#354 When the neighbor shovels your little patch of the sidewalk

Sidewalks bring us together.

Fences split yards, lawns divide homes, and invisible property lines are scribbled on dusty blueprints in city archives. But somehow those little strips of concrete tie us all together and connect the dots between our lives.

It’s a beautiful moment when a friendly neighbor shovels the snow off of your walk after a winter snowstorm. Swaddled in snow-packed mitts, sweaty scarves, and salty boots, they’re just lending a helping hand of kindness and some friendly season’s greetings.


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29 thoughts on “#354 When the neighbor shovels your little patch of the sidewalk

  1. We don’t have sidewalks in my neighborhood, but my neighbor has a plow that he likes to attach to his truck and will plow the whole street for us. He just really likes playing with it. =]

    1. Ooh lucky! Sidewalks are soo over rated when it comes to snow. You have a limited amount of time from when the snow stops until when you have to shovel to avoid a fine. AND if anyone slips or gets hurt on “your” side walk they get to sue you riight up…

      1. What?! Is that for real — you get fined for not shoveling your sidewalk? What if you were out of town or something? I would hate that!

        1. Well, apparently it’s a bylaw, but it doesn’t usually get enforced in a residential neighbourhood unless someone snitches on you. So you would have to be a major repeat offender, or have a neighbour who has it in for you. Then you’d probably just get a warning first.

          1. Ok, that’s more reasonable. I mean, I can understand why it’s important to shovel your sidewalks, especially if you live in an area where it’s used often. Thanks for the clarification! :)

            1. Yep yep, but sometimes you get these ridic neighbors who really don’t like you, and then once they tell a couple times, you end up just paying ppl to do it. I think it also depends on different cities, some are enforced more than others. I know quite a few ppl who got fined in my old city over the years

      2. Would it count if you put up danger signs, cones or even kinda blocked off your side? You’re warning them and trying to keep them off. What if you are unable to get out there and shovel? That’s just crazy!

        1. Probably not, cause I’m pretty sure its illegal to block off a sidewalk even with your car (though everyone does it) let alone cones. Your really only own a sidewalk when something bad happens like broken water pipes. But hey, as long as you put tons of salt down, nothing to worry about….and really icy sidewalks are a bit horrid

    2. We have one of those guys too! How could I forget about him? He is a mailman, so he’s up early anyway. I heard him out there this morning around 3 am plowing our road. I think he has earned himself some Christmas cookies.

  2. A house full of girls and way to much snow? It always brightened our day when our neighbor would shovel in front of our house and a little path to the street as well.

    You gotta love it when you end up with actual great neighbors!

  3. This is such an ultimate show of kindness … no one usually even wants to shovel their own sidewalk, much less someone else’s. Nice neighbors are SO awesome!

    The old man who lived across the street from my parents was a farmer, so he always brought one of his tractors over and plowed our whole driveway. He passed away almost seven years ago, and now my dad always makes sure to take care of his 94 year old wife’s driveway / sidewalk.

    1. Aw, I love that! A neighbour clears my elderly mom’s driveway for her, too. He even brushes off her car, and will come back more than once a day if necessary!

      1. That’s really sweet..

        But we have all seen a picture of Grandma jdurley around here before, and given what a friendly-looking lady she is, I’m not surprised that the neighbor is so helpful..

  4. The only neighborly kindness I’ve experienced during the winter is when I was trying to pull into our shared gravel driveway and my car got stuck in the snow/ice. The neighbor heard me outside spinning my tires and he came out and shoveled me out a little path and then gave my car a push. He moved away so, he’s not there this winter. :-(

  5. This is awesome!

    Our awesome for the day is…A snow day from school on your birthday! It’s my “baby’s” 8th birthday today, and no school!

  6. Wow! I was shoveling this morning and I came to find that my neighbor shoveled my entire sidewalk. A huge sense of happiness came over and I thought this should be on 1000awesomethings because it is probably the most awesome thing that could happen after it snows (other than snowball fights, of course). Now, I sit here checking my feed in amazement that this was posted today. AWESOME!

  7. Thankfully, I’m in college right now… but I’m dreading coming home and having to shovel my sidewalk. Blech.

    All of my neighbors are older, so we are the ones that clean them off for them.

  8. Last year when we had our annual April you-think-winter-is-finally-over-but-you’re-wrong dumping of snow it was awesome to see the neighbourhood come together and shovel each other out. There was so much snow that the roads were all closed and nobody could go anywhere. Slowly but surely doors were de-drifted and cars were un-buried by friends and neighbours made unrecognizable by their scarves, toques and general Michelin-man like appearance. You may not have known who everyone was, but it was great to have so many sets of hands at work!

  9. Yes i live in Alaska the people here are real kind i always see them out site shoveling my so called patch of a sidewalk it is truly a wonderful think to see people giving a helping hand it lets me know we are still human

  10. Once I was out for a walk and saw this amazing man snowblowing the sidewalk along the entire block! We tried to tell him how awesome he was over the sound of the snowblower…hopefully he heard.

  11. I shovel my sidewalk and I get paid I shovel my neighbor’s sidewalk and get paid but I also shovel an 80 year old lady’s sidewalk and she doesn’t even know it. I have quite a good business but granted I am only 12.

  12. Haha, awesome your neighbours are doing that for you!:p
    Wish my neighbours were as kind as yours. Too bad my neighbours are too lazy to do it theirself so they hire someone to do the job…

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