28 thoughts on “#370 Backing your car in

  1. I backed my car in every single day in high school, which taught me to be a most excellent backer-inner. It’s like the manual version of the parking lot pull through spot ;)

  2. Such a fabulous moment. Also, I really enjoy that you update the picture at the top of the page to match the seasons. :) I can’t believe winter’s almost upon us!

    1. Yes. I do this too. I’m not in a hurry when I get home, but I’m often in a hurry to leave! It’s also good for safety, when you back in you already have a wide view of the area and you know there are no kids around. When you back out of your garage it is more difficult to see if there is a small child nearby.

  3. I use to be the worlds worse backer-upper. And I very well might still be, but I am getting better. I back into my space everyday at work, most because I’m the first one here and I don’t have to worry about other cars. The parking garage is just so small and its so difficult to back out when the spots around me are full.
    Another little side note-the other day I backed my car up around my daughters day care’s pick up circle. It was the first time I went that far in reverse…and I didn’t even run over the curb or hit any cars!! Of course me and her had a mini celebration in the car after I made it.

  4. It’s great, except for that time a slight misjudgment led to the loss of my garage frame’s vinyl stripping. Also got me stuck inside my car. Also gave my husband a scare when I called to say “Hon, I’ve been in an accident.” “Where?!” “The garage.”

  5. I just love this blog! I used to live in England and we had a shared driveway with about a 6 inch angled leeway on either side of the car (BRICK!). It was super tricky but I know that feeling of pride for getting it…. super awesome. Thanks for writing this blog. What a great Friday treat!

  6. I just recently got my license and I had to back around a corner while staying perfectly parallel and close to the curb as if I were parked. (in the US)

    Needless to say I own at backing in to anything now, and I back in to park most times- it’s just easier to get out and nicer :)

  7. Backing up with a horse trailer behind your car really gives a rush. Especially if guys are watching and they think you’re going to back into another car or something. ;-)

  8. I’ve run into so many things (garbage cans, light poles etc.) the the DMV made me remove reverse from my transmission.

  9. As much as I love the posts with all the cool tips, ideas, explanations (they are awesome) I also really love these ones, where they are so self-explanatory that no more than 6 words need to be used. :D

  10. I never learned how to back up.
    *I’m nearly caught up to where I joined this blog now and I don’t know if I’m happy or sad…*

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