#359 The wind

I’m listening to the wind, to the wind at my soul.

Where it comes from, where it goes, well … who really knows.

All I know is that the wind is a great part of life for a few big reasons:

1. Helps plants make love. Roots twist and tie bushes and trees into forest floors preventing them from spreading their seeds too far. Thankfully the wind blows by to carry maple keys and pollen into new spaces and new places. Next time you glance at fields of pretty flowers besides the highway or see a spread of tall trees over the horizon… well, just remember who helped make it all happen.

2. Breezy comfort. When I lived in Boston our creaky apartment turned into a steamy sauna in the summer. It felt like an oven with lots of summer sun and no A/C. Well, my roommate Joey and I had no choice but to lie on sweaty couches eating popsicles in our underwear while praying for cool breezes to float through to give us a few moments of bliss. Yes, when you score a cool breeze on a hot day, when you land a warm gust on a chilly one, always remember to give thanks.

3. Come sail away. Sailors and windsurfers love the breezy push of wind over the glittery ocean water, kids love flying kites in the park, and everyone loves windmills spinning to grind out energy jolts and keep our Dutch fields picturesque.

Yes, when the wind whips through your body, when it whips through your soul, sometimes you feel that supernatural sense of being at one with nature, at one with the world, and at one on the planet. Wind is a constant that gives comfort because it’s invisible but always there. Wind has blown sand across deserts and ripples across oceans for millions of years… so when those free and easy breezes whisper across your face just remember to close your eyes… and just remember to enjoy a tiny little moment of


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38 thoughts on “#359 The wind

  1. This kind of sounds like a bad sitcom or a Cat Stevens song.


    I like the wind a lot. Unless it’s super-cold out; then it’s just … brrr.

    I understand the sauna, in a bad way. My school has apparently decided that their answer to the economic crisis would be to cut back on everything EXCEPT for heat. Heat pumps in all day, turning our classrooms into total steam rooms. Everyday, I open my windows and desperately hope for gusts of cold wind to blow through. Energy efficient it’s not, but you do what you’ve gotta do!

    1. When wind is awesome:
      When my wife comes home with wind blown hair.. she’s a cutie..

      When wind isn’t awesome:
      When my football team misses a field goal wide left because of the wind.

      When wind is awesome:
      Going sailing on my buddy’s lake in his Hobie Cat

      When wind isn’t awesome:
      When playing frisbee, badminton or outdoor ping pong.

      When wind is awesome:
      When you drive cross country and see a wind farm chugging out pollution free electricity.

      Let’s tally the score – wind is awesome 3 times out of 5.. Go wind! Now 60% awesome!

      1. So what you’re saying is … 60% of the time, it’s awesome every time?


        P.S. Having a friend with a lake … definitely awesome.

        1. That’s some complicated math you’ve got me doing here, Laura.. I don’t think I can keep up..

          Let’s just say that sometimes wind is awesome, and sometimes it’s less awesome.. and it tends to be awesome more often than not.. :)

          Another instance of when it’s awesome – when it is in the title of the best Patrick Swayze song of of all time..

          That’s right ladies – She’s like the wind!

          1. It was an Anchorman reference … I would never complicate a simple problem like 3/5 = 60% — that right there is my kind of math!

            Let us not forget some other classics involving wind:

            “Blowing in the Wind” – Bob Dylan; Peter, Paul & Mary
            “Against the Wind” – Bob Seger
            “Candle in the Wind” – Elton John
            “Dust in the Wind” – Kansas
            “Summer Wind” – Frank Sinatra; Michael Bublé

            and of course …

            “Colors of the Wind” – Judy Kuhn (Pocahontas!)

        1. I remember when my brother showed me that a few years ago. HAHA, I still laugh at it now. That video, is AWESOME!!!

  2. I am usually a big fan of the wind. It cools you off on hot summer days, it flies kites, it sails sail boats, it moves the bubbles a kid blows…… but now in this moment….. I’m not so much a fan of wind.
    My temporary big belly makes it impossible for me to fit in my winter coat and I’m not about to go buy one that I won’t fit into later. So, here I am stuck with my very light, very non-wind resistant jacket. And it is very cold and windy lately. I’m stuck with a red face, runny nose, burning ears, goosebumps on my arms, and that horrible stinging feeling all over. But come the spring time, I will like the wind again.

    1. New idea … wear your coat (don’t try to button it) the regular way. Then wear a different coat backwards (you know, where the back is across your belly). Warm, elegant, and most importantly — stylish. Plus, your arms will be doubly warm since they’ll be inside two coat sleeves apiece! ;)

      Ok, seriously though … I understand what you mean. One of my friends had her fifth and final baby in February and she was the same way: “Why buy a coat I’ll never wear again?” She wore her winter coat (unbuttoned) with a long, heavy scarf around her neck that draped over her belly. It looked completely normal and she was still mostly warm.

      1. I like your two jacket idea, lol.
        I finally did break out my winter coat this morning due to the 10 degree weather and extra snow. I can’t zip it and its tight around my arms so that makes it hard to drive. I swear, it must have shrunk since last summer. My closet tends to do that, ya know, shrink my clothes when I’m not looking.

        Last week my daughter put her winter coat on for the first time this season. She put her hands in her pockets and found some beads from a broken bracelet we had all forgotten about. She was so excited about it.

  3. Unfortunately, the wind was the cause of the -3 degree temperature this morning on my way to work….maybe this was just bad timing…

  4. I’m not usually one to hate on nature, but wind is my least-favorite weather condition. If I forget my sun glasses, I will end up with something getting blown into my eye and scratching my cornea. My ex used to call my eyes “crap vacuums” because this happened so often. Wow now that I see that written down, it sounds really offensive.

  5. Most of the time, wind is awesome. But wind is definitely not awesome when coupled with precipitation (of either the rain or snow variety). Where I’m from, the rain usually comes at you SIDEWAYS…no umbrella is going to protect you from that (if it even survives at all).

    Thanks for allowing us to appreciate the awesome in wind, in comparison with the not-so-awesome.

  6. Heyy, you got those first couple of lines from Cat Stevens! For some really odd reason when I read the first lines I was humming it and then I was like…holdup….this is very familiar.

  7. it can be awesome in the summer, but it was -7 this morning where i live in England.

    so im not realy feeling the love for the wind right now.

  8. 1)When the temps are a scorching 100F the wind is Adored.
    2) When temps are sub zero the wind is well, to avoid double negatives,cool.
    3) When we’re in the canoe, on a big lake, and when it howls ghostly through our forested yard during a storm, wind can be scarey.
    4) “Four Strong Winds”, a folk song by Neil Young…
    “Windy,” a pop song in the 60’s…likely many more!
    5) Wind blowing through your qi, is a really good acupuncture treatment.
    6) Children and my f-in-law pronouncing my name “Windy”, special.
    And maybe one of the best wind stories of all time:
    *When Percy and Louise Schmeiser triumphed over Mensanto, the wind definately had their back, and for all time was “justice” so Awesome!!!

  9. The wind usually bugs me but now I’ll think of all the wonderful things going on instead the next time we have a gale force breeze :)

  10. Colorado wind isn’t as happy as this post was…. And it doesn’t make me smile as much as this post did… But all in all, I guess wind is awesome :)

  11. Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your content seem to be running off the screen in Safari. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know. The design look great though! Hope you get the issue fixed soon. Kudos

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