#310 Laughing in bed

Flip the switch.

After touch-feeling your way past the bed frame and slow-peeling your way under the sheets you blindly slip and shiver into the cool and cozy comfort of your beautifully dented bed.

And whether you’re giggling in the bunks with your brother, whispering in sleeping bags at a slumber party, or just lazing around on a sleepy Sunday morning with your wrinkly sweetheart of fifty years… well isn’t it a beautiful moment when you’re suddenly smiling in pitch blackness and laughing in a pajama-clad moment of intimacy.

Laughs in bed are a little bonus at the end of a long day.


There will be an announcement on 1000 Awesome Things this Monday.

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43 thoughts on “#310 Laughing in bed

  1. Those are some of the best laughs.
    Loved it when I was little and friends would stay over and we would stay up too late and get the giggles. Still love a good giggle at night when my sister is in town.
    Thanks for this post! I love it when I am teaching and an awesome thing pops in my mind and makes me smile.

    1. Ditto. I thought this was a particularly good one.. :)

      Sometimes I have to sleep solo, because my wife had to take call shifts at the hospital – like last night.. :(

      And on those nights, I wonder how I ever used to sleep alone.. having my best friend to chat with in the dark at the end of a long day is such an important part of my day.. we talk about our days, laugh, tell stories.. inevitably, one of us has to use the “leg thermostat” outside of the blankets, etc.. When I don’t get to have those moments, it’s like part of my day was incomplete.

      All the more reason to appreciate the other nights, and sharing these night-time laughs..


      1. Freddo, I just have to say, your comments here about your wife are very loving, tender and heart warming.
        On such a beautiful topic, my mind went Gary Larson, Far Side…it does that sometimes. I have survived several accidents.
        My husband told me to delete my not so “proper” remark below… so please consider it done and accept my apology?!*

        1. Wendy – just saw your comment here. Not to worry – no apology necessary at all! I was being a bit of a smart aleck.. :)

          And you’re right – my wife is the best.. I am the luckiest guy in the world.. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, this is my favorite, and ironically, I saw this right before I was about to go to bed. I will make sure to laugh when I get to bed just for the 1000 website, haha. =)

  3. This is amazing! My Brother and I shared a bunk bed when we would go to the cottage. The first two or three hours were just uncontrollable laughter. I thought it was something I would lose as I grew, but my adult self peals into fits of laughter with Boyfriend now, and it warms me down to my toes.
    Great post!

  4. Did you guys ever play that game where everyone lays down in a circle with your head resting on the stomach of the person next to you to form a giggle circle? One person inevitably starts to giggle which bounces the head of the person on their stomach which causes them to laugh too and it’s a never-ending circle of laughter.

  5. I’m hyper-sensitive, my 6th sense is my nose, and I’m certain I smell love, love, love, in the air???!!!
    My nose is a little out of joint re: generalization about wrinkled skin women. This is not like you! Or is it? I mean you do think some very groase things are awesome…like blowing your snotty nose in the shower!
    For the record, my Russian, Cree Grannie had no wrinkles at nearly 70. My 80 year old mother- still no wrinkles. I just turned 50, I’m not wrinkly either…and no, my nose did not just grow! So There!!!
    TRUTHFULLY, LOVE this De-lightful Experience of laughing in bed… and can hardly wait for monday’s announcement:)

  6. Hullo there! : D I just wanted to say that this blog is awesome enough to be one of the awesome things in itself. c: I recently acquired the book from my library and it got me through a nasty cold – I was laughing so hard at some points that I could barely breathe, though.

    Keep up the good work, please! C: The world needs more AWESOME people like you!

  7. Even though I am single now, I have some great memories of laughing in bed with a special someone. Those are some of the best moments that bring a couple together. I look forward to laughing in bed again with a special man in the future – that will be on my list of awesome things!

  8. Don’t you love it, even when alone in bed, when you remember something funny and you crack up laughing? Sometimes I wake up laughing at my dreams…awesome :))

    1. When i get into bed I think of all the things that happened that day… and then i am the sort of person who will remember a joke from that day and just start giggling hysterically and banging on the wall cos it was so damn funny :)
      laughing in bed is truly the best medicine

  9. Good times!

    When friends or cousins sleep over, we always end up laughing hysterically in bed- recalling those funny moments that happened earlier in the day.

    And I bury my face in the pillow to stop myself from laughing so hard:))

  10. Hubby says that I laugh in my sleep. I often wake up wishing I could remember what was so funny. He likes laughter way better than when I do martial arts in my sleep.

    This post also makes me think of the John Denver song, “Grandma’s Feather Bed” that we used to sing at school.

  11. The night after this went up, Boyfriend (TM) and I spent about 15 minutes snuggling and giggling about various Victor Borge sketches we remembered.


    If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll have something to laugh about in bed tonight. If you’ve already seen it, think of Victor saying, “I nine’d an elevenderloin with my five-k.” Smiling yet? :)

  12. Sometimes when we’re in bed I’ll think of something funny and I’ll laugh. My boyfriend is deaf so he’ll feel me laughing, and he’ll start laughing, too… and then he says “What’s so funny?” but even if I answered him it wouldn’t matter because he couldn’t see my reply, and we laugh even more.

  13. Sometimes when my husband and I are enjoying pillow talk at the end of a long day, one of us will start falling asleep in the middle of the conversation. The other can tell, as the half asleep person’s responses get weirder and weirder! At which point we both end up laughing our head s off!

  14. I found myself laughing and singing in my sleep for about 3-5 seconds. I also find myself being able to control some of my dreams.

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