33 thoughts on “#400 Putting your own shoes back on after going bowling

  1. I bought my own shoes on an impulse one day when I found them on clearance. I bowl maybe once a year, but it’s still one of the best purchases I ever made.

  2. When one of our bowling alleys got a face-lift, it took all the morals and conviction inside of me not to steal those brand-spanking new bowling shoes. They were awesome.

    Mom, you can hold your head high; you’ve raised me right. (But if I ever get another chance, I will take it as a sign and a taunt from God and I’m going for it!)

    1. I went to a brand new bowling alley a few years ago when I was out of town visiting a friend, and it was so awesome to get to wear brand new bowling shoes! I mean, it’s still nice to put on your own shoes again, but at least I didn’t feel like my feet had been hanging around in a bacteria-laden cesspool for a couple hours.

  3. The bowling alley that everyone i know grew up bowling at got closed down recently, and it’s getting turned into a car wash. ;(
    Now if I go bowling anywhere else, I feel like I’ll be betraying my old bowling alley. You really don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

  4. OMG YES.
    same goes for ice-skating :D
    or how about taking off your shoes at someone else’s house?

  5. Absolutely.

    Didn’t even remember this. I have to go bowling soon again.

    By the way, Neil: I sent you an e-mail couple of days ago, hope you got it. It went to the address seen on the sidebar here.

    Thanks for this!

    1. I have to agree. After a whole day of pretending you’re Robocop with those heavy (and tight!) boots, putting on your own shoes is so comfortable and you feel like your socks are filled with helium or something. So light.

      But, then you are hit with the fact that there will be no more skiing that day. :(

    2. YES! :)
      nothing else really compares to this, It’s like if you weren’t so tired you could like run a marathon or do a slam-dunk or something…

  6. Bowling is awesome, and having your own shoes is even more awesome! No more giving up one of your shoes to rent the super-ugly shoes.

    Also awesome? That page banner. It looks like a field of Doritos, yet they’re leaves…

  7. I was thinking of this on Monday — I went bowling for the first time in probably three or four years! I got stuck with a reallllllly tattered and beat-up pair of bowling shoes … I’m pretty sure they might have been the first pair the bowling alley ever bought. I also had to borrow socks from a friend because I was wearing flip flops. It was SO. NICE. to strip all that off and slip my feet back into my own shoes. Ahhh. :)

  8. Putting on my nice comfy shoes that have been stretched out and molded to my own feet after wearing stiff, torn, discolored, gross shoes is most totally awesome!
    I wouldn’t mind going out and buying my own pair of bowling shoes.

  9. When I was a kid, the bowling alleys at home would let us bowl in socks. Then, I guess they implemented some new rule, because suddenly everyone had to wear bowling shoes. =( Bowling in socks is awesome!

  10. Try putting on a pair of regular shoes after a long day of rock climbing, that beats bowling shoes any day.

  11. You are unbelievably right. I feel like a million bucks after taking those shoes off. They’re so narrow and my feet are anything but narrow.

  12. Now, if renting bowling shoes is not your thing, you can solve this particular problem by buying your own pair. Just make sure that you don’t bring your bowling shoes out in the street, so they stays clean.

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