#343 When the inlaws leave

Now, now.

Don’t get us wrong.

It’s great filling the home with hugs and love and holiday joy. Everyone loves grandpas and grandmas and brand new toys. Yes, family fills living rooms with laughter, basements with board games, and kitchens with kisses.

But let’s be honest — holiday guests come with a bit of holiday stress, too.

Mall hopping and last-minute shopping, wrapping boxes of fancy chocolates, cooking suppers without taking uppers — yes, it adds up to memories and it adds up to fun but we’re saying it’s also okay when the visit is done.

It’s beautiful opening your hearts and your home to the people you love.

And it’s beautiful kissing goodbye and getting your place back, too.


The Book of (Even More) Awesome comes out in Spring, 2011!

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20 thoughts on “#343 When the inlaws leave

  1. Sometimes having house guests make you feel like you’re living the lives of Kirstie Alley and John Larroquette in Madhouse. If there’s a cat that won’t stay dead, it’s time to get outta there.

  2. I love this blog because each day I get a delightful surprise when I open my browser. My father in law just left and my husband and I made love for an hour. We were just so incredibly relieved.

  3. Board games! Yes! They are over-awesome. Thanks for reminding of them.

    Another this that is awesome after the holidays, is coming back home, if you have gone to spend the holidays at your relatives. It’s nice to see them again, catch up and do stuff together, but like you said, it okay to realize when the visit is done.

    Nothing beats that moment, when get back home and open the front door. You’re back! And you have presents!

  4. We have yet to have space big enough to entertain the extended family. We mostly meet up at hubby’s sister’s house and I end up hiding out in the basement. There’s only so much finger-pointing, evil looks, 10 million kids crying at once, and odd small talk I can take.
    “cooking suppers without taking uppers” ….. that cracked me up.

    So excited to hear the second book is coming out soon!! I’ve been waiting to hear when I could be expecting to see it!!

  5. This could NOT be more true! And I read it on the same day I found out my in-laws were leaving the next day. What a wonderful, wonderful party I’m gonna throw myself when they’re gone. :-)

  6. Really? I hate it when my grandparents leave. I hardly ever see them because they live in a different country.

  7. I get this when I leave my family to fly back across the ocean. Sure, I love to visit them, I only see them once a year, and it’s tough to stay goodbye, but the sweet taste of freedom the second I step through airport security is great too! Suddenly, my time is mine again.

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