#299 Finally pulling out an ingrown hair

Pull, pull, twist. Pull, pull, squeeze. Pull, pull, yank. Pull, pull, tweeze.



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30 responses to “#299 Finally pulling out an ingrown hair

  1. carla

    This is really amazing. goodbye to ingrown hair!

  2. A. Nonny Muss

    Also awesome: finally getting that annoying little splinter out of your hand. Ahhhh!

    • Laura

      I pulled out a splinter this morning! The worst part was that it was on my right hand and my left-handed-tweezer-skills are not so great.

      • Lara

        I find it easier to use a (sanitized!) sewing needle to stretch the skin around the splinter a little and then stick the base, or as close to it, of the splinter with the needle to guide it out. If the splinter is really shallow, you can just insert the needle above it and flick the needle upward to make a little tear in the skin and fish out the splinter that way. Works for both hands ;)

  3. idonthaveaname

    This blog is so hairy.

  4. wendywithaurora

    Forgot to mention the “OUCH!” factor and the streaming snot and tears that tend to go hand in hand… especially from particular body parts!
    However short and sweet, it truly is awesome.

  5. I love that I’m not the only person who finds this disgusting activity totally satisfying!

  6. Lara

    Even better- when it gets the nasty whitehead on top and you pop it and the ingrown hair comes out on it’s own with the pus. Yeahhhhhhhh so satisfying. A two-for-one!

    P.S. Oh god we’re down to the 200’s now! The end is near :(

  7. I remember the first time I did this when I was younger, and found it so fascinating.. All that you could see before tweezing was this tiny little hair and raised red bump.. but when it was tweezed out, the hair was so much longer! Totally freaky, but also super satisfying.

  8. Jazzy

    Totally gross but completely awesome.

  9. Shelley Little

    Nothing better than sitting in a well lit spot, needle in hand and DIGGING up a curly that has been cultivating for months. The more blood, the sweeter the victory.

  10. OMG I had one the other day and it was such a great feeling when it FINALLY came out! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Haha, lol, omg, awesome. I like you, man. I must recommend to my friends.

  12. Joshua


  13. SPROINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!! Ahahahahahaha :D AWESOME ! :D I can hear the sproinnnnng now :D

    Found this site GREAT, found the TED conversation GREAT, but this one is REALLY AWESOME! AWESOMEEE!

  15. Ron

    Last night I was finally able to pull a ingrown hair on my neck that’s been festering for 2 weeks.

    When it came out. Talk about a full body orgasm.

  16. William

    Just pulled a 2″ coiled ingrown hair out of my neck. Ingrown hairs are occasionally a problem, but never like this. It was one of those deals where you have to fish around with a pair of tweezers trying to find the ingrown hair just to pull it out.. and no luck. So a week goes by and finally I’m able to find this hair and pull it out with a set of tweezers. It was like I was pulling out stitches from a wound, it was bizarre and never before has this happened. I was relieved to say the least at finally removing the hair.

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