#351 Drinking with Grandma

It’s time for some intergenerational egg nogging.

Get ready to light the yule log, sail the gravy boat, and get your eighty-five pound grandmother a sloshy glass of rummy nog.

Now, whatever your age, whatever your tastes, whatever your pleasures, whatever your fates, let’s all agree on one thing today: grabbing an occasional festive drink with your mom’s mom or your son’s son bridges boundaries and crosses divides.

Once upon your time your grandma used to boogie. Once upon a time your grandma threw it down. I’m saying before you danced on tables, she danced on them too. And before you learned to mix things, she was mixing two.

So when the holidays hit and the families combine it’s time to bring out the punch bowl and time to have a good time. Because we’re not here forever and we’re not here very long. We don’t get many chances so toss one back before granny’s gone.

I never knew my grandparents but I heard stories they were great… so I know if they were here now we’d party hard before it got too late.


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38 thoughts on “#351 Drinking with Grandma

  1. I never really knew my grandparents either. I have a 94 year old step-grandma, and — though I’m not positive — I think that all she ingests is soup and crackers.

    I’ve drank with other peoples’ grandmothers, though … does that count?? :) Yes, I say it does, because it was awesome!

    1. My memere was a poker player! She got a regulation table for her 90th birthday, and loved to play with her family any time we could.

  2. So much awesome to this post. When I was in college I stayed with my Nonna for the summer because my summer job was in her town. She would offer me “sweets” to drink after dinner – usually some fancy liquor that she got as a gift. It was so much fun!!

    Now – for that beer picture… Yes, gramps has a nice glass of beer, but so do Dick, Jane and Sally! Not to mention the fish swimming in ale and the dog dripping foam all over the rug. Sooo Awesome!!

    1. Agreed.. the picture is amazingly awesome..

      The only ones that looks drunk in the photo are the dog and the parrot, who is a bit wasted.. “Polly wants you to take me drunk… I’m home..”

      Also, the captions of the ad are pretty good as well: “The way it goes with everything… the way each glass makes us friendlier and friendlier and friendlier” (and if you’re anything like some of my friends: “handsy-ier and handsy-ier and handsy-ier..” creepy)

      1. I dunno Freddo – The Dad looks drunk to me – he’s trying to pour beer into his glass and totally blowing it!

    2. Hey Mary – I didn’t see the fish in ale, but I saw the baby drinking from a tall glass. Awesome (*_~) **!**

  3. This is really awesome to see a Grandma breaking a rule of an adult and trying to have fun and at the same time making the bond more stronger than ever before as these are the memories we cherish once they are gone.

  4. This is awesome!! I like the gambling with Grandma too. I used to always play Blackjack with my grandma growing up for pennies and it was so much fun!
    Feel free to take a look if you have time at some Heaters and Coolers!!
    Neil I figured you might like it as well!! Keep up the good work. I have bought 3 copies of your book for Christmas gifts this year. :)

  5. I love love love having a few glasses of wine with my grandma. She once told us her favorite liquor was black velvet, someone bought her a bottle for her 75 birthday which was 2 years ago and she still has the majority of the bottle left, oh and she mixes it with water. Hey, whatever floats your boat grandma :-)

  6. My grandma and I were really close while I was growing up. Unfortunately I have lost her actually 5 years today.

    I miss her very much, and I would like to thank you for bringing a smile to my face because I think my grandma and I would have loved to have some rum filled egg nog!

    Merry Christmas everyone, give your grandparents a hug!

  7. I have a pretty good story here, but I’m afraid I’ll just be called for “one-upsmanship”.. Let’s just say that the key highlights of the story would’ve included: “97-year old grandfather” (not my own), “toke”, and “bong”.

    1. What a tease!

      P.S. It’s been a while since we’ve had a Freddo-playing-the-part-of-“That Guy”-comment … so c’mon … ;)

  8. The day after my “dirty thirty” party, I had a dinner with the family. Both my grandmothers sat next to each other eating leftover jello shots – with spoonds and cool-whip. Golden Girls Gone Wild!!! =D

  9. My grandmother doesn’t drink, but I guess I would equate this to drinking with my graduate advisor at conferences and on research trips. We’re supposed to be working, but we’re drunk! AWESOME!

  10. I love that picture. This my first time here… my husband’s grandmother died last year: for her last birthday, she partied it up on St. Patricks Day with her 3 grown daughters and a bar full of college students.

  11. I knew who my grandparents were and they sounded just what was written, but I didn’t live close enough to them to enjoy them, only in spirits, you should say. You can always throw one back, and toss one down over the ph#. Web. Cell. What a great way to keep connected.

  12. I didn’t get those Chance but i saw the old couples drink int he bar that time i was drunk a bear but those couples came with whiskey and they share in two class took it in a single time and rawly. O M G….

  13. I hope to be one of those grandmas one day.
    My grandma’s don’t drink. I saw one of them drink one beer one time but I was way too young. If I even suggested having a drink together to any of them, they would faint.
    I’ve drank with my older brothers and my uncle once and that was kinda weird. My family is just weird like that I guess…or maybe its just me.

  14. My family is full of Southern Baptists, so for most of my life all our gatherings have been alcohol-free. However, I (and a few like-minded relatives) have been slowly introducing wine and fancy cocktails, so there’s hope for drinking with grandma!

    Also, I just bought the book for my sister for Christmas. I’m sure it will make a great gift!

    1. Southern people are never drink in home. if some peoples do but the are always in some panic place, same time southern womens never ever take any type alcohol. i think its good one because they are always believe the traditional.

  15. Now this is what one should be doing with Grandma, (Not putting a Santa hat on the poor woman’s head). Both of my grandma’s are long-gone from this earth, put I’d give a lot to have a drink with them today. Just one! They were wonderful, strong, hard-working, unappreciated women and believe me, they deserved a drink! So, here’s to you, Grandma’s! Cheers!

  16. This made me tear up. My grandma lived in Peru and we would go visit her almost every summer. There was this family tradition where we would go to this pub/restaurant in old downtown Lima, have some “butifarras” (awesome sandwiches) and drink beer (I was too young then, so I would get an Inca Cola). As I grew older I would go to Peru alone and would stay with grandma. When I was old enough, grandma and I continued the tradition of “butifarras” and beer, talking and giggling like good friends and going for coffee and cake afterward. I cherish those memories, now, that grandma is gone.

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  18. My Gran had us all doing shots every christmas from the age of 12, she would always end up with a saucepan on her head or feeding lollies to the fly that got stuck in her glass. She was truly amazing, thank you for giving me the chance to remember her and smile :)

  19. This brought back so many memories with my grandma! Although she passed away 5 yrs ago, not a day goes by that she doesn’t cross my mind. We used to hit the casinos together, and a local bar occasionly!! Cheers grandma <3

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