#401 The sound of dry leaves blowing across an empty parking lot

Orange skies burn as winds whisper for your chilly walk home.

The sun dips down in the distance and dogs bark behind backyard fences as your hair blows wildly in the cool and crisp breeze. You squint into the wind and stuff your hands in your thin pockets as you sniff up that smoky sweet smell of garage barbecues, dusty furnace fumes, and dry leaves.

The sound of leaves blowing in the street adds a peaceful soundtrack to the scene and feels like nature’s talking to you — like waves crashing onto a beach or wind whispering in your ears on a late night bike ride.

It’s the sound of a good summer gone by and the sound of a cold winter coming. It’s the sound of seasons changing, life rearranging, and everything just blowing on…


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30 thoughts on “#401 The sound of dry leaves blowing across an empty parking lot

  1. OH MY GOSH. Am I first?

    The sound of leaves are amazing, but I really love the colours of autumn and the crunch sound that leaves make when you step on them. It’s kind of beautiful.

  2. You’ve described it so perfectly! (No surprise there). I love fall, and every year I am so happy to experience this exact scenario. Plus, you get to pull a #660 … and who doesn’t like that? :)

  3. :-)
    I love the sounds of nature and the sound of leaves blowing reassures me that it really is Autumn….my favorite season.

    1. My daughter knows that sound all too well. If we are walking from our car to a store and she hears a leaf blowing across the parking lot, her head will turn every which way trying to find it….then her next job is to chase it down and squish it. Never fails.

  4. This site never fails to read my mind. I was just walking with ny mom and noticed that it didn’t really feel like october, since you can’t hear any leaves blowing down here in the south.

    That picture was so very nostalgic, I’m really missing the color of autumn

  5. for nearly 10 years I lived on the East coast of Australia, loved the beach and the humidity but could never get used to only two seasons per year. now I live in a 4 season climate and just love the autumn. I paint and draw auturmn related themes and just drink in the colours of autumn. Working on a horse stud too with beautiful grounds and deciduous trees is a delight. Autumn is the best tie of year!

  6. evocative, yeah!

    taste and smell .. the smoke and scent of bonfires burning (where they are allowed!)

    hear .. children’s voices, laying out leaf houses with ‘a door here .. and there’s the kitchen’, role playing
    .. the crunch of dry leaves underfoot .. the swish of leaves scooped and kicked in front, beside and behind ..

  7. Love it. Also awesome: jumping into a pile of leaves and kicking them around, just like when you were a kid. I’m almost finished your book, Neil, and it’s AWESOME!

  8. “To everything, turn, turn, turn…” I love the senses awakened in every season, but this Neil, is poignantly perfect.

  9. Yeah!! This is awesome! One day last fall I had to work on a Saturday night and I was bummed because it was such a beautiful fall day, not too cold. I got to work and the manager said they didn’t need me and I was ecstatic since I would be able to enjoy the weather out. When I got home I realized I didn’t have the house keys which gave me a good 2 hours of alone time to be able to enjoy the weather and the sound of dry leaves blowing across the streets :) ’twas a very awesome afternoon

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