#344 Lazing on the couch after a big holiday feast

After getting stuffed with stuffing and packed with potatoes someone kindly rolls you to the couch and covers you with old blankets and rogue scraps of wrapping paper for your post-holiday meal snooze. Yes, now it’s time to smile sweetly and pop outta your pants before spacing into a turkey high.


Thank you to The Toronto Star for naming The Book of Awesome #1 on their 2010 Bestsellers List.

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21 responses to “#344 Lazing on the couch after a big holiday feast

  1. Laura

    Hello, food coma!

    This year was the first year for my whole family to inadvertently take a post-festivities nap. Even our dog. Since I so poorly planned this nap, and everyone else was sleeping and were thus unable to toss scrap wrapping paper on me for warmth and comfort, I ended up covering up with my dad’s coat that was flung over the back of the couch. Desperate times, desperate measures.

    That’s great about The Book of Awesome! Great, but not surprising. :)

  2. Congrats on being named #1! And, yes, the post meal nap is a thing of beauty.

  3. Ahh, yes, the food coma. Always love this!

  4. The only problem with this for me is, there’s no room for me to lounge and stretch out. We spent Christmas with hubby’s family and everyone but me was on the couch. So I had to sneak downstairs in the basement for a comfy place to sit after stuffing myself.
    Hello nice red recliner in the cool basement with the quiet. Oh, wait…. this chair is broken…. oh well… at least its a place to sit.

    • Laura

      Hey! You’re pregnant — you should have gotten preferential seating!

      On the other hand, sometimes getting away from family (inlaw nap, anyone?) is better than being crammed in with everyone. ;)

  5. Especially when there is snow on the ground and football on the TV.

  6. Oh man, I don’t think I took full advantage of this move during the holiday break. Oh I remember why — my relatives took all of the good furniture! I will have to eat myself into a little food coma next weekend on my own couch.

  7. I have a genuine sore back, disc and arthritis, so I got special treatment this year: Master Bedroom with T.V. and plenty of cold water. Vegging out and hearing chores being done and Nobody asking where I was to help fix, take care of, or remove this and that. Ahhhh!

  8. Food overload + bad weather + bye bye relatives = playing dead on the couch!

  9. After a big holiday feast? I’ve been lazing on my couch for three days!

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  12. wendy

    Delightful discomfort.

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