#403 Seeing a really happy dog out for a walk



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  1. But not so awesome for the person walking the dog, when the said dog is 120 pounds, and the said person is not quite

    1. Still awesome. I’m less that 120 and my Dane is pushing 130. I love how happy and excited she is when we walk!

  2. My dog has become an old guy with a heart problem but this reminded me of his prime when just being outside was a thrill and when there was fresh snow on the ground – AWESOME

  3. Sounds like my Jacky-boy! A testosterone-filled 68 y.o. and he still zooms around the house and barks like crazy when we take him for a ‘double-u.’

  4. My sister’s dog will tilt her head and wiggle her ears back and forth when she hears the “walk” word. Actually, all you have to say to her is “Do you want to go for a…” and she tilts her head. Its so funny. Awesome.

    1. That’s how my neighbor’s dog is whenever you say the words Doggy Park.
      One time, he was buried under a massive pile of laundry and seconds from sleep when my neighbor whispered, “Hey Simba, DOGGY PARK!” I have never seen that many airborne articles of clothing.

  5. I want a dog!! but my mom’s allergic :( guess i’ll have to wait till i’m done with college and i can move out.

    1. I understand completely. I’m in college and living at home and my mom said we can get a dog when they no longer poop. I’m still waiting for that day…

      1. glad to know I’m not the only one out there. *hypothetical probably long-distance “I feel your pain” high-five!*……….Nice!

  6. Hahaha…This is the highlight of my dog’s day! She can’t wait until I get home and get her out of the backyard. The best part is when you meet someone else walking their happy dog, and the two dogs are like “OMG! Can you believe it?!? We’re outside!! At the same time! ” :)

    1. Haha I love it when they see each other from far away, and the entire time they’re walking up to each other they Bark Gossip (“Hey…hey Other Dog! We’re outside!”) and look at their owners with faces like “OMG! There’s another dog outside…..just like me! Do you SEE that other dog that’s outside!? This is the BEST!”

  7. D’aww, I love this post! The big goofy smiles on their faces make taking them out absolutely worth it.
    Reminds me of my pooch, who’s ears would immediately perk up at ‘walk’, and then he would bark incessantly out of excitement/impatience til we got out the leash.

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  8. That is so my dog! The funniest thing is when she bounces through deep snow and tall grass. Not quite so funny when she decides to bounce into a muddy pond, though.

  9. Love this! To the “I’m outside!” monologue, I would randomly insert, “Sniff, sniff! Sniff, sniff!”

  10. We take our doggy to dog park about 4 times a week, each time he will run (more like a brisk walk LOL) the entire the length of the park and he will turn around and actually smile at me.

    Brings a smile to my face and great feeling….I love my dog with all my ♥

  11. aaaaaww…I love it! Every dog lover/owner can definitely relate to this post! My beagle gets super excited soon as he sees me reaching for his leash. He loves to just put his nose on the ground and follow all the scents around him. I can’t imagine what would happen if he wasn’t leashed. He’d probably follow a scent, without looking up, all the way to Timbuktu!

    1. Boy, is that the truth. Our beagle/lab mix almost never looks up – and I’d be terrified to take her off the leash. But I’m heartbroken- we just learned she’s allergic to almost everything green or brown – grasses, weeds, trees, all her FAVORITE things to investigate. So she either has to stay on the street, or scratch relentlessly all day.

  12. people laugh when i tell them how much i love ‘happy husky bums,’ but it’s pretty much all i get to see of them when we’re walking – except when they throw a glance over their shoulder and grin and huff and then wag their tail extra hard to say, ‘YEAH! we’re WALKIN’!’

  13. My dogs don’t go for walks often (we have a dog-run in the backyard) so when we do, it’s a super-mega-awesome treat for them!! One of my dogs is so strong that we had to get a choke-collar thing for him – it looks like there are spikes that would push into his neck if he pulls to hard. I feel kinda bad, but he pulled me over once when we didn’t have it! And he doesn’t seem to mind.

  14. VERY cute (including the “I’m outside!” thoughts.)

    I don’t do cheap plugs, but dog lovers might like to read my recent ‘Go walk your dog” post. Obviously, we are kindred spirits!


  15. How about when you go away for a few weeks and then come back? try to beat a dog’s reaction to that (hint: don’t try, it’s impossible) :)

    1. How about when we come back home after 7 hours at school? Try to beat my dog’s reaction just to that. You would THINK we were away for weeks.

  16. A dog out for a walk is awesome. No matter how bad a day I’m having, if I see some happy puppy out for a walk, it always brings a smile to my face. So happy, so pure and they know all out what’s awesome.

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  19. I get comments from people all the time…”she’s so smiley and prancey”… and I feel the same happy:)

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