36 thoughts on “#341 Saying ‘See you next year!’ to everyone on new year’s eve and then laughing hysterically

  1. Always a classic. Always at least a little bit funny.

    New experience? Saying this to a classroom full of kids who had never heard it and — after overcoming the initial confusion — laughed some honest to goodness belly laughs. They’re such a good audience ;)

    1. I found the solution to that problem: say it all goofy-like, letting your audience know that you know it’s corny but you’re saying it anyway. If you’re lucky, they’ll respond with a big, fake guffaw. And then you both giggle at the silliness and all’s right with the world. :)

  2. I remember I’d wait all year for teachers to say that to us! It was funny til 6th grade. Now it’s just mildly annoying. But it was pretty awesome at one point in my life!

  3. This is my favorite part of the new year, forget fancy parties and resolutions. After the 1st you also get to say “I haven’t seen you all year!!” or “I’m starving, I haven’t eaten ALL year.” The possibilities really are endless.

  4. This joke never gets old, only humbugs think so! I say it when I leave work for the last time before New Years Eve – love it. And it’s especially great at a party. The bonus year was 2000, saying “see you next century” or now saying “oh that was in another century”. I love your blog.

  5. Being from a (1/2) Scottish family, the tradition was to have a ‘dark-haired man’ enter the house after the beginning of New Year. So—> I got to use this on Gran and everybody down the line, Every year, then use the other half of ‘whoa, stop with the kisses, you act like you haven’t seen me in a year’ shortly After midnight for a couple of decades. They may not have liked it after a few years, but it cracked me up and I was the ‘Luck’…

  6. My little brother always does something similar to this. The first thing he does in the new year is ask us to ask him when he last showered, to which he responds “LAST YEAR!! HAAAHAHAHA!” :P Kids.

  7. Your book is so “Awesome.” Ha… My wife just bought it for me for christmas. We have started a blog which was inspired, in a way, by this. Come visit it. It is called “Bystanding 1000 befuddlements.” It is 1000 interesting quirks and oddity’s that we find or have seen throughout our lives. Some are really funny to ponder.

    Come visit our blog too.

  8. *Even better when you do see them the very next day for a New Year’s day ski, sleigh ride, tobogganing party and dinner! Magical*

  9. I’m even worse. I left work Wednesday and told everyone I would see them next month. I do that most months. Nobody finds it clever. We do usually end up commenting on how fast the year is going by. I can’t believe it’s November!

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