29 thoughts on “#373 When you think you’re out of candy but then find one more left in the package

  1. I love when this happens with the chocolate covered almonds (World’s Finest Chocolates) cuz there’s always that over chocolatey one that gets stuck right at the bottom and you have to shake the box until it unwedges itself :)

  2. Its so gratifying to find that last gusher stuck inside the corner of the package…its even better when you checked already, but then you carefully check the corners,and behold! The last gusher!

  3. Can we add “When you think you’re out of drink but then you pick up the can/cup/mug to put it away and there’s still some left”?

    Or what about when you finally decide to peel yourself up to get the TV remote and discover at the last moment that it’s next to you or you’re sitting on it. Laziness is awesome in and of itself.

    1. The drink one! Yes! I love when that happens, unless you grab the cup too fast [thinking it’s empty] and it sloshes all over the place. Not that I’ve done that or anything. ;)

    2. My addition: When you think that you’ve eaten all of the good popcorn out of the bowl, and all that’s left are the unpopped kernels or the ones that are only half popped and will break your teeth if you try to eat ’em… and then you find one or two nice pieces, that were just small, but are all soft and delicious (and extra salty) without the hard teeth-breaking center..

  4. One that always gets me, no matter what, is the legendary “bag fry” or “bag fries” that get spilled from the fry box into the bag at the drive-thru. They can only be found after everything else in the bag has been consumed, so in my family bag fries are considered dessert.

    1. To me, bag fries taste better than the the fries that are in the container. I will empty the bag of all the big stuff, burger and fries, and see if I have any stray fries laying in the bottom of the bag. I eat those first.

    2. #761 Eating the extra fries at the bottom of the bag

      When I don’t feel like sharing my actual fries with my brother I just give him my bag fries.

      Now that I think about it… I’m probably giving him the best part of my meal!

  5. Sometimes I will put a handful of candy in my desk drawer and eat as I please, but in moderation of course. When I think I’m out, but dig around just in case…it is really awesome to find one more Hershey kiss or an extra Starburst that got stranded from the others.

  6. hahah that’s the best! :):):) i have another… hows about finding you have just the right amount of change neeededd to pay for that ticket/ piece of chocolate in the vending machine? haha

  7. This happened to me just last week. I had a box of starbursts and I accidentally spilled the box on the floor of my room but there were still some in the box. Once I finished the box, I was finding random starbursts under my bed or under big piles of clothes and each one was a great surprise

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