#319 Leaving your belt in your pants for tomorrow

Congratulations, Superdresser.

You just saved twenty seconds of pushing that belt through your jeans tomorrow morning while bumbling around late for work.

Also applies to leaving your shoelaces tied up, keeping your undershirt in your hoodie, and sleeping with your watch on.


The Book of (Even More) Awesome will be released on April 28th! Exciting pre-order announcement coming soon.

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35 thoughts on “#319 Leaving your belt in your pants for tomorrow

  1. Heh I do this with everything from leaving my hoodie on when I go to sleep to leaving the car door open (just kidding)

  2. Yay new book!!!! I’m so excited and happy for you!

    My fiance does this all the time, but I think it’s because he’s too lazy to debelt his pants.

  3. I am (even more) excited about the second book!

    As a terrible morning person, I am eager to learn any time-saving tips, since 30 seconds longer spent in bed is always a good thing!

  4. I’ve been sleeping with my watch on ever since I got a watch. I never realized what a time saver it was until now. Thank you Neil, you’ve made me appreciate those few extra seconds of sleep I’ve been taking for granted for the last 18 years.

  5. And you can save even more time by skipping the belt (who has time to deal with buckling it?) and investing in a good strapless bra, so you don’t even have to take off the shirt you slept in.

  6. As a rule I’m always late, so for me everything that saves some seconds in the morning is not just awesome, but also vital. I became an expert in this matter!

  7. Haha sometimes I do even more layers with the hoody, like a vest top and another t-shirt in winter. I love the feeling that comes with going really cold to toasty warm in a second.
    Reminds me of my friend, who used to take her school jumper, shirt and tie off in one move, keep it intact, and then she could just slip it back on after PE whilst we were all struggling.

  8. i do that quite frequently, practically i am on an every time basis. i do, however, hate when i do the laundry and forget to take the belt out.

  9. Hahhaa how in the world have I never done this?! Anyways, CANNOT WAIT for the Book of Even More Awesome. The original Book is sitting on my dresser, waiting to help me through another night after a long hard day. :)

  10. Oh dear GOD.
    The Book of Even More Awesome is being released two days before my birthday.
    I think I know what I want.

  11. I particularly like the picture with the jeans that look like they were just dropped to the ground straight from the body, and stepped out of.. I do this sometimes, where I can then just step back into the leg holes, and pull up my jeans and I’m good to go!

    (Note: The trick above surely doesn’t work for those who are fans of “skinny jeans”.. but I can assure you, my jeans are most assuredly not “skinny”.. most of them are pretty beaten up, and have no shape or form of their own.. with some of the older pairs, I fear that the molecular bonds that hold the jeans together are ready to give way, and the jeans themselves are just going to vanish into the ether..)

    1. Have you ever visited the fire station Freddo? They have, like, whole outfits staged so they can just jump in, boots and all. We could all learn from the firefighters.

  12. Yes it’s awesome for my son and indirectly awesome for me as I don’t have to search for him.

    Neil, ’cause of your posts, we were able to know the person behind this blog;)

  13. I haven’t untied my shoes in at least a month. My shoes are really loose, so they are pretty much slip-ons for me. The times when this works best when I’m in a rush. 10 seconds can make the difference between making and missing the bus!

  14. I haven’t untied my shoes in at least a month. My shoes are really loose, so they are pretty much slip-ons for me. The times when this works best when I’m in a rush. 10 seconds can make the difference between making and missing the bus.

  15. Never untie my shoes and always take off two shirts together. I love the game of Can-I-get-my-arm-in-both-sleeves-at-once-without-twisting-or-messing-it-up!
    Congrats to you on the new book and YIPPEE for me for the opportunity to get/give another AWESOME book!

    1. I DO THAT TOO! The two shirts thing, that is. Sure, you miss a cami strap here and there or maybe you end up with your head working its way toward the sleeve, but think of the time that’s saved! ;D

  16. I used to sleep in my watch until the day I woke up with an imprint of the band on my cheek that failed to dissipate until mid-day. Now I just cut my losses and put it on every morning. The shirt-in-hoodie thing is so my style, though.


    I can’t even express my excitement! I mean, I guess I just did, but it wasn’t close to being enthusiastic enough. WOOHOO!

  17. i do that to because it safe you al lot of time in the morgning. and also because sometime i come home late and then your to tired to put the belt out of my pants.

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