#360 Finally cleaning your disgustingly filthy windshield

After momentarily blinding yourself under a thick layer of muddy smears you suddenly gaze out with sparkly eyes and a dropped jaw through a crystal-clear half-circle of sunshine.

It’s like getting a new set of eyes.


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34 thoughts on “#360 Finally cleaning your disgustingly filthy windshield

  1. I squirt my windshield washer fluid all the time. Bird poop? Squirt it. Stray leaf? Squirt it. Too lazy to pull a #676? Squirt it.


    1. So do I, but when you’ve got layers of dirt and salt on your car, the squirts just turn the seemingly light dusting of atmospheric residue into a nice milky film that is perfectly distributed right where you need to see out the windshield the most. And even though I know this, I still keep trying because one day, I figure, my wiper fluid will magically develop enough corrosive powers to zap it all away.

      1. Haha! No kidding. The big blob of nastiness always ends up RIGHT in your line of sight. No matter what.

  2. I had that same thought about my glasses. They can definitely get almost as filthy as a windshield before I even notice. When I clean them it always feels like I forgot what colors looked like.

    1. Oh my gosh, yeah. I mean, I wear contacts now, but when I got glasses in 6th grade, I remember my mom being like, “How can you even see out of those things??” I’d clean them and think … “Wow, I don’t know. I guess I couldn’t!” It’s unbelievable how gross they can get.

    2. Me too! When I take my glasses off to give em a quick swipe with my shirt tail and I see how dirty they really, I wonder if anyone else can see all that dirt and dust balls while they are talking to me.

  3. Hahah totally agree!! I remember cleaning my back windshield last winter and couldn’t stop looking out the back at how clean it was!! I was in pure amazement!

  4. Almost a year ago I got a new windshield and wow!! That first week with my new one was almost like having a new car. I could see everything. There wasn’t a spot, streak, kid handprint or feet prints anywhere on it! But now it has suffered through all the different kinds of weather, bouncy balls being thrown at it, frisbee’s bouncing off it, dead bugs galore and there is just no amount of cleaning that will ever give it that clarity and wonderfulness it had once before.

      1. Explaination needed?
        On long drives while I’m the passanger, I like to take my shoes off and prop my feet up.
        And there was some from my daugher up there too a few times. While we wait for her father to come pick her up when its his weekend, I let her in the front seat while we sit. During the summer, she had some toe prints up there and right now I have a forehead print from last time when she thought she saw his car and leaned in to get a better look.

  5. I have two related happinesses – When there’s frost on the windshield and I remembered to put the winter defroster/windshield solution in the car and it instantly disappears… and the first time it rains after I’ve replaced old wiper blades and they work perfectly instead of the old streaks.

  6. I remember when I finally replaced my cracked, pock-marked windshield a few years ago… my friend and I got in the car and it was like there was nothing there. It was so clear and perfect we both had to reach out and touch the glass just to make sure.

  7. So, the other day I borrowed my wife’s car.. and I happened to b driving towards a setting sun, and the glare from the sun made it clear exactly how dirty the windshield was.. it was getting difficult to see out of it..

    So, just like Laura above, it’s time to squirt, squirt, squirt my way to a clean windshield.. but instead of cleaning, it makes it SOOO much worse… just smears the dirt all around, making it nearly impossible to see anything.. (it was frightening that I was traveling 65 mph at the time..)

    So, I immediately went to go by the most expensive wipers I could find.. (my father always told me – you can’t pay too much for a clean windshield).. Went home, installed them… and..

    Squirt, Squirt..


    It was AWESOME..

    Plus, I got in the good books with the wife who has apparently been suffering through this grime for years and never said anything.. *shakes head*.. I think there was even Nutella on the windshield! ;)

    1. Mmmhmm, so typical. I knew there’d be Nutella. She’s probably been camping out on the windshield in her Snuggie while reading Twilight.

      P.S. I need new windshield wipers, too … so, uh, feel free to borrow my car anytime.


      1. Laura – Next time I’m in the STL, I’m going to take you up on it.. new windshield wipers it is! :)

        My wife is pretty excited about tomorrow.. ECLIPSE GETS RELEASED ON DVD (via Netflix)…

        TEAM JACOB!!! (My wife is Team Edward, but I’m hoping she’s going to come around soon..)

        1. Yay! I’ll wait for your journey to STL, even if it takes years. I mean, if your wife can hold out that long with crappy windshield wipers, so can I.


          I don’t know anything about Twilight, but I think the guy who plays Jacob is much cuter than the guy who plays Edward, so by default, I’m on Team Jacob as well. I’m sure your wife see the light soon.

  8. Anybody ever run out at the wrong time? Yeah me too. Water bottle handy? Yeah I know, it’s empty. Pee and pour. It’s like antifreeze for your windshield.

  9. i would instead prefer to hire a person to do all cleaning stuff no matter what happen. this is though peak of laziness but i love to be like this…

  10. I just read the Top 1000 through (just the list, though I would love to really read the whole thing over) and I realized how far back 1000 Awesome Things and I go back and now we’re down to #360! I will be really sad when there are no more new awesome things but it has been great, really. :)

    Keep it up!

  11. Yes, I do like to be able to “See” where I am going; am cautious and careful~ I come by it honestly.

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