38 thoughts on “#305 When little kids hit the age where they just start saying hi to everyone

  1. I had this happen most recently TODAY! I was at a food court, surrounded in every direction by cute little munchkins…with their parents trying to get food in their little mouths. One two-year-old made eye contact with me and said, “Hi”. When I said, “Hi” back, he grinned with glee and proceeded to say “hi” ten times in a row, grinning from ear to ear. He even ignored his mom trying to feed him a fry!

  2. With stars in their eyes, a sing in their “HI”, full of innocence and glee, so thrilled to make connect, grows faith in the belief, still good things will come to be and this makes me feel shiney.
    Yes, these people are the greatest, they are our future, Truly Awesome.

  3. My niece was at that stage last sept. It was hilerious! She would have to completly free her other hand so she could wave while she said it, and would get sooo frustrated if it took to long. And if the person didn’t respond or hear her, well obviously it just meant she had to scream it on tiptoes, while waving like crazy :)

  4. My son told everyone he met on the street that he had no diaper on “I’m wearing undies now!!” and smiling from ear to ear! So cute, and awesome indeed! <3 the post!

  5. I love this! The past few times I was at the library little kids kept smiling at me and trying to give me their books and dvds. And their parents were around, so I had no idea what to do! I just would wave and say hi and say that looks like a good pick. I love little kids, they’re just so smiley and giggly.

  6. Oh, what an adorable post. I volunteer as an assistant swim teacher for young kids, and some of them are at this stage. They are the cutest things on Earth, I swear.

  7. Yes! This happened to me at the grocery store a couple of days ago. This little cherub of a girl was trotting forward and gave me a big wave and HI then passed me up for her mom. But it wasn’t her mom. She was seeing how far she could get and how many people she could connect. She went from the deli to the bakery like a marathon runner and I started to worry that she would get lost but her mom finally came sprinting after her. Wide open spaces like the grocery, the airport and the mall seem to inspire these new walk/runners. I love waving back at kids and when they start by saying Hi it’s so cute!

  8. My son is 5, and he still gets this way. Only now it’s more specific. “Hi, Gwampa man!” (to old men, who LOVE it). “Hi, Hat Man!” “Hi, Lady wif a wed jacket!” “Hi, look like Auntie Tessa lady!”.

  9. I was at the doctor’s office and a little boy proceeded to wave and say hi to me every couple minutes. On the way out, he gave me a high five. So awesome.

  10. I have 2 year old twin boys who are both in this stage now, and it cracks me up! Anytime we’re at the store, they BOTH have to say hi and wave to everyone. I feel like I’m chauffeuring around tiny celebrities. :P

  11. Ha! I used to avoid taking my son to the grocery on “old folks day” (when seniors get a discount) because he’d say hi to each one of them and each person would then tell me how darling, how beautiful (he was apparently “pretty enough to be a girl” -?!) and how I should cherish every moment. I just wanted to use those very few moments when he was cheerful to get my dang grocery shopping done!

  12. I love this! It’s so cute. When I was little, I’d say hi to the cashier, and the cashier would ask “how old is she?” My dad would tell them, and I’d say “No! I’m four and a half and three quarters!”

  13. My little host brother (I’m an exchange student in France) just started saying Bonjour to everyone! He’s adorable!!!

    Thank you for continuing to be one of the best parts of my day, always!!!

    P.S. Today (February 18th) is my birthday!

  14. This is my niece! There’s a story her mom tells, that once they went out to lunch with some of her friends, if Sammy, my niece, was moved into someone else’s lap she had to say hi to everyone all over again. She also has been known to say hi to inanimate objects, such as lamps and cars.

    A story from my personal experience, just last week I was stopped at a traffic light and a car pulled up next to me. The little girl in the car looked over at me and got the biggest smile on her face and just started waving frantically at me. I smiled back and waved back frantically. This continued until the light turned green, but she was soooo happy! Her enthusiasm made me think that I knew her at first, but I couldn’t place her.

  15. I work in at a hotel in the children’s area. It still freaks out my serious business coworkers when kids come and the whole Hi conversation happens. Those little things are what make my day amazing and their day odd.

  16. I remember being like this as a child, and my mom recently told me a story of how I’d stand at the window and say hello to the neighbor and ask him his name every time he’d pull into the driveway.

    I wish I had an ounce of that confidence and ability to be so outgoing now at 25!

  17. My nephew is at this stage and all he freakin does is say “bye” to everyone and hides EVERYWHERE.

    I peronsally think it’s an awesome thing.

  18. When I was a little girl and I went visit my grandparents, who lived around the corner from the rails, my aunt would take me to “wave bye to the train”. So when the train passed, I’d wave my hand and repeat “bye, train!” until it was gone. Now, if someone in the train would wave back – That was just AWESOME.

    So whenever I’m on a vehicle today and I see a kid waving, I wave back. :)

  19. This one reminds me of my neighbours, they have two children and they are really outgoing. they tell everything to everyone, the more people, the better. Just the other day, the little boy told me that he was going to dress up as a clown for carnival, and his little sister as a princess ofcourse. When those to children smile or wave at you, you can do nothing but smile back and wave at them.

  20. I have a gorgeous little man, George who is 22 months, and his favourite word at the moment is Harowwwww and Byeeeeeeeeeeee – he too says it over and over again and frantically waves at everyone he passes ! It is very endearing and most people feel the same when he does it, and even resorts to almost tears of laughter as it goes on about 10 times over ! Every person he sees with curly hair and glasses, he seems to think is his favourite Nanny……….and calls out ‘Nanneeeee’ – just totally adorable :-)

  21. Today, I was stuck in traffic behind a small bus. Kids where just waiving at me, they made my day! It was AWESOME!!!!

  22. haha this happened to me today! :D

    While waiting for the cashier to call my number so I can pick up my food, a little girl with a bright, big grin on her face walked up to me and shouted “Hi!”. This kinda shocked me since I was a bit depressed and her mother laughed. The friendly innocence of that little girl turned a sour attitude into a good one that slowly got better and better as the rest of the day progressed ^_^

    Kids are awesome!

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