#399 Discovering a shortcut on your way home

Move over, Marco Polo.

Columbus, Clark, and Cortes, you got nothing, either.

Sure, maybe you sailed over choppy waves, fought with cannibals, and documented distant lands. Maybe you traded silk with kings, discovered precious stones, and toppled terrible empires. Maybe you even found new technologies and trade routes while helping us realize the Earth wasn’t flat.

But we just figured out cutting through the drug store parking lot saves us ten seconds.

Beat that.


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23 thoughts on “#399 Discovering a shortcut on your way home

  1. I love efficiency!

    When I lived in a bigger city, I was all about taking different ways to see what was quickest. Sometimes it would totally backfire (read: dead ends, one way streets, and non-sensored stoplights that were always in favor of the perpendicular flow of traffic). A lot of times, though, I was happy to discover that stuff like cutting through residential sections of town could cut my drive home by a couple minutes. Love this :D

  2. I found this out while walking in the shopping district of my town. ^^ There was an alleyway that connected the parking lot with the main street. Don’t worry, I only use it during the day. xD

  3. I have a little notebook in my car and when I try a new route I actually record the mileage and time so I know THE fastest way. Gotta love exploring!

  4. I try alternate routes on the way home all the time! I thought this was a great post until I got to the end. Cutting through parking lots is illegal. Finding a valid shortcut is awesome, though. :)

  5. There’s an entrance to a strip mall by where I live and if we pull in to that parking lot and drive all the way across we can get to Walmart without having to travel on the highway, which is a pain in the neck. Technically, it’s probably illegal, but for all you know we could have changed our minds about going to Barnes and Noble and just head straight for walmart.

  6. Shortcuts are even cooler when you’re walking… like those creepy stairs in the middle of nowhere that you find out actually lead to your street. Closest thing you’ll ever get to opening a door by pulling a book out of a shelf.

  7. I live in a very busy part of town. The traffic is always horrible from my drive from work to home. I experimented on different ways to go home to avoid all the traffic and bumper to bumper action, and finally…..I found one! I love it!

  8. My daughter is supposed to take the school bus in the morning, but sometimes we sleep in and I drive her instead. On the way to her school, if a certain traffic light is red up ahead, I can take the “liquor store parking lot shortcut” and skip that light. We even made up a song about it.

  9. I used to have a shortcut back from school – me and my friends had certain locations on the way where we stopped and had a break.

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