#388 When a stranger laughs at a joke between you and your friends

Suddenly your private one-liner is granted objective joke-telling credibility. Way to hold court in the bank lineup, crack up the ladies behind the sandwich counter, or leave the old guys at the urinals in stitches.

Way to walk in here and get everybody laughing.

Way to walk in here and get everybody feeling


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37 thoughts on “#388 When a stranger laughs at a joke between you and your friends

  1. OMG i love it when tht happens but there is always an awkward moment after it but then we laugh like theres no 2morro

  2. I always feel slightly special when this happens. Because I don’t think I’m that funny, but also because someone cared enough to eavesdrop on my conversation.


    1. Come on, Flora, that can’t be true.Everibody IS interesting, some of us don’t just walk with the right folks who can appreciate our wit. And, by the way,he was eavesdropping, which means…

  3. It’s that warm glow of pride you get afterward, the microscopic hop to your step and a little confident smile. That’s why it is undoubtedly AWESOME!

  4. Really? I’ll be honest, unless I’m in some situation where people generally talk to each other or I’ve said it particularly loud I find it a little odd when a stranger chuckles along to something in my conversation.

    It’s a dangerously short step away from that weird guy on the bus/train who tries to insert himself into the conversation of a group of girls in the hope that they’ll randomly think he’s amazing.

  5. “Objective joke-telling credibility” I love that definition!! Whenever this happens to me, for an instant, I always feel like I’m a much sought after stand up comedic, and thus it’s my duty to the random stranger, to keep the act going a little bit longer.

  6. I made a friend this way once! A couple friends and I were in line, vying for good seats at a general admission concert. One of us said something that had the couple behind us completely cracking up — they then apologized for being “creepers” on our conversation, and we all ended up chatting and then hanging out at/after the concert.


  7. I think my bff and my jokes are a little too…. inside jokes. I don’t think anyone could laugh at our jokes if they wanted to.
    But I have giggled at a few others and then I feel awkward from the stares due to my eavesdropping

    1. Reading this, I was thinking that the internet equivalent is when someone random chimes in to your random blog comment, and joins in the fun, or laughs along with your jokes.

      Makes you feel like you won 1 internets that day.

  8. It generally is funny when it happens but afterwards you have to wonder if you were really talking that loud or if the other party was listening that intently.

  9. I still remember it to this day. It still brings a smile to my face. A group of us friends were killing time in a crowded store when someone asked, “What’s your favorite magazine?” I said in deadpan, “TV Guide”.

  10. This is almost like when you’re pooing in a public toilet and you fart or it’s really liquidy and someone starts laughing and you start laughing, which makes you fart harder, thus laughing harder, then you have to wait til they leave because, in this situation, the joker must remain anonymous.

    1. LOL! That IS hilarious. I’ve always tried to stifle my laughter in those situations, but I still smile like an idiot. At least I’m alone in the little stall!

  11. A “Marion Jean story” is a long, wandering and unnecessarily-detailed story, named in honor of my favorite aunt. One of the moments of pure joy in my life has been when I have overheard a complete stranger begin with “I don’t know why, but this is a Marion Jean story…”

  12. I’m often the story/joke teller.

    I have a voice that carries, and I’m also kind of shy, so I know what it’s like to see fun and want to join in.

    If I see someone sitting alone, and I’m telling a funny story or joke, I use my voice in a way that draws them in. Once they’re hooked, I may ask for their input, “That was crazy, right?” I think of it as spreading joy!

  13. Ha! I love this too!

    One night I was getting some pizza and the guy behind my two friends and I was making fun of us and making fun of the girl taking the pizza orders.

    I turned, cracked a joke/insult in his direction and the guy behind him in line burst out laughing.

    Not the exact same as a private one liner but still awesome in itself!

  14. i love this. especially when the table of strangers next to you is so enthralled in your conversation that they haven’t spoken for half an hour. haha. then when you notice, you have a quick second of bonding with them. its great.

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