#413 Trying on your new clothes again as soon as you get home from the store

Stiff creases, unhemmed pants, and itchy tags can’t dent your mood.

Now it’s time to change real fast, clear the kitchen runway, and strut your stuff in a private fashion show for your friends, family, and dog.


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27 thoughts on “#413 Trying on your new clothes again as soon as you get home from the store

  1. Yesssss. Gotta make sure it’s still looking good! My dog isn’t a very attentive audience member for any fashion shows, though … so rude. ;)

    1. Really? It seems like they look amazing in the store, and then I look at them in my own mirror, and it’s like eh.

  2. In the immortal words of Kelly Kapoor: “Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!”

    I love doing this.. it’s really important to try to on your new clothing with your existing wardrobe items to see how it will fit in.

    Also, your “at home” mirror is always way more flattering than the store mirrors.. you just know how you’re supposed to look in it..

    1. Mmmhmm, so true. Seeing how your new pieces integrate with what you already have IS very important! I’ve gotten stuff before that I’m sure will go with such and such … then I get home and sadly realize during my mini-fashion show that I was wrong.

  3. I just recently did this, but I was doing a fashion show for my sister who lives in Colorado, and I live in DC. So I was texting her pictures of everything to get her opinion. Love giving my own fashion shows.

  4. I don’t do this as much anymore, but that was my FAVORITE part of buying new clothes with my step-mom as a kid – when I got home, I’d get to show them off to my dad and sister!

  5. We always do this for Christmas and birthday gifts too. Christmas is the best, because by the end of the gift opening you might be wearing a very “unique” outfit! New jammies, with a pair of boots, and a sweater over the top? Yes please!

  6. OMG!!! And it’s even better if you have an audience. My father would NEVER do it for us. So we got in the habit of just whipping them out of the bag really fast. And he’d say, deadpan, “Nice. Nice. Umm, how much money did this cost me?”

    I start dating a guy and I go shopping one day. I want to show him the new clothes, so I whip them out quickly, as I’ve been trained, and he says…

    “How can I tell if I like them if you don’t try them on?”

    OH THE JOY!!!! HE JUST ASKED ME TO PUT ON A FASHION SHOW. Just call me Tyra!!!! I swished, pivoted, tilted. It was awesome!

    I had to call my Dad, and let him know that the bf actually allowed me to TRY ON the clothes. His response, “I’m going to need to talk to that boy. He has NO IDEA of what he’s getting himself into.” Whatever…

  7. Oh yes ! Best thing for me, as I can’t be bothered to try things on at the store (except for pants) and just buy what I think would fit me, is to get home and discover everything fits just great. :D

  8. luv doin it ;)
    and even though often clothes don’t seem as gr8 as it did in the change room it’s just irresistable to try the clothes one more time, as soon as u are home :)

  9. Can’t say I do this, but may try; now mentioned sounds a bit like the show, “How to look good naked!”
    We used to get the British one on our tele, and LOVED it, but for some reason was cut off.
    I sure do admire those people who can strut their stuff; their family and friends lovingly and supportively there~I saw a husband once with happy tear-filled eyes…everyone shines=D

  10. So right I even wear the clothes out of the store if I can and put on a fashion show for my cat

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