37 thoughts on “#307 The Sniff Test

  1. Yeah, usually if something smells bad I’m just gonna throw it out.

    …I’m gonna be a terrible father…

    But being in college, I’ve become an expert at the smell test. From the crumpled jeans strewn about underneath my desk to the leftover pasta lurking in the back of my mini fridge, the smell test saves both time and bowels.

  2. Whenever I don’t have anything to wear, I usually do the sniff test with stuff in my hamper. It’s always awesome when you find a suitable entry for your daily attire.

  3. The sniff test: useful in so many situations. Best to keep a slight distance at first, lest you get an extremely unpleasant surprise. No one wants a nose full of expired dairy. Or baby poop.

    1. Don’t get me started on expired dairy.. *shudder*.. The idea of ever smelling or tasting soured milk is one of my great fears..

      As a result, this leads to a great debate in my household, where I always want to throw out the milk when it gets to within a day of the expiration date. My wife insists that it’s fine (btw: she’s a definite fan of your “keeping a distance” when smelling.. she usually holds it far away from her face and uses her hand to waft the odor towards her nose – must be all the time she’s spent in labs all her life), but I’m not willing to chance it..

      So, here’s my thinking.. we buy a gallon of skim milk per week for $2.49. If I always throw out the bottom 10% of the jug because I’m scared it’s going to go bad, that means that over the course of the year, I’ll have to buy 5.2 add’l gallons of milk over the course of the entire year. That’ll cost me $13. If someone came to me at the beginning of the year and said: Pay me $13 and I guarantee you’ll never have to taste or smell sour milk, otherwise, you’ll be chancing it.. I tell ya – that’d be the best $13 insurance policy I’d ever bought!

      So, long story short – Freddo is NOT a fan of expired dairy.

      1. The science-lab wafting method is a perfect way to smell questionable milk. It only takes one time of sticking your nose right there at the opening and taking a big ol’ whiff to come up with a different technique.

        Way to crunch those numbers, Freddo! A year-long insurance plan against smelling / tasting bad milk for $13 is a price that just can’t be beat!

  4. I have a neurological disorder called NF, and one of the things it does to me is HYPER sensitivity to smells, taste, sound and touch. I can smell how bad the garbage is from a room away. I could hear and smell a moth fart. It makes for bad smell tests. I rarely keep milk past the sell by date because I can smell and taste how bad it is. It makes me and my fiance nuts! He tells me to snort vinegar.

    1. Oh my gosh, I don’t have that, but I have High Functioning Autism…..and one of the side effects is either hypersensitivity or under sensitivity to the senses. And my sense of smell is one of the things that is hyper, like if I smell fish, I get literally sick. I get headaches, dizzy, naseau, stomach aches, and more when I smell anything terribly gross, so I feel your pain.

      1. Oh man, that sucks. Mine isn’t that extreme unless the smell is *really* bad. But I’ve woken up to bad smells and it sticks with me in a feeling of yuckiness for a few hours. x.x

  5. Ah, the good old sniff test! Also works for sweatshirts and tees that you just don’t wanna wash until you *really* have to.

  6. bahaha, this made my day! <) Dont know why, but its simple describing of something I havent realised was so awesome made me smile. Havent commented for ages but just wanted to say, Keep up the good work! I love every day's post :D

  7. When you watch someone prepare a plate of raw oysters on ice, they actually do this.. they pry open the oyster, give it a quick sniff, and put it down on the plate.

    Sniff Test in action!

    1. Well I sure hope I never have to work as an oyster-shucker then! I would hate to have to sniff oysters all day…and the thought of getting a bad one sounds more frightening than the prospect of sniffing expired milk. Blech. Once, a giant barnacle in my tank died and it fouled up the whole thing, so I had to clean it out. I was gagging the entire time. There’s nothing like the stank of dead marine life :(

  8. This is the best one for a long time! My mom always makes fun of me for putting my nose into everything from Pepsi Max to bread. :D But I would never eat anything that has past the expiration day, no matter what it smells or looks like!

  9. Despite the smell of baby poop, it’s a pleasure to change my nephews nappy, while he giggles and plays with my keys! :) x

  10. . loll , this is funnyy , idont not and will not sniff anything thats old. But dont get me WRONG i do sniff my food.

  11. I ALWAYS sniff the milk before I use it. Even if I just bought it, I will give a good sniff as soon as I twist off the top. I have a small fear of drinking spoiled milk or pouring it over my cereal… its just so gross.

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