#317 When you can hear it snowing

Just listen.

When the white sky splits and the big flakes fall there’s a certain peaceful calm that covers everything like a blanket. Floating flurries flutter and fly past dull yellow streetlamps before covering coats and cars in a thin layer of icing. Whistling winds fade to whispers and street beeps get muffled into the slowed-down scene in front of you.

Yes, when snowflakes blow those brake lights glow and everything slows into


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51 thoughts on “#317 When you can hear it snowing

  1. This is my first time commenting and I may just be first! (awesome!)
    I’m sitting at my desk right now filling out university applications (wish me luck) and it’s snowing outside! Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of that peace that comes with falling snow – absolutely breathtaking!
    PS: love this blog! I spent about 6 hours going through old ones yesterday. (you may think I’m joking, but I’m not..) haha

    1. Good luck! :)

      By the way … that’s totally normal to go through and read the old ones. Gotta read them all — they’re too awesome to miss!

  2. I’ve never heard this. I was born in Canberra, grew up in Sydney, Australia. No snow here. Didn’t first see it except for one day a couple of years ago.

    I remember watching the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with my mother, who was born and raised in Britain. In the first scene where Lucy stumbles across Narnia, and the scene with Edmund finding it as well, she said, “That’s what snow is like. It muffles everything. And you could truly get some beautiful scenes like that.”

    I wish I’d seen that beauty for myself.

    1. I’m right there with you, Dusty.

      I’ve lived in Armidale, NSW for my entire life. It is freezing cold in winter, but also very wet, so we usually get a little bit of sleet that never settles.

      “Hearing it snow” certainly SEEMS awesome, but I’ve never experienced it. :(

      Maybe one day…

  3. Seeing my dog Lucy dance and spin in the ice this morning for the first time was truely…Awesome!

  4. I usually love your posts, and if we had 1 or 2 snowstorms, I might agree….but when you have had a blizzard every week since the day after Christmas, and the street signs are covered because there is no where else to put it…you start to scream @ the weather man(woman) if there mouth even starts to form the word “snow”…so no…not digging the sound or sight of snow this winter… don’t like any word that sounds like, rhymes with or means snow…oh except NO! As is NO snow…

  5. I am a Canadian living in Paris, France. Signing in to my Facebook this morning and seeing that all my friends were celebrating a snow day, and then reading this blog… it makes me feel somehow still connected to my home. Awesome.

  6. Can’t relate. No snow in Sydney. It was 35 degrees celsius today.

    In fact, it was so hot that an eerie silence overcame my backyard. Not a bird sang for hours. Just distant cicadas and the hot wind in the eucalyptus trees. I dream of snow in February.

    1. Awesome post Neil:) Reminds me of the beautiful snow scene in “Edward Scissor Hands” and Narnia.
      Got to strong and love Canada’s 4 seasons Extremes!
      Amy. Although that sounds scorching and eirie, you make it sound poetic. I’ve only heard the cicadas over the inet, beautiful.
      I ahve a friend in NS Wales…maybe you know her?!* hahaha

  7. I’m sure you northerners will be hearing that a lot lately, I say as I sit in Florida where it is now 65 degrees outside and rising. BUA-HA-HA!

  8. thank you for this. i live in boston and we’ve just been getting walloped this winter, as we are again today. i appreciate the reminder of how Lovely snow is. because, looking out the window, i’m just like aw.

  9. I used to love just standing in the snow and having it be so quiet you can hear it fall.

    But three feet later, I’m kind of over it, but it’s still pretty awesome!

  10. We’ve only gotten 3 inches of the projected 12 inches for last night, but I could still hear it when I was up in the wee hours feeding the baby.
    Beautiful post, lovely coincidence.

  11. Hey, what happened to the little smiley face in the top right hand corner of the website!? It’s gone. :(

  12. It’s 72 and humid and about to rain. There’s a #412 leading up to a #937 (but on a lukewarm sidewalk) all up in here! I’ll take that over a chilly February any time :)

      1. I definitely pulled a #768 last week. I actually had my own umbrella but it was one of those little ones that was no match for the monsoon that was happening. I snuck under my friend’s golf umbrella, but I soon realized that was also a lost cause because the water in the street was shin-high and the rain was going sideways, so I pulled a #364 because my socks were already wet and I needed some #954 to balance it out :)

  13. There is plenty of that white beauty outside in the Midwest right now. I’m so glad that I can see it out the winter. This is my first visit to your site, but I plan to be back.

  14. I live in South-East Texas & it’s supposed to snow Thursday night & Friday! EHHHH!!! I’m so excited (if you can’t tell, haha). If it does, it will be my first time seeing snow (I’m 18). It would not be a lot, but still to a Texan snow is snow. Right now it’s 29 degrees & dropping. Here’s hopping the weather-man is right.
    I’m sure up in the northern part of the states, it’s not a cause for celebration. 0O. Please be careful up there! But enjoy the snow for everyone who is DYING to see some. Make a snow angel for me okay? =)

  15. Also very awesome: when you can SMELL that the snow is on its way. Shortly before it snows, there is a special snow-smell in the air… Totally awesome!

    1. i LOVE the smell of snow in the air. With our storms last week it was so wonderfully intense you could FEEL the fronts change as the storm blew in and then the smell came before the snow actually started.

      Yay for experiencing snow with ALL the senses!

  16. “There’s a kind of hush…” it awakens us from the deepest of sleeps…
    snow birds fly low, hawks line the wires and this we know, it will likely snow for hours upon hours; inches upon inches.
    Accumulation to date about 5′ in our yard and the personal skating rinks is holding up very well also!
    Good wishes from snow angels, everyone!

  17. Agreed, but like another commenter stated: Once you have to drive in the snowfall, the awesomeness goes away real fast. Great entry. Good luck to all of you in the Midwest who are getting hit with the blizzard.

  18. My absolute favorite thing is the sky glows orange in the city when it snows from all the street lights. I completely adore it.

  19. I came to know about you through a post a friend of mine had shared about the 3 A’s earlier today. It was very positive and an eye opener. So here i am going through your posts – one day at a time ( okay won’t lie i read four already). A cold wintry day with such wonderful reads to go through – simply Awesome!! Keep ’em coming:)

  20. This winter is great for hearing snow. I live on a major road though, so I have to be up really late to actually hear the snow. It’s worth it though, because it is even more still and calm at 1:30 in the morning. The best part is whenyou hear the occasional car pass by in slow motion. No snow today though, just freezing rain and 7 hour power outages. :(

  21. =) haha I love this one. It’s true. I’ve always loved snowy days (I blame it on my birthday being in December) and people think I’m crazy for it.

    I watched your Tedx Toronto talk the other day. Very inspiring. I loved it. It’s one of my favorite videos. =)

  22. A great post, though I’ve never had the opportunity to experience it due to the fact that it doesn’t snow where I live in Australia. I guess this is similar to listening to the rain, which just happened last night after a particularly hot day. Awesome!

  23. So many of these replies make me think that another awesome thing would be experiencing a holiday with weather different to that which we are accustomed. Like, I’ve never had xmas in warm weather, as in Australia. Now that would be awesome!

  24. My favorite is when you wake up in the morning, and you can tell that it has snowed overnight…A LOT. The world is so peaceful and bright that you race to the window just to be sure! And then it dawns on you that you have to dig your car out, but alas, it is a wonderful feeling!

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