25 thoughts on “#366 Little kids showing you their muscles

  1. I totally love this!

    “Feel my muscle!!”
    *poke muscle even though you could wrap thumb and middle finger around entire upper arm*
    “Oooooh! So strong!”

    Little kids are the best.

  2. Hee hee! This happened in my class today… in the middle of circle time a boy turned to the girl next to him to show off his muscles! Flirting at age 5!

  3. I used to get my family to feel my muscles all the time when I was a kid. I always got back “oh a day old marshmallow! “

  4. CUTE, I love when little kids do this!! I have twin boys, Jamison and Johnathan, and they were swimming yesterday, and Johnathan did this exact thing. It is like you captured the two of them in a picture (except they have curly blond hair).

  5. The best is when they suck their stomachs in and pretend that their protruding ribs are really a six-pack!

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