39 thoughts on “#362 Not making plans

  1. this is what I always try to do. unfortunately it’s not easy when you have so many things to do for uni. I’m sooo looking forward to the holidays when I finally can be fully spontaneous again!

  2. I am a serious plan maker. I make plans for everything. For shopping, for cooking, for the weekend, for the day, for the next couple hours….I mean everything!! So, yes…it is really awesome when I can take some time to do things unplanned and spur of the moment.

    1. I’m like you, Bekah.. I’m a BIG planner.. in fact, I just e-mailed some friends to try to figure out when we were going camping on a weekend in July of 2011! I’m a bit compulsive this way..

      So, sometimes I try to keep this in mind, and let things just happen.. it’s tough though – it’s very against my nature..

      Ok.. my planned 5:00 minutes to check this website is up. Time to go check another website!

      1. I do try not to plan THAT far in advance cuz things seem to fall through. I had a lot of plans for things to happen before the end of this year, and they aren’t going to happen. Been making plans for this for a few years ….but its all on hold now. So, I’ll just stick to planning a few months in advance instead of half a year or more.

  3. Yeah this is great, but you just try to do it when you have other people with other busy schedules interested in spending time with you (e.g. a relationship)… you gotta set time apart

    1. I have “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” by John Lennon in my head.

      “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans…”

  4. Love it – my favorite motto is ‘make it up as I go’ instead of planning everything like I used to. I’ve found things fall into place much easier and with less stress. LOVE!

  5. Does remind me on the movies “Before sunrise” & “Before sunset”:) Love the concept of just go with the flow & see where you end up:) –> More adventurous, discovering new things…I like that!:)

  6. Everyone who didn’t see those movies yet: watch them on a rainy/boring day. The whole movies are just a conversation, & just between 2 persons but it’s brilliant! (You can watch them on Youtube in parts too.) Must see if you wanna get inspired about not making plans!:)

  7. I agree life is much to short i remember when i was just a young boy praying i would grow up faster, i cant wait tell i am older. and now twenty Four years later i am asking myself where did it all go. I would give anything to be 10 years old again

  8. I think I have forgotten how to do this – not making plans. It’s been so long since I did this.

  9. There is a balance. I’m the kind of person who never makes plans until the very last second, or not at all, and its not the best way to do things.

  10. Still playing catch up, and so close I want to catch up, and wondering if I will before the kids get home.
    Kind of funny, on this date we moved into our house, our first home, (our 9th move in 18 years, but the first one we OWN)
    If I had read it then, I would have laughed so loud, cause you can’t move without making plans!

  11. Rilke, “Try to love the questions themselves…don’t search for the answers which could not be given you now, because you would not be able to live them, And the point is to live everything…”
    Thanks be to my Beatles Girl I can now do this:

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