#346 When the wrapping paper pattern lines up perfectly when you go to tape it

Wrapping is serious.

Yes, somewhere between peeling tape, snipping corners, and curling ribbons you start obsessing over all the little details. And sure, if you’re like me your present just ends up a corner-dented patchwork of twisted tape and shoddy edges. But for the pros there’s something important and something sweet about getting the whole thing looking jussssssssst right..





42 thoughts on “#346 When the wrapping paper pattern lines up perfectly when you go to tape it

  1. This totally happened to me today when I was wrapping presents. Several ended up unawesome…but then there was that one. It all just worked. Perfectly. Sheer awesomeness.

    Just finished commenting through the Book of Awesome for my bro since it’s his Christmas gift. Love being able to share the awesomeness with the world. Thanks for everything you do! Merry Christmas!

  2. I usually don’t pay attention to the line up of the paper, but last night I had the bulbs on my wrapping paper match perfectly….. except the colors. The blue was matched with the green, the red with the gold. I had to laugh about it.

    good morning other Bekah that posted before me!
    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

  3. This is exactly why I always get lazy and buy pretty gift bags with brightly-colored tissue paper to stuff in them! I’m not very good at wrapping presents and making them look nice…

  4. This IS awesome! I love it when it happens! (I’m one of those detail-obsessing people)
    Merry Christmas!

    1. I agree, it’s awesome when this happens. Makes me feel like Martha Stewart, without all the effort (and jail rep).

  5. My mum would match up the patterns perfectly and she never had jagged corners, or rogue tape sticking up. I’ve never met anyone who could wrap as well as she did. They always looked immaculate. Unfortunately, her perfect wrapping genes didn’t translate to me.

    Merry Christmas Everyone! Stay awesome! :)

  6. I love when that happens, too :) It would be amazing if you could figure out how to do it on purpose (maybe buy paper with smaller repeats!) but it’s serendipitous (sp?) when it happens all by itself.

    Once I had it line up so perfectly that I finished it so that the seam side was UP just to show it off :)

  7. Well, for me: many a package that looked wrapped, unwrapped, wrapped and so on…
    I have done the beautiful bag thing, but I know the recipients (and me) are missing the tearing and ripping and shredding (Or neatly folding for another year-sort of awesome in it’s Own right) of the paper. Aluminum? That really works! And with a stick on bow, and the Lights under the tree turning it many colours——–I think you know the word!
    Merry Christmas to ALL Awesome People,

  8. I LOVE wrapping gifts! Especially if it’s a nice rectangle box that can sport some crisp, clean edges (and not something weird, like a box with a cutout as the front or something octagonal).

    My grandpa was a pharmacist who owned his own drugstore … so my mom gift-wrapped her way through her childhood, teen, and young adult years. She has all kinds of awesome tips and tools for how to wrap like a pro.

    Sadly, I’m not good enough to plan for the pattern to line up, but it’s a total Christmas-high when it does; to the point that I usually show at least one other person so that my work can be appreciated. :)

  9. YES! I totally said that to my sister the other day while I was wrapping in front of the TV and the paper matched up! It’s extra cool when it’s a stripey-type paper!

  10. I love the Thing 1 and Thing 2 outfits. So cute!
    And I also love when I wrap a gift and it doesn’t turn out mangled, let alone when the pattern matches up.

  11. This happened to me yesterday – made my night! When you buy striped paper it makes it waaay easier to do this on purpose.

  12. Just yesterday, my mom was wrapping the gifts I had bought for some of my family (since I am a horrendous gift-wrapper). I was filling out the gift tags when my mom started to yell OMG OMG LOOK AT THIS! She had lined up the wrapping paper so that the candy canes lined up perfectly. It was a sign of awesome.

  13. I’ve been wrapping gifts for 55 years and that has NEVER happened to me in my life. Thank God I have a wonderful daughter who LOVES to wrap gifts and does a marvelous job of it.

  14. Awesomeness! Gift wrapping with a Flourish makes my day any time !! All should appreciate the efforts invested in gift-wrapping!

  15. Yes!
    Feels like you may have just helped the stars and planets perfectly align for the person you just wrapped the gift for! Awesome!!!

  16. That “UNAWESOME”, “AWESOME” photo comparison is probably the most awesome thing ever. Hilarious.

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