#349 Putting a Santa hat on your pet or grandparent

It’s party time.

And those Christmas sweaters are just the beginning.

I mean sure, tossing on a thick woolly for the holiday party is a sure way to spread the cheer — especially if your sweater features hypnotic swirls of red and green, a giant floating snowman head, or an intense action sequence of Santa flying his reindeer through a blizzard.

But to really get that party going and that eggnog flowing you’ve got to crank it up a notch. Yes, we’re talking about tossing a Santa cap on your golden retriever or grandpa, we’re talking about tossing one on your labradoodle or grandma, and we’re talking about everyone donning their gay apparel to whip this holiday bash into a whole new level of


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25 thoughts on “#349 Putting a Santa hat on your pet or grandparent

  1. Putting any kind of clothes on a dog is hilarious. Putting funny things on grandparents is always funny. Putting things on babyies however, will always be cute.
    My grandpa is growing his beard out this year cuz he “wants to be Santa.” He’s gonna wear his little red hat and rock his beard…. no suit required.
    Side story~
    When I was little, my brothers and I would take the stickers off bananas and put them on my grandma’s back without her knowing. We’d go around and call her the Chiquita lady and she’d laugh right along with us, not knowing why we were calling her that until one of us pulled it off or told her about it. Then the sticker would come off her back and go on the side of a cupboard. There were so many stickers there. She just pulled them all off about a year or so ago.

    1. Babies don’t wear the cute stuff though. Like whenever I try to put a hat on my baby cousin, she cries or pulls it off.

  2. So far, I’ve only been able to get as far as bat wings on my Schipperke. I tried putting a Manchester United dog jersey on her when she was wee but she wasn’t happy! I’d love to put a Santa hat on her but I fear that she’d tear it to shreds. She uses her paws like a cat so the hat would stand no chance!

  3. I see the site has gotten a bit of a makeover…most notably a new font. How strange!

    We have a little puppy that our family likes to dress up for the holidays, but we don’t exactly go traditional. Last year she had a nice thick cream colored sweater, but the year before that she had a lobster costume.

    My brother held her high over his head when she first wore it and exclaimed “Guys look! It’s the Christmas Lobster! She does exist, she really does!”

    My family is weird.

    Oh yeah, I’m back!!!!

    1. Cary is in da house! Welcome back! The Christmas Lobster story is hilarious!

      What’s up with lobster costumes for pets anyway? I guarrantee this was not an idea that originated in a sober mind.

      1. Wazzzzzup, Cary!

        I can see how lobster makes sense for the holidays.. it’s red, just like Santa.. and squeals when you dip it in boiling water, just like I imagine Santa would.. and is delicious with melted butter, just like… uh.. wait a second, where am I going here??

        Welcome back!

      2. We have the best costumes for our puppy, including, but not limited to, a skull sweater, a shark costume, and a pirate outfit (complete with parrot).

  4. Love that this post is about a pet OR a grandparent, as if they’re sort of the same thing – things you can sort of dress up for your entertainment.. but you’re right.. it’s cute either way..

    Now let’s start combining recent posts, and put a santa hat on your grandmother, drink some beer with her, and then.. uh.. wrap her in those last scraps of wrapping paper??

  5. One year when my grandparents were over for Christmas we discovered that we only had two crackers left from the previous year. (Christmas crackers are a British tradition for those of you who don’t know– and no, they’re not the kind of crackers you eat with cheese.) Naturally, this was an emergency because we simply couldn’t have Christmas dinner photos without the silly hats. So my sister and I ransacked the house to come up with our own assortment of silly hats. I had a cowboy hat, my sister had a Mama Bear hat from a class play years ago, my mum had a Santa hat, my dad had a St. Patrick’s Day hat, my gran had hat covered with ribbons that was left over from Crazy Hat Day at school, and my granddad had a pirate hat.
    Best Christmas photos ever.

  6. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY do people think animal (dogs, cats, birds, whatever) look CUTE with clothes on? And please respect Grandma enough to NOT put anything on her head. She’s probably not is a good mood anyway, and won’t think it’s very funny (neither will the dog for that matter.)

  7. I DEFINITELY just read that as putting a hat on your ‘pet grandparent’! Can you keep grandparents as pets? I want one!

  8. In the 90’s we had a Malamute, Mikyo, who had a natural peace sign right in the middle of this forehead…very fitting to sport Santa hat at Christmas.

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