63 thoughts on “#408 Dinosaurs

  1. I say that this is too low on the list! This is seriously double digit material!

    Doesn’t make them less awesome, though. BTW, what’s everyone’s favorite dinosaur/prehistoric beast? I like the Ankylosaurus, myself.

    1. Heck yes! I’m team Ankylosaur all the way as well, those things were tanks! Megladons are pretty fantastic too.

    2. Velociraptor!<3
      Back in high school my friends and I would pretend to be velociraptors by releasing primal yells, retracting our arms and running into fences.

      We were very strange kids. We still are, at heart. ^^

  2. YES! Glad this finally made the list, I was obsessed with dinosaurs as a kid! I would have to go with Velociraptor or perhaps a Stegosaurus as my personal favorite.

      1. Very interesting! I had no idea..

        I mean, I knew that raptors got popular after Jurassic Park, but I had no idea that they didn’t really look like they did in the movie.

        This sort of comment reminds me of the gentle but know-it-all corrections I remember from my youth… are you my sister? (the nutella loving one?)

        1. Well, my silly little bro – I wouldn’t have to correct you all the time if you weren’t so wrong, and I wasn’t so right all the time…
          zinggggggggg……. Just kidding… :)
          Haven’t had nutella in 3 days – am suffering severe withdrawal. But was just talking yesterday about some grand plans for celebrating World Nutella Day on Feb. 5th. Keep your calendar open!

  3. Dinosaurs ARE awesome! I wouldn’t have ever thought to include them, either.


    I love that dinosaurs are SO old that their awesomeness transcends generational boundaries. I mean, I’m sure our parents and grandparents thought [think?] dinosaurs are awesome, we think they’re awesome, and little kids think they’re awesome. Future generations will think they’re awesome. They’ll never die! Uhh … well, you know what I mean.

    1. Which one? I? II? IV? VII? XIII? ;) My sister and I loved the first one when we were little, and a couple of my parents’ friends decided to make each sequel their go-to Christmas gift for us. I don’t even remember watching the other ones, I just know that they exist and that we own some of them (on VHS, of course).

      1. Apparently (according to WIkipedia) there are 12 Land Before Time Movies!! Of course the best is the first one, but I’m pretty sure I have 2-4 somewhere in a box of old VHS’s!

  4. I remember in the 8th grade we were watching this film on dinosaurs and the scientists were explaining the ways that they think the dinosaurs somehow got to be extinct. The only reason I remember, and I do cuz its hilarious, is…. they died off due to boredom!!! I was just having this conversation with my bff a couple weeks ago, we had a good laugh over it.

  5. SHUT UP!
    Darn, right dinosaurs are awesome! And do you know what else is awesome? Dinosaur pajamas, that’s what.

  6. Ok well the Top 1000 didnt have #s 409 or 408 on there so… THIS is the post where i have finally caught up with the rest of the ‘AWESOME!’ world! Yayyyy!!! :D

  7. omg…this is totally me and my bf. We have this running joke of cranning our necks and curling up our arms so are have little claws and saying “my head is too big and my arms are too short. i don’t think this plan was well thought out. Master?” from meet the robinsons.

  8. Dinosaurs had “a brain the size of peanuts”… Now that explains (to me) why they were so vicious/scary. With a brain that small and a body that big, you can eat, kill, and destroy – a lot. How else do you make it through the years? I mean all this in a good way!
    Thanks for including these on the list ;-)

  9. Raptors….

    Jurassic Park put the fear of Raptors in me for the rest of my life. I still look places to hide when walking at night incase one attacks me.

  10. A group of children, 2-5 were talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up, when one 3 year old pipes up with “paleontologist!”
    There was silence and crossed eyes around the table…the next child said, “Well, I want to be a Teenage Ninja Turtle!” the chatter re-commenced.

    1. Radioactive dating. Look it up sometime. There is just no escaping out of this one. If you believe that the earth is not even 1 million years old, you might as well stop using your computer and start believing that the sun is a giant marshmallow in the sky….

  11. Ahh yess! This reminds me of my little brother. He has been obsessed with dinos for the longest time and he loves wearing his dino pajamas to sleep. This is why my brother is so awesome

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