#364 When you get caught in the rain and just don’t care

Water, water, everywhere.

Most of our brains and our blood and our bodies are water. Most of our babies and our beagles and our baths are water. Water rinses apples and washes cars. Water steams carrots and cures SARS.* (*Study pending.)

Yes, water cures thirst, shaves legs, and grows plants. Water flushes toilets, washes hair, and ships pants. We cannonball into pools, we float off the docks, we ice down our drinks, and we rinse all our socks.

We love water but somehow there’s one major moment where we dread Nature’s Best Liquid. Yes, I’m talking about rain, people — because you know as well as I do that when the skies split and the clouds crack everyone scowls and scampers for cover.

And that’s exactly what makes it great when once in a while you just, you know, don’t. That’s what makes it so great when it starts pouring on you and you just stop caring altogether.

Jumping in puddles, laughing with friends, chilled to the bone, soaked till the end — yes, when you’re getting wet and loving it suddenly soaked shoes, squishy worms, and rain hair mean nothing. You’re a gorilla in the rainforest, you’re a lion in the monsoon, you’re just another animal on Earth soaking and swirling and spinning and twirling in your beautifully wet blissful moment of


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    1. I disagree! I hate drizzle and wimpy rain. Being outside in the pouring rain is so much fun, especially in the summer

      1. Agreed. Doesn’t matter if it’s heavy, but drizzly just makes you cold. PLus big rain makes PUDDLES! I always get a little bit silly when it rains.

  1. I think you and Dr.Suess would have gotten along great.

    Also, I love dashing outside for a couple of seconds to test how hard it is truly raining, and then coming back inside all energized and excited.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought!
      And that game was the best when you were little, racing around your backyard to test how hard it was raining, or if you could run so fast that you didn’t get wet. :)

  2. Oh, I love this!

    This summer, my friend and I were in Chicago, shopping like a mile away from our hotel. At first it was just kinda sprinkling, so we were darting in and out of stores and staying under awnings. Then it opened up and completely drenched us. We just looked at each other like, “Well, what now?” and cracked up. While everyone else was fighting their umbrellas, diving into cabs, and waiting it out inside the stores, we were running like crazy through the storm.

    And it was so fun.

    Even though it probably wasn’t the smartest thing we’ve ever done (it really was a bad storm), we were laughing hysterically the whole time because we just didn’t care. We didn’t have anywhere to go, we didn’t know any of the people who were looking at us like we were insane, and it turns out that we didn’t die from it. :)

    1. Once your wet from the rain, there’s no point in trying to get out of the rain if you have things that need to be done.
      My friend kept trying to go to the car this past Friday to get me an umbrella, but what was the point…I was already drenched.

      1. Oh, I know! Why bother with an umbrella (or coat hood or poncho) if you’re already past the point of no return?

        1. Oh, I just remembered something cute. At my daughter’s before and after school care center, they put together these trees with leaves on them and each leaf had something written on it that the kids were thankful for. My daugter put…. family, pets, school, food, and rain. I asked why she put rain and she said, “Because it waters all the plants so they can grow and my flowers are dying. We need more rain…..and because your car is dirty.”

          1. Haha! That IS cute! How funny. I had my class do an “I am thankful for … ” thing, too, and got some hilarious responses. One of my favorites was a girl who listed her entire family, all her friends, the three third grade teachers, and then finished by saying this: “Mostly the pillgrams.” (spelling error and all).

            1. When my daughter was in Grade 2 or 3, they had an assignment of what you would need if you were stranded on a desert isle. She listed, “food, water and books. Because you need them to live.” She still needs books to live!

  3. I get caught in the rain a lot, but the not caring part comes not so often. It depends on where I’m going or what I’m doing. I really don’t like my rain hair. I have bangs and they tend to look a bit gross when they get rained on. Especially after they dry and they are just going every direction possible. I don’t usually use an umbrella though unless its pouring.
    I have always wanted to dance in the rain. I have been trying to get hubby to go out in the rain and dance ever since we got married, but he won’t budge.
    It was raining real bad on Black Friday………and this is one of those times that I didn’t care. Let it rain!! I’m in this line until the doors open, rain won’t make me wuss out. Not even when it started to snow. No umbrella cuz I didn’t want to have to drag it all around the stores.

    1. Man, you Black Friday shoppers are so intense and dedicated! Did you get some good deals? I don’t have the level of bravery necessary to shop on that day. I did go to Lowes to get my dad a ladder, but Lowes is hardly the primary shopping destination for the masses … :)

      1. It really wasn’t as bad this year as it was last year. It seemed like there was less people out and the traffic wasn’t too bad either. Every store we got perfect parking spots.
        I’m not one of those hardcore shoppers who will wait outside for the doors to open for hours, though. We wait until about half an hour before the doors open before we get in line.

  4. A Thousand times YES!!!! When I was younger and we’d have these very heavy downpours in the summer, I would run around with my gigantic ball in the rain and get drenched. Even now as an adult I have these primal urges to go out and run around when it downpours like that. :)

        1. Glad you guys are on watch to keep it clean here, ladies.

          Plus, it’s good that it just rinses all of our “socks”.. (don’t know where I was really going there, but wanted to play along with this game too..)

  5. This is super awesome! Over the summer my friends and I were at an outdoor concert on the lawn, and for the first part of the concert everyone except us were being lame and not dancing and then it started pouring and entire lawn was on their feet dancing and having a great time, I think the people who were under the roof were jealous of how much fun we were having.

  6. This reminds me of our vacation in Mexico. We were shopping and it started to rain… pour actually. So we took off our sandals and kept on shopping. Awesome!

  7. Playing in the rain is one of my most favorite things to do. I’m 22 years old and I don’t care if playing in the rain makes me sound like a little kid. I LOVE it!

  8. I love doing this! this past summer, I went on a camping trip with my girlfriend and her family. Suddenly it started pouring rain, and we dashed out to the side of the road and splashed away. We waited for cars to drive by and spray us and had an amazing time. I slipped and gashed my knee open a few minutes before, and I just didn’t care. I kept on splashing and slipping and enjoying life!

  9. OK.
    I am legit about this.
    I just wish other people would get half a brain to like it also.
    I knew this would be on the list! (even before, it is too epic to not)

  10. I live in New England…the rain can be cold in the spring, fall and winter, but you get those occasional boughts of warm summer rain where you do a dance and don’t care. I do remember 1 winter/ spring it rained a ton, and a lot of the lakesin the area got flooded, so a lot of the neighborhoods got flooded. I happened to be out, and the street before mine was thigh deep to cross,(my street was not) I was a wet angry hen by that point, so I ploughed through and got home. When I went inside, I found that I was soaked head to toe, on the front, but for some strange reason, my back from my shoulders to my waist was completely dry…and of course, by the time I got home the torrent had passed and it was a light rain…the rain did cool me down enough to laugh about it once I was inside…

  11. OH the joy! After YEARS of straightening my hair (I’m black) to get the “good hair” look, I finally decided to go semi-natural (I do use product) in 1998. I cannot even explain the freedom!!!!

    I used to grab plastic shopping bag out of the TRASH in order to prevent my hair from getting wet. It used to take 2 hours to get straight again. Now, I don’t care… AT ALL. In fact, I ENJOY being rained on (as long as there is no lightening, and I don’t have to be somewhere – sopping wet clothing is NOT professional, even if your hair is fine.)

    In fact, I have to remind myself not to get irritated when my straight hair friends want to get a cab to go 4 blocks when it’s raining.

    The funny part is… I’ve gained weight, and I’m sure that straight hair would be a more “slimming” look for my face. But I just CANNOT go back to worrying about getting my hair wet. It’s just too much unnecessary stress.

  12. this happened to my boyfriend and I when we were looking for our first apartment together. Walking back to the car, parked 3 blocks away it started down pouring. We ran to the car laughing hysterically. We were soaked head to toe and drove through flood waters on our way home. Now we live together in the apartment we ran from =)

  13. I had to come back to this post to comment

    Saturday we went to hubby’s sister’s house so all the kids could color eggs together and when we got ready to leave there was a big clap of thunder and it started pouring as soon as we opened the door. Instead of staying inside and waiting a few minutes for it to calm down, we all made a mad dash to my car. My daughter got in with no problem. I was carrying all the bags and hubby had the baby. I opened the back door for hubby and he put the baby in (we have one of those car seats where the base stays in the car and all you have to do is click the carseat in) and hopped in the front seat. Here I am stuck outside with a big diaper bag, a giant gift bag, our carton of eggs, the camera bag, my purse and the bouncy seat. It started raining harder and then came the hail. I was trying to get everything in the car. Finally I gave up and and just jumped in the backseat with everything in my lap…but then I couldn’t get the door to shut. The diaper bag was hanging out. After a bit more situating, I got the door shut. The rain came harder and the hail got bigger. I threw some things in the front and I could feel water pouring off everything. I was drenched. I couldn’t help but laugh at it all. The baby enjoyed it- only his feet got wet. My clothes were so wet that I was dripping, my hair was a mess and everything I was carrying was drenched….. It was great!

  14. Hot summer afternoon making love to the most amazing woman I have ever known. Big cooling drops of rain on our bodies. The most sensous moment in my life. God I miss her. RIP

  15. There’s nothing better than a sun shower right after work. It’s like a cleansing of workers taint. lol

  16. I had a “mum” who used to shout, “None of you’s is sweet enough to melt like sugar, so get the H outside!” She was really good people with a big heart and most the time she was always right!
    AND I have always loved getting into the rain, anyway.

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