. Or when you make it all the way to the freezer and as you’re putting the tray in, it bumps something and spills IN the freezer. Then you have a burgeoning ice sheet on your hands … not cool.

    Ok, phew. I guess I must really, really love not spilling water from the ice cube trays, because I sure have a lot to complain about for when they DO spill! Also, hallelujah for automatic ice cube makers :)

    1. Wet socks are one of the worse things. I hate wet socks.

      It seems that I can always make that walk to the freezer, but as soon as I go to put the tray in its designated spot…..it spills in the freezer. Yes, I can make “the walk,” I just can’t do “the move” gracefully.

      1. LOL, wet socks! This is an inside joke between my husband and myself. I hate wet socks so much that it has become a barometer of an unacceptable level of discomfort, usually associated with travel plans, and frequently with a large helping of irony.

        Eg. I could never do an Eco-challenge, because my socks might get wet.

        1. There is this board game called “Would You Rather?” and there are a bunch of scenarios (there’s more involved but it’s irrelevant for this story … haha). Anyway, one of the things was, “Would you rather … have to go all day with wet socks OR wet underwear?”

          My friend Amanda IMMEDIATELY shouted out, “Wet underwear!” and then made a face and was like … “Ok, no, I guess wet socks. But wet socks are so gross that I knew for sure I’d pick the other option. Ahhh, I’m torn!” That’s how bad wet socks are. They’re really bad. Hahaha

            1. Wet underwear would be kind of like a wet bathing suit, which I don’t really mind too much, so I guess I’d have to pick underwear. At work we used to play “Who’d You Rather” when we got bored. I’ll let you all figure out how that one goes.

  3. This is spooky. I did the very same thing this past weekend – I took the last few ice cubes from the tray and had to fill it up, but I waited until I was finished watching my movie – Man on Wire – about the tightrope walker who crossed from one WTC building to another…

    Now there’s a guy who would never spill anything. Ever.

  4. Oh! Also, when you’re able to get the ice cubes out of the tray in one solid piece!! So awesome! I always try to get ice cubes out by twisting the tray but usually either end up with small cracked chunks of ice or a bent and broken ice cube tray!

  5. Oooh.. this is a good one.. a similar good feeling is when you take out a fresh tray of ice, and you twist the plastic back and forth, and all the ice cubes crack and pop out of their little “beds”.

    Not so good is when you do all your twisting magic, but the ice refuses to give up its hold on its little plastic tray. Over the years, I must have a half dozen plastic ice trays that are split in half from my over-aggressive twisting when the ice wouldn’t pop out. Ooops!

    Thankfully, my ice now comes out of the door in the freezer, so I don’t need to worry about breaking ice trays or (gasp) getting wet socks!

      1. My freezer has an ice maker, but my house is so old (and I rent) that there is no place to hook up the water line :( Every time I go to make ice, I have to see that ice maker, sitting pretty, perfectly content to never live up to its potential, squatting behind the freezer door.

  6. You know, I just got an ice cube maker, and I have to admit I don’t miss the ice cube trays ONE BIT. But now I have a new awesome thing: Filling my glass with ice and not having it overflow because of my eager and excessive automatic ice maker.

  7. Ha! I love the comments on this blog as much as the posts. In my family we call anything that gets your socks wet “soakers”. Oh nooooo, not a soaker!!

    We too have a fridge that dispenses ice, and the danger therein is when someone switches it from crushed to cubes, and the next person to use it finds out the hard way that ice cubes come out a lot faster than ice bits. Oops.

    I look forward to these posts very much. They always make my day better. :0)

  8. YES! I hate it when i spill the water! It gets everywhere! Especially when you trip over your dog half way to the freezer, or when you are just about to set it down and it is out of place, unbalanced, and you have to fix it. You give the tiniest tug to adjust it just right and it jolts a bunch of water everywhere in your freezer…. yea, I have been there. :P

  9. Oh I do miss my very balanced walk from the sink to the freezer that was a million feet away (or so it seemed) Now, technology has taken that balanced act over. The water line goes into the fridge, leaving us to never worry how much ice is left.

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