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  1. I was telling my friend this the other day! We were driving at night and I was like, “I don’t mean this in a creepy way, but I love being able to see people’s Christmas decorations through their windows at night.” Luckily, he didn’t think it was creepy either. It’s awesome. I love those pictures!

    1. I guess this really is one of the few times when it’s considered OK to admire something through someone else’s window.. Because there sure are a heck of a lot of times when it’s not.. But ’tis the season and all that..

      1. Normally, I keep the shade down on my big front window, but right now I have it UP so my Christmas tree can be seen! (I have to remember not to walk around in my PJ’s, though)

        1. PJ’s?! I have to remember to put pants on! Luckily it’s freezing this week, so pants are necessary, but a good week went by after I first put up my tree when I would catch myself walking into that room pantsless. Luckily, there was no one outside then. I hope.

          Also, a couple of those photos look a bit stalker-ish.

          1. Ok – long, unrelated side story..

            Lol’ed at your reference to “pantless” for it bringing back an old memory..

            A buddy of mine in highschool and I used to love the Simpsons’ quote where Office Wiggum is trying to describe a suspect fleeing the scene of a crime and he says that he’s “driving a car of some sort.. and the suspect is hatless.. I repeat.. hatless”..

            So, one day in calculus class, my buddy, who was wearing “tear away gym pants” (which was apparently an acceptable thing to do? maybe my memory is fuzzy here) in class.. and he turned in his final exam early, and turned to the class, and said: “The suspect is pantless, I repeat, pantless”, and tore off his pants with dramatic flair..

            It was AWESOME!

            1. That is AWESOME! And if it was in college, tear-away pants are totally acceptable. You never know when you might need to get rid of them right quick!

              1. Oh I just realized you said high school. No one in high school should have to need to tear off their pants. Or to study calculus.

  2. I think I just like seeing other people’s Christmas trees.. because everyone has the standard tree template in their head of what a decorated tree is supposed to look like.. and it’s different for all of us and is based entirely on what our tree looked like when we were little..

    But then you grow up and see that people decorate their trees in all sorts of different ways: Tinsel or no? Blinking lights or steady ones? Colored lights of all white? What’s on top – a star, angel, something else? Are all the ornaments just colored balls? glass sculptures? crafts made by the kids? Or the biggest question of all – real tree or fake?

    There are an infinite number of possibilities, and they all differ from the one I had growing up.. but no matter what it looks like, it still gets me every time.. because you know what? It’s Christmas..

    And that’s just AWESOME!

    1. SO true, Freddo!

      Your own childhood Christmas tree completely sets the bar against which you measure all other Christmas trees. I love and appreciate them all (seriously, I think you’d have to try really hard to create a tree that no one liked), but everyone has their “perfect” way of doing it. :)

      1. The kind of tree we do now is completely different than both of our childhood trees. My family always did bulbs and those messy icicle things with blinking colored lights and a really ugly gold star on the top. Yes, I still loved this tree. Judging by hubby’s parent’s tree now this is how it is/was~ No topper, steady white lights, shaped ornaments and they were both fake of course. My family use to do a real tree, but that only lasted a few years.
        Our tree has an angel on the top, steady colored lights (last year we did purple lights), hand-made ornaments and a few shaped ornaments that have a lot of meaning, garland and even a few ornaments with pictures of my daughter thrown in there. Yes, and its fake. My grandma always does a small 4 foot tree with nothing but red bows on it.
        I guess its kind of a mixture of both our childhoods…sorta.

    2. One year the geektween made this really weird and slightly creepy looking tree topper out of the junk she found on grandma’s “craft table”. It started with “Jack” excised from an old-school “jack-in-the-box”, (vinyl head with fabric skirting, and some vinyl hands attached to sides of fabric skirt) who was then decorated with a tinsel headband, and had a brass trumpet from another Christmas decoration hot-glued to it’s hand / lips. (Un)fortunately, the hot glue didn’t work very well on the squishy vinyl of the jack in the box dude, so it only lasted one year on the top of the tree.

      1. One year, my family moved right around Christmas. We put a real tree up in the new house but our decorations were MIA. We made all our decorations and even the topper out of aluminium foil, paper and bread ties. That was one interesting tree.

        1. But he still lives in the box of Christmas decorations, so we get to consider trying to fix him again every year!

              1. Ok – it’s official.. jdurley has a weird “jack-in-the-box” hang-up..

                Good thing you don’t live around me where there are constant commercials for the fast food chain “Jack In The Box”.. you’d always be cowering in fear.

  3. The house we are trying to get has a big window in the family room and I keep thinking that will be the perfect place for a Christmas tree.
    I love seeing other people’s trees, how they decorated, and the different kinds of ornaments. Each tree tells so much about a family. I love seeing Christmas lights, but lights on a tree accompanied by more decoration is awesome.

  4. OMG, yes!!! This has been happening to me so much lately and I love it. The other day I had a terrible day, was driving home from work trying to stay positive, and I saw a Christmas tree in a window and a huge smile spread across my face. I loved it!

    Great one!

  5. Awww I like these photos! Here in NYC there is not much space to fit a tree, considering the average apartment size. And that is why, when I see a Xmas tree through a window, it is even more AWESOME! ;P

  6. The house which has a Christmas tree shows the festive spirit, character and deeply loving family who is looking forward for family fun, old traditions and to have a gala time.

  7. Know what else is awesome? This blog leading us to realize how universal many of our own awesome moments are! Chances are, while we’re looking through the window at an xmas tree, someone somewhere else is doing exactly the same thing and thinking, “Awesome” too!

  8. I love it when people place their tree in front of the window. It looks awesome especially at night time all lit up. Brings a big smile on my face.

  9. I love seeing Christmas trees in other people’s houses. They are all the same but because of the different decorations or even just the different styles of how people decorate them, each and every one of them is unique. Beautiful!

  10. I can’t wait to come home to my parents house and see our Christmas tree peeking out the window. It’s giving me chills just thinking about it.

  11. Wow, all of those trees are so tastefully decorated. In my house, a Christmas tree isn’t a Christmas tree until it’s been draped with so much tinsel that you can barely see the tree itself and had every ornament we have ever owned hung off it. And that’s just how we like it.

  12. This is why we love our gigantic living room window. We have a bunch of woods behind our house, and the lights prevent us from getting lost while smashing the ice in the creek or spying on deer.

  13. This is actually on my short list of “must have”s when searching for a new home. Same for my parents, who just moved into a place w/ a great Christmas Window, as we call it.

    Feel so strongly about it, this is my first comment! Awesome!!!

  14. He must have at least began crashing helicopters in Battlefield three or some simulator right before trying to pull this stunt off.

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