#409 Kids who dress themselves

It’s the little girl wearing a tutu on the downtown street. It’s the boy in the Superman outfit at McDonald’s. It’s big rainboots on sunny days, mom’s lipstick smeared across faces, and big bright mismatched costumes.

There’s just something so pure and innocent about little kids dressing themselves up for a day on the town. All  grown-up social norms and fashion pretenses just drift away in favor of laughing in the moment and living for the day.


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    1. Yeah, those parents are definitely awesome!

      Although my mom is awesome in general, there are occasions even today when I am not allowed to dress myself.

      I like to tell myself I have other gifts that make up for my lack of fashion sense.

      1. I’m 55 and dress myself, but my wife has veto power over any combination I choose. She’s the one with the fashion sense, and we both know it.

    2. Definitely! One of my friends won’t let her kids dress themselves (if they’re going out, that is; she’ll let them wear whatever they want if they’re just staying home), and it makes me kind of sad!

    3. Thanks for appreciating! Memories of those days are soooo sweet. For me, it WAS walking down the street with the girl in her big sister’s tutu.

  1. I was totally thinking about this earlier today in church!
    I was thinking about the kids I babysat a few years ago and how the youngest one (six at the time) would never be matching.
    Then one day she came downstairs and proudly announced, “Mommy, Nesi, Zoe…..guess what? I’m MATCHING!” and she did this grand gesture of “Look at my awesome matchingness!”
    I will never forget her saying that, and I will surely tell her first date about that when he comments on how amazing she looks. ;)

  2. Oh, I LOVE this!

    When I worked at a preschool a few years ago, there was this little girl who ONLY wore red cowboy boots. Everyday. She wore them with everything. Sundress? Cowboy boots. Shorts and a t-shirt? Cowboy boots. Sweatpants? Cowboy boots. Swimsuit for the day we went to the park to play with water balloons? Flip flops and tears because that was the one day her mom refused to let her wear the boots. Ha!

  3. My neices went through a stage where all they wanted to wear was their bathing suits! (maybe age 3 and 5?) But it wasn’t summer. They refused to cover the suits up, so my sister let them go super-man style – bathing suits on top of their other clothes. I thought that was pretty awesome!

  4. My five year old wears leggings, shorts, two shirts, pony tails, two headbands, and sandals some mornings. I tell her to put on jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt, and she says, “Mom, you just don’t understand my style.”

  5. I got off my flight last week and walked towards baggage claim. There was a group of kids who had all obviously picked out there own clothes holding signs welcoming someone home. It was absolutely adorable, and it made me wish I was the one being welcomed home.

  6. Yes this is a cute part about being kids. However, it has it’s down side – little kids especially take FOREVER to put on anything by themselves.
    My 3 year old insists on ‘I can do it myself’ all the time now – and it’s super cute that she’s independent and is eager to learn – BUT – we now need to allow so much extra time for her independence/ stubbornness ;)
    She is adorable though and so proud of her work!
    I am also very proud ;D

  7. On a mission trip to Nicaragua, I was delighted to see a little girl at a playground going down a slide while wearing a Disney princess outfit. Awesome!

  8. When my daughter was small and doing this, I wanted to pin a button on her that loudly (and proudly!) declared: “I dressed myself today!”. Not just for her sake, but also to absolve me of any responsibility!
    …She is now 9 and has more fashion sense than I do. It’s good to let them have fun.

  9. My daughter used to lay out my clothes for me, from purse to dress to shoes, and beg me to dress up when we went out. She was 3! Jeans just did not do it for her. I also had to call her ‘Lois’, (she was a huge fan of Sharon,Lois and Bram) instead of her real name. I would miss that little girl, she is 24, but true to her nature, there is never a dull moment, even now.

  10. Most definitely…
    I always let my daughter dress herself, unless she’s going to school of course, and its always something cute, adorable and funny at the same time. Camo pants with her red/white/and blue butterfly shirt, yellow socks and her purple shoes is her favorite outfit that she puts together. She gets her style after her mother. LOL….

  11. My kids are at this age now. I love it when my daughter has the tutu on with the cowboy six-shooter holster or my son as a superhero-meets football player-while riding a scooter. Beats the heck out of a shirt and tie everyday, I can tell you that!

  12. I was–and still am–a mix-and-match person. When I was really young, I wore different costumes every day. One day I was Pinocchio, the next Sleeping Beauty, the next Winnie-the Pooh. Yes, and parents who let their kids do this are


  13. Absolutely love this post. I was once a four year old who proudly wore bright red Mary Janes with every outfit I owned, and it made me happy while amusing the adults around me. Everyone wins!

  14. oh man, good good times!!! I love it because a lot of times it’s that they pick out their favorite shirt, pants, shorts, dress, jacket, etc and put them on! And to them it is the best outfit possible!!! :D Loveit!

  15. I know what you’re mean about the kids dressing themselves. It’s funny to see how kids dress them like peoples where they look up to. They want to be like them to, older and so much more. And they do it on different ways. Girls look up to their mummy with all the household things . While boys are more the tough father. Acting cool and do the garden stuff. It’s remarkable how much fun they have here. This makes the kids happy and anyway the parents to. This is why I understand it’s one of the 1000 awesome things!


  16. Cricket commanded every colour with any pattern goes.
    Honey-bee went with a diaper and black rubber boots.
    MD wore bermuda shorts and a hockey jersey one whole summer.
    CM chameleoned with spiked rainbows for some time.
    We’re all alive, fair to midlen and here to see the next generation in action…truly an awesome blessing.

  17. Aww! This reminds me of my five year old sister! I remember when she was about 2 years old she had this dress that was white with red flowers on it and she LOVED it! Unfortunately though, she couldn’t wear it every where she went which made her cry. And now, a few months ago I remember how she wore what she calls her “girl scout skirt” to soccer practice one time lol

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