#332 When dust gets so big you can pick it up with your hand

If you’re as bad at sweeping as I am then this is one of the few moments you get of complete cleaning catharsis.

“Hey dust, you got cocky.”

Also applies to hairballs.


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46 thoughts on “#332 When dust gets so big you can pick it up with your hand

  1. And pet hair tumbleweeds. Those grow exponentially, kinda like the stuff-balls in a game of Katamari Damacy.

    It’s such a satisfying and tangible cleaning achievement. :)

    1. January at our place is like Christmas all over again,
      friends and family… birthday celebrations Galore!
      We do the math and tease “the parents were “twitter-pated” like the bunnies in April”, but not dust bunnies we hope!
      Well, this year I don’t have to wonder what everbody is getting…
      No sillies, not clumps of dust-mites summer-saulting in a fuzz ball…
      Everybody, including ME are receiving the book of, “1000 Awesome Things!”
      “Put a little love in your heart, and the world will be a better place!”
      Listen to this song, it goes hand-in-hand with Awesome!

    2. Great Katamari reference, Laura – good analogy..

      Though I’m nervous about when the ball of dust and my wife’s hair gets so big that it starts rolling around and picking up our furniture.. Yikes!

      1. Uhhh go on vacation for a week with a giant shedding dog at home, with some one just stopping by to feed him and let him outside….furniture can definitely be eaten by giant *katamari* style fur balls

  2. Ha ha! This happens when your vacuum cleaner sucks at sucking too. Eventually, the repetitive walking across the rug causes everything to accumulate into Tribbles on the other side of the rug. Especially when you shed as much as I do!

    1. Or when you have brand new carpet … I have new carpet that sheds like crazy and the vacuum canister fills after like thirty swipes across the floor. If I don’t dump it then, it’s completely ineffective and leaves dustballs in its wake. Shedding carpet is not so awesome, but being able to just swoop up the fuzzballs makes it a little more fun.

      Haha — Tribbles.

      1. OMG, yesterday I was home sick watching the Space channel, and the “Trouble with Tribbles” episode was on. SO AWESOME.

    1. I was reading rdasia and saw ‘awesome’ and I thought I’d just google it out..i’m glad i did it. I’ve gone through some of your posts and they’re cool. it sort off remind u to count your blessings especially in trying times. Lets all of us find 1 awesome thing everyday and when get stuck we can always get some ideas from the bank of awesome wonders in life!!! Keep it up.

      faizah, Malaysia

  3. We can actually rake hairballs at my house… but the hair is impossible to pick up otherwise!
    Just watched your ted talk and came to the site for the first time, it was just what I needed today… I knew just the place to save the link too, in my “blogs” folder, under “awesome”! Thanks for making the search for awesome that much easier!

  4. this reminds me that I haven’t sweeped the floor in a while… hmmm…at least I can look forward to gigantic dustballs ^^

  5. Ha! I recently found out that these things are called dust bunnies! So you can act like they are totally on purpose and you like keeping them as your pet. :)

  6. i live near the airport and dust balls are my friends….so are mice but do i complain…………yes i do…..am i dissatisfied with my life……..no…… ;)
    loved you on TED

    1. But now you know how easy it’ll be.. just pick up a few of the giant hairballs and you’re done..

      With all the time you’ll have saved from dusting, you might be able to wipe the footprints off your windshield? :)

      1. My daughters forehead print is still on the windshield where she bumped her head while we were parked and waiting for her father.
        I really do need to get all the dust bunnies picked up and ‘swept under the rug’ before the little gets here. Don’t need him sucking them up.

    1. I guess if you saw our back yard with 3’of snow you’d say we had a whole lot of dusting to do! If my kids came from school with this lesson I’d be meeting with their teacher. Putting dirty into beauty, how Dare! Our snow did not come from there, our snow is pure white, no dust mites, while we make snow angels, our snow crystals make rainbows!
      If this was true when you ate snow, you’d get fir balls in your throat!
      Be Awesome!

    1. Ha! That line is the main reason I commented today! Better with dog hair though! You can spend an hour chasing around little strands or wait a couple days, and just scoop it right up! Silly cocky dog hair!

  7. Another one bites the dust! I get these dustballs a lot in my apartment…especially in my hallway. It typically contains lint, hair and an occasional potato chip crumble of some sort. Not awesome to eat.

  8. Today I was in the bathroom with the fan on, and one of these dust balls came in under the door and scurried across the floor. Without my glasses, it looked like a ping-pong-ball-sized bug. It literally scared the poop out of me. ;)

      1. Nope. Those have to go on a separate list! And if you start such a list, it will become my personal goal to dominate it ;)

  9. Feels almost as good as that feeling you get when you let the vaccuuming go for a long time and then when you finally do tackle the job, you can hear all the sand and “chunks” rattling and clanging their way up the pipe. NOW the job feels worthwhile. :)

  10. I was just cleaning today and huge balls of dust are an awful lot easier to sweep into the dustpan. Awesome indeed.

  11. Appears it’s finally going to get warm again ! It has been a wild winter in 2010 everywhere in the county. Is seems just as if spring time won’t come subsequently! Looking towards summer time months ahead .

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