#338 When the bus driver stops the bus to let you off near your home

Hey, Mr. Bus Driver.

Thanks for shortening our walk, thanks for making things easy, and thanks for breaking all the rules in the name of


Thank you to The Globe and Mail for naming The Book of Awesome #1 on their 2010 Nonfiction Bestseller List.

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25 thoughts on “#338 When the bus driver stops the bus to let you off near your home

  1. This makes me think of riding the school bus when I was little. It would stop at almost everyone else’s house, but all the kids on our street were out of luck because we lived on a dead end street; the bus just breezed by the end of the block and kicked us out there. I never knew the joy of the front-door-drop-off.

    To add insult to injury, we were also the last stop. What a hard knock life. ;)

  2. I’m posting this to FB for a couple of our busdriver friends to see! We feel so lucky when we get a good one.

  3. Out of all the places I lived when I was little, there was only one house where the bus dropped us off right in front. This house was right on the main road and was the only house for about a mile or so. ‘Twas very nice not having to walk miles down a gravel road just to get home. Most of the places I lived the bus would drop us off at the mouth of our road and we walked home.

  4. Back when I was in middle school, I had to walk quite a way down my street to get to my bus stop. I was always worried I wouldn’t make it on time, so I’d leave early, and more often than not I’d be standing in the frigid temperature or pouring rain for 15 minutes plus while I waited for the bus. Now, the bus route was set up so that the school bus went by my house one way early in the morning, then doubled back to pick me up later. Well, one day in December, when it was snowing hard and the wind was blowing, I went out so early that I caught the bus coming by the FIRST time. The bus driver let me on then, and I got a nice, long, heated, relaxing, radio-listening, awesome ride to school.

  5. One time when I was pregnant (about 8 1/2 months along) and coming home with groceries with my two year old I got on the bus in less than perfect weather. The bus driver asked me right then where I lived. I told him and he made sure to drop me off mere feet from my front door instead of 3 blocks away. He made my day!

  6. I recall when I was riding home from work and I called my Auntie Sue to wish her a Happy Birthday. I was quite loud and the bus driver had the all the passengers sing Happy Birthday to her. He was so social and outgoing it was great. Thank you Mr. Bus Driver!

  7. I think it’s even better when you see your bus just about to leave the stop while you’re running to it and the driver waits, and possibly even stops again for you to get on.

  8. Wow,

    in Kitchener the bus drivers are like that, but in Guelph 90% of them are evil. They are rude and half the time, they just skip the stop even if your waiting!

  9. Why thank you!
    I’m one of those bus drivers that will drop someone short, or do a courtesy stop, to get them closer to their destination! ; ) Especially when it’s raining! lol…
    Modesto, CA.

  10. I’ve travel half of my life and i can say bus drivers really varies. Sometimes they would leave you feeling satisfied with your ride while others left you procrastinating.

  11. I grew up in a mid-sized town, and my first job was downtown Edmonton. I was still living at home and I had to bus it to and from work. It was great in the morning because I was the last stop and didn’t have a half hour bus ride; it was shortened to 20 minutes. But on the way home, I got the long ride and I usually fell asleep. My bus driver got to know which stop was mine and he would stop the bus and come and find me, gently wake me up and let me off at my stop. That was awesome!!

  12. The public bus system in my area really sucks, but there was one time when one of the drivers did this. It was close to 10 p.m., and most of the buses in the system were already off for the day. But, one driver decided to do a ‘last call’ at the local mall. Everyone who got on got to be taken as close to their destination as he could safely take the bus. I am a wheelchair user, and I would have had to push myself close to a mile from my closest bus stop to get home. Instead, I only had to push myself about 1/8 of a mile. Totally awesome!

  13. I was trying to find a greyhound station one night, and the directions was to take so and so bus to some random street and work 3 blocks in a random direction, ect ect. I was sooo lost and it was very late and I was going to miss my greyhound. When I mentioned my problem to the bus driver, the driver had EVERYONE giving me their best directions on how not to get lost, except I didn’t know the area and it was too dark to really see. So, he gave up, drove three blocks off route, got out the bus and proceeded to wave and shout instructions until I found the very hard to find door! I swear there was an applause when I waved goodbye! :)

    Despite all the great bus drivers Ive had, he’s one of my absolute favorite!

  14. Heh, my school bus driver does this, but only because our bus route is the whole of the countryside surrounding our town.
    I think people in that profession, however, really don’t get the credit they deserve. They’re so underrated.
    Unfortunately, this same bus driver of ours is retiring tomorrow ;/

  15. I commute almost 4 HOURS A DAY. This happens when a certain shuttle bus driver is behind the wheel. I have been lucky this week; it happened twice! Which is awesome since it’s been -1 billion degrees C this past month.

  16. This happened to me in Kindergarten! My bus usually dropped me off about a mile from my house ( small country road that I had to walk down). However, it had been a farm field trip that day and I had a paper grocery bag filled with gourds and mini pumpkins. The bus driver drove me right to my driveway and managed the most amazing turn around I’ve ever seen.

  17. I came across this yesterday :) I forgot to ring , so the bus didn’t stop. But the bus driver was so kind to drop me right at my street :) At least there are a few bus drivers in belgium who are kind.. Mostly they say to bad for you , and drop you at the next stop!

  18. My School Bus Driver is Awesome But the Kids are always so Mean To her I dont Get it However I am The Last Stop On the Bus. And In The End I always seem to make her smile

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