#380 Hearing someone’s heartbeat

While lying on the grass, lazing on the couch, or relaxing in some crumpled sheets, you sometimes just fall into the moment with someone you love. After the conversation dies down and the background noise fades away you smile silently and melt into an arms-and-legs embrace. Gaze into their eyes, push your ears to their chest, and then shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Just listen.


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158 thoughts on “#380 Hearing someone’s heartbeat

  1. i love listening to my boyfriends heartbeat so much, that for valentines day last year he bought me a build-a-bear dog with a heartbeat sound in it..

    the week before my dog died…

    i love sleeping with that dog now :)

    1. that is the cuttest thing i have ever herd.
      it seems like you have a great boyfriend.
      and im really sorry about your dog.

  2. This is so true!
    Another nice story about heartbeat: when we make music in our church, the musicians use an in-ear monitoring system, so we (the musicians, haha!) wear in-ear-headphones to be able to hear ourselves playing.
    Then, when all is quiet, I can hear my own hear beat in my earpieces, ’cause they’re so tightly stuck in my ears. The first time I ever experienced this, I was in sort of a shock, eyes wide open, listening…. But it was ME I heard, haha!! Kinda reassuring, to actually hear that you’re still alive.

  3. You chose my most favorite thing in the world to be the awesome thing on my brithday didn’t you?!
    Ah! I spent my entire summer doing this!

  4. My brother had an artificial valve put into his heart when we were children to correct a defect. When it got real quiet, I could hear him tick, tick, tick like a bomb about to go off. That was pretty cool, too.

  5. When I was much younger and my skin quite close to my ribs, I remember my parents noticing that when I was terrified you could actually see slight palpitations of the skin where the heart was :D …

    1. The little boy I babysat for was this way! I remember being at the pool and seeing his little heart thumping away after a vigorous bout of splashing and playing. Kind of strange to see!

    2. My boyfriend has regurgitating valves in his heart, which sometimes causes more violent heartbeats than usual…

      After we’ve been kissing, you can feel & hear them tremendously; and I love lying with him and feeling & hearing it slow down as we calm down to sleep. It’s magnificently beautiful.

  6. i cannot even tell you how much i love the sound of someone else’s heartbeat. so many times i’ve just fallen asleep to that peaceful noise. so, so awesome :)

  7. Makes me think of hearing each of my kids heartbeat for the first time at the OB’s office with ultrasound goo on my pregger belly.

    Sooooo sweet and AWESOME!

  8. The girl in the photo has the wrong side of her boyfriend’s chest there. Unless he’s a Time Lord. Which would, of course, only add to the awesome.

  9. This is such a good one! Hearing someone else’s heartbeat is, to me, as close as you can get to them. It’s one of the most calming and peaceful things in the world, hearing the life in someone.

  10. AWWW.

    I also very much enjoy hearing other people breathe. Life rhythms! One time on a choir retreat we practised focusing on breathing by pairing up, standing around holding each other and slowly synchronizing long breaths. I was with a super tall friend of mine whose rising and falling chest reminded me of the ocean. So nice!

      1. LOL re Team Shutup! I mostly posted that for Freddo’s benefit, but yes it is so relevant, because Edward has no heartbeat, therefore he sucks at being awesome. Ergo, Team Jacob.

        1. Hahaha! Sorry jdurley.. I was late to this post, and instead of getting to join in the Taylor Lautner love, you got a Team Shutup! from Carissa..

          Oops! At any rate..

          TEAM JACOB!

          1. Seriously! Glad you finally bailed me out here. Whew!

            But it’s all good, because I got to say “Ergo, Team Jacob.” :)

  11. Having just heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time on the ultrasound, I am keenly aware of how awesome this is!

  12. I absolutely have to agree …… absolutely awesome! Very calming and peaceful to lie and listen to another heart beating close to me.

  13. I LOVE THIS!!
    Lying beside someone I love and hear his heartbeat.
    One of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard.


  14. My fiance had his aortic valve replaced this summer. Getting through his open heart surgery was about the hardest thing he has ever done and it wasn’t easy on me or his family either. But listening to his valve tick tick tick tick with his heartbeat, makes me cry with relief and happiness now.

  15. I love this one! I have a heart murmur, so when my heart beats there’s a “swoosh” sound between each beat….or so the doctor says.
    I wonder if it sounds cool LOL.

    1. Apparently it does. I have a murmur too and my boyfriend loves the sound of it. He says it’s unique and beautiful. lmfao

    1. I think this is possibly one of the most intimate g-rated things you can do with someone. <3 I long for the day I get to press my ear to my girlfriend's chest and hear her heart pounding away…

      1. Lyssa, I agree. You have to be very comfortable with someone to let them get that close. It’s a great, nonsexual way to experience a sense of oneness with the person you love.

  16. I guess it is amazing to lay on your bouyfriend`s chest and to listen to his heart. The heartsound is an amazing sound, so calming and relaxing. It shows us how unique is life. To listen to somebody`s heart is an a very intimate and special thing, a possibility to feel very close to this person and to the emotions inside him, to feel safe while hugging your beloved one and hearig his heartbeat. I wish i had a boyfriend,to listen to his heartbeat while being in his arms, laying on his chest

  17. This is so sweet:)
    Listening to a heart beat is the closest thing to a person as you can get.
    It confirms that he/she is indeed real. (: <3

  18. I recognize this situation, because not a long time ago I was laying next to my boyfriend in the chair with my head on his thorax and the only thing that I heard was the noise of his heartbeat. I thought it was fun but also a little bit annoying because we were watching television and the only thing that I heard was his heartbeat. It was like there was nothing around me anymore apart from that. But I really enjoyed it.

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  21. I wish I could do this with my boyfriend. I m is him so much, it’s been 2 years since I’ve seen him :( I agree with most of these commenters, listening to someone else’s heartbeat is very intimate which is why I hate doctor’s apointments

    1. wow thats a coincidence because i havent seen mine in 2 years either but also he is coming up in june this year so i am very happy yay

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