48 thoughts on “#326 Slipping in the tub but catching yourself at the last second

  1. …the feeling afterwards (like ‘pfhew’)!
    Someone once told me the story of him overhearing somebody else actually landing on his butt in the tub… He told me how it sounded, and also the sound of the “AWW!” afterwards, and it still can make me laugh out really loud when I think back on those sounds!
    In fact: you made me think of that sound with your entry today; thanks for making me laugh, that was Awesome!

  2. I can’t recall ever slipping in the tub, but I have actually been thinking about it lately and being extra careful. My daughter has fallen getting out of the tub, but never IN it.
    I can just imagine falling though. Not a pretty sight

    1. I did that once when I was a kid. Ended up ripping the soap dish right off the wall, leaving a huge hole in the drywall. Oops. :P

  3. It is definitely awesome to not fall, and I know this because I’ve done it! I slipped and fell face first in our cast iron (none of that sissy, bouncy fiberglass mess) tub when I was in fourth grade. My two front teeth went all the way through my bottom lip, got knocked loose (they were permanent), and I busted my nose. It was so sad.

    So hallelujah for all those times of slipping but not falling. :)

    1. Wow. That is really brutal. The only injuries i’d ever sustained during a fall in the tub were bruises. That is quite a sad story.

    2. Whoa… if there was ever a case for those little ducky or shell stickers you put on the bottom of the tub so they aren’t slippery (http://img.howcast.com/thumbnails/296314/remove_non_slip_bathtub_stickers_xxlarge.png), that story is it.. Frightening!

      So glad you’re ok, Laura! Hope you don’t have an irrational fear of showering or anything now.. (because I have heard reports of a stinky teacher in the St. Louis area… I mean.. I’m just sayin’…)

      1. Uh oh. I had no idea that word had spread all the way to the west coast … I guess I should overcome my aversion to all things shower-related in an attempt to salvage what little remains of my personal hygiene dignity.


        It wasn’t all bad, though — I had a gap between those teeth that would’ve required braces … but my DIY dental work solved that problem.

  4. OMG…I just had this happen to me this morning as well. I was taking a shower at my girlfriend’s place and apparently she has a bad clog in the drain which makes it more of a bawor (bath/shower). I had to hold myself with one arm to not slip and fall in the tub. Not awesome.

  5. Falling is so much worse when you’re naked and soggy :( It’s embarrassing even when there’s no one around to witness it.

    1. Hahah agreed! I took a bad tumble last year trying to reach around the wall to grab my razor, slipped and smacked my leg on the side of the tub and head off the floor all while ripping down the shower curtain haha.. it is funny to think back on it but not funny at the time!! I was embaressed whenever anyone asked me why I was limping and I had to tell them what happened!

      1. hahah, the old ripping the shower curtain off the rod technique….i am guilty of this too.

    1. I swear – nothing is more of a letdown than being on the west coast and behind so many hours, reading the post headline, immediately rushing to the comments, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling and seeing..


      before I could get to it.. ARGH! You beat me every time jdurley.. if I didn’t like you so darn much you’d be my nemesis! :)

      1. Dude, I gave you until, like, noon-forty. No excuses!
        LOL, but I’m sure glad we’re friends and not nemenies. :)

  6. Last year, for our anniversary, my then-boyfriend rented a cabin. After our romantic jacuzzi together, we decided to rinse off in the separate shower. Turns out, the tub was waxed- he slid while getting out, but didn’t fall. I went to turn off the water, slipped sideways and fell- smashing my head against the sink and my hip against the tub lip. I ended up with a concussion, holding a cold bottle of wine to my aching head all night. I had a goose egg on my head and a purple hip for weeks afterwords. So, yeah, our night would’ve went a little better had I slipped and NOT fallen : )

  7. It’s one of my greatest nightmares, factually…
    falling in my birthday suit, being knocked unconscious…
    EMT’s and everybody coming to the rescue…
    I know how “they talk” and we live in a small rural area!
    Sooooo, when we built our humble abode, we actually painted a sticky surface to the base of an old clawfoot tub and in the shower we used exposed aggragate…
    crossing finger’s and toes, so far so good…no nightmares come true.

  8. *steps onto soap box*

    I’m not even going to bother… (too easy)..

    But I’ve got a legitimate question.. Are there a lot of Karens in the world that visit this blog? I mean, I can go on some rant about blah, blah, blah, civility, blah, blah, blah… but I’m pretty sure that’s preaching to the choir with (what I would assume) is the audience of this blog..

    But has Karen (or others like her) really been waiting in the wings, reading the last 673 posts about appreciating the small things in life, and having a positive outlook on the world, all the while getting more and more angry, and all of a sudden some post about not falling in the bathtub shows up and she can’t take it anymore and blows her top and she needs to start dropping F-bombs?

    I would’ve thought that people like Karen would’ve been attracted to other blogs on the internet – I mean the Internets has no shortage of blogs for angry cynics who are fans of abusive language. I just would’ve expected that those of Karen’s ilk would’ve seen this site, had something snide to say about it to her hipster friends and moved on to wallow around in their own little corner of the internet.

    Why the need to keep coming back to this site and take a big dump in our happy little place?

    Don’t get me wrong – valid criticism (see 1000babysteps below) should be encouraged.. I would imagine Neil is always looking for ways to improve on his writing, posts, blog, etc.. I’m not advocating that every comment needs to be all puppies and unicorns.. but does Karen really think the above is the best way to go about it?

    *steps off of soap box*

    Anyone else want a go?

      1. Freddo — you can step up on your positive soap box whenever you like. I NEVER post comments on any blogs or after news articles, but I had to today! Thank you for championing positive energy. The world has enough negativity, we don’t need people like Karen dumping all over our “happy place.” Very well spoken. And to Karen — whatever is going on in your life that makes you want to lash out at others, I hope it ends soon and you too will be able to appreciate the simple things in life.

        1. Yay, Brie! Thanks for the nice comment..

          You should post on blogs (or at least this one) more often! I promise we won’t bite!! (Well, Karen might…)

          Plus – your name is the same as a really yummy cheese.. and all cheese related things are awesome in my book.. (That’s why I plan on naming my son Roquefort)..

          In summary – post more! :)

  9. I just returned from an ER with my infant grandson… needing some additional passifying from all you “Awesome’s”.
    It was disturbing to see this post is allowed.”new to this world of blogging” are there no censoring filters for this, in this lovely untainted space? there should be!
    Bravo to all of you who stepped up to convictions of Awesome, and to you who see what this individual also needs…
    Whoever you are, Please don’t rain on this parade…
    we’re living our lives like a picnic, having our cake and eating it too… wearing rose coloured glasses, like we were born too…
    letting cups runneth over and claiming victories, as we walk in the light of awesome, come join the “friends and families” or let us be!
    PEACE be with you!

  10. Thank you for showing us how truly wonderful life is. I’ve caught myself so many times in the bath tub – thankfully, nothing happened. Life is so fragile – and it’s a moment like this one that makes us realize how priceless our place in the world is. If you’ve ever felt like your life has no meaning, then think again:
    (my blog about the amazing small ways we touch each other’s lives)

  11. That is awesome.
    Not so awesome… Last month after a very very long day, I went to throw my bath towel over tge glass shower doors. Exhausted and not realizing both doors were on one side, I threw over the towel and the rest of me fell right thru the opening and into the tub. Ouch. That being said, I will accept my victory for “least awesome” and will use my dislocated shoulder as my trophy. :D

  12. Wow. I never considered catching myself before the fall. I’ll have to try that sometime and see how it works out.

  13. I remember when that happened to me, I ended up grabbing the towel holder and it broke. I was yelled at by my mom for that. Nevertheless I am very grateful for everything in my life.

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