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      1. Sorry, Freddo, it has been established in the comments under #332 (dust as big as hand) that ticks shall not be given for comments. It really is in the best interest of us all…

  1. Bedhead baby!
    I love the smell of baby powder, baby lotion….just about anything baby related. In just a few days, I will have all these wonderful smells…. and the bad ones too. Thanks Neil for this post. I’m getting anxious about the arrival of my little one. It could be any time now!!

    1. Yay, Bekah! Good luck in these final days/weeks! We’re thinking of you!

      I remember when you announced your pregnancy here on the board!

      So exciting!

  2. Every dimple, curve and roll…sweet as sweet can be,
    after a bath, ANYTIME…
    even if baby just puked all over me.
    I’m so grateful, blessed to be,
    to a boy and a girl, a.k.a. Grannie Wendy,
    and this is Awesome!!!

    1. dysfunction blogspot:
      I wrote but it wouldn’t receive.
      I tried email, was “denied” response.
      Was a lovely and gifted post you wrote.
      With all your heart and all your soul…
      Keep loving those little ones with every sense of your being, as you do, because as cliche as it sounds, it’s true…like the song goes
      “Turn around and they are young mom’s with babes of their own!”

  3. My Grandmother used to live with our family when I was a child and she would always come up to me after I showered or bathed and sniff my head to smell the awesomeness of a clean boy. I do this today with my girlfriend when she changes after a shower….she’s my “baby”. lol

  4. For some unfathomable reason, someone at work brought in a baby-powder-scented air freshener for the bathroom nearest my desk, so now my desk sometimes smells like poop and chemical-ish baby powder. This post is a refreshing reminder that not all baby powder smells a bit like poop!

  5. Takes me back 14 years! The scent of my baby could bring tears of joy to my eyes. How I remember it well. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Every time BHB returns , there is invariably a call for its being the President. So this time let me do the honors:

    Bed Head Baby for President !!!

  7. That’s funny cuz my godson just finished having a bath. I think babies usually smell good in general cuz they have the ‘New Person Smell’. Like the new car smell ir new shoe smell or new book smell. :3

  8. Neil and the AWESOME COMMUNITY!

    I’m de-lurking to say that all of your AWESOMENESS has been one of the major inspirations for my blog, 1000 Baby Steps, which I just launched today!

    The blog is 1,000 small steps toward a better life for all grown-ups, based on what I learn from my baby daughter over the next 1,000 days!

    I hope you’ll all check it out and let me know what you think.


    p.s. I acknowledge your awesomeness in the About section and launched with the Pilcrow theme as a tribute!

  9. O_O BHB just blew my mind. Again. Thanks so much Neil! I was in need of a pleasant shock. and btw, the post is so true, too.

  10. As a new father again, babies produce the most awesome emittances. The gurgles and coos and smell are positives, the spit up cottage cheese from breast milk or technicolored poo the most awesomely gross things ever. But we still love them!

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