#293 Rubbing your eyes at the end of a long day

Our world can be a filthy place.

Car fumes, cigarette smoke, and pet hair fill our air while our eyes suit up to sit on the front lines every day. This Dust War rages and rages and our eyes don’t get much protection in the trenches. On top of that, we don’t always treat them well either — staring into screens, straining in the dark, and staying up too late working on homewark.

Sometimes it’s nice to show your eyes you care. Sometimes it’s nice to show your eyes you’re there. Yes, sometimes it’s nice to frantically rub them like a wild animal until you get that sweet and soothing sense of eyeball relief.

Closing your eyes and giving them a good rub is a good way to say thanks. Closing your eyes and giving them a good rub is a good way to say


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49 thoughts on “#293 Rubbing your eyes at the end of a long day

    1. Me too… Feels good after a long day of studying. Coffee keeps the eyes open in the morning; rubbing helps them relax at night!

        1. Bekah! We know you’re busy training your new baby to make footprints on the windshield, but come back and let us know how you are!

          1. Small update and a short story about my hospital adventure is post on my blog now. I will post pics tomorrow…or later today.
            I’m doing great though. First day back to work and I’m very busy……..and very sleepy. Baby is fine and growing-he’s almost 12 pounds. My daughter had been such a great help and hubby is slowly adjusting, but is doing great.

            1. thats fantastic news bekah!
              its great to hear from you again & so glad everything is going well with zach :)

  1. Heading out to work my graveyard shift, one of two every week.
    Going to be rubbing those eyes come morning!

  2. After a long day away from the mountain fresh air, into town shops and city filled pollutants, (People Please cut back on the cigarettes, perfume and shaving lotions, there are people trying to breathe out here, there and everywhere…I’m just saying… it’s a primal need!!!)
    Well, this is serendipitous… right smack-dab in the middle of a good eye toxin removal rubbing, while trying to catch up, at the end of a long day on “homewArk”…perfect timing for #293!
    Somebody else maybe doing too much “homewArk?”

    1. “People Please cut back on the cigarettes, perfume and shaving lotions, there are people trying to breathe out here…”‘

      YES, please!

  3. Healthy food recipes, food press, on word press…sound delicious, look scrumptious, it’s good to be balanced like Eric Carles, “Very Hungry Caterpillar,” so we can all grow big beautiful healthy wings and spread awesome news universe wide!

  4. I have contacts, and we aren’t supposed to do that….lets say that this is one of those little rules that are still AWESOME to break….unless it gets caught in your eyelid, that’s no fun.

  5. How ironic — I’m taking a break from my late-night homework binge to read 1000 Awesome Things . . . Quarter past midnight and much much more to do.

  6. Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lately I have been rubbing my eyes a lot. I had an eye appt and the doc said that I didn’t NEED glasses, that my vision was perfect, but not wearing my glasses makes me have a headache by the end of the day. I’m rubbing my eyes and my forehead- digging my fists deep into my sockets.

    1. Hey, Bekah! We’ve been missing you! Hope all is going well. You know, besides the headaches… Maybe you are just needing some more sleeeeeep? Give us an update!

  7. It’s awesome while you’re doing it, but it always leaves me with itchy, runny eyes and sniffles. Boo for allergies.

  8. I’m one of those students who regularly stays up late finishing “homewark” (that’s what all the cool kids call it now) and abusing my eyes. Often times my eyes act like a fuse to let me know when it’s time to turn in. When they feel like they’re going to dry out and shrivel up like prunes, I give up and tell myself I’ll finish in the morning. Unless it’s something really important, in which case I give them a quick rub then plough on.
    Sorry, eyes! It’ll all be over in May…

  9. Rubbing your eyes does feel awesome! Except it’s really not good for you, so I try to resist as much as possible. A little tip for the weary: when your eyes feel tired and those muscles around them are all tense, scrunch them up as tight as possible for 5-7 seconds and then let them go. You will feel those muscles give way and relax.

    1. Oh, I do that with my tired eyes during allergy season or when my hands are dirty and don’t want to touch my eyes. It works and feels great. :)

  10. After I had laser eye surgery, I was not allowed to even THINK about touching my eyes for what seemed like forever afterwards while the “flaps” were healing back up. It was HARD. I was so paranoid that I would rub my eyes in my sleep, that I taped eye protectors to to my face every night for a month! (Yes, it WAS sexy, thanks for asking.) It was a long time before I could give my eyes a good rub without fear, and I assure you that it’s now AWESOME!

    1. Wow – those eye protectors sound pretty awesome! Did you tape those on before or after you put in your retainer for the night? ;)

        1. I used to wear a nightguard…so gross to wake up on a soggy pillow with a dry mouth in the morning! I still have to wear it sometimes when I’m under a lot of stress.

          1. My dental hygenist says it’s the price to pay for being unmedicated – you take it out on your teeth at night.

        2. ALSO sexy … intensely rubbing your eyes while wearing eye makeup. I heard that raccoon look was coming into style … right? ;)

  11. Was just going through your article in RD..very indigenous..nice to stop and ponder at some of life’s most pleasing moments that we perhaps so easily ignore..’awesome’ work!..lets rub eyes for now.:-)

  12. Not even kidding, when I came to your website today, I was rubbing one of my eyes upon seeing today’s post! How cool!

    What a great feeling too! My fingers are really cold, so it feels extra awesome today – I even moved into forehead territory to go the extra mile for my senses :)

    Love your blog!

  13. The eye rubbing serendipities, ironies and astonishing timing’s are aka
    the collective consciousness and butterfly effect across the universe, interplanetary cosmic energies unities formed by Neil Pasricha, AKA, his Sir Awesomeness:)

  14. Mmm…tired, irrated eyes. I’m not loving it. Try cupping your hands over your eyes and breathing in and out. Let the energy in your hands heat up. That totally relaxes your eyes without all that itchy, rubbing. :P

    1. Not for tired eyes, but itchy ones: I like to dampen a paper towel with cold water and gently press that to my eyes. It feels good and also helps to remove pollen, dust and other grit from my skin and eyelashes.

  15. neil, you spelled “homework” wrong. :P

    you know what is especially awesome about this? realizing that you have no eye makeup on being free to rub, rub, rub all you want! because when you have makeup on, it just makes a huge mess.

  16. Rubbing eyes minus eye makeup and contacts feels SO good.

    I’ll rub my eyes with or without, but I will say that a contact getting wedged in my eyelid or black smears all over my face are decidedly a couple un-awesome side effects.

    I’m sure it’s completely not good for my eyes, but I even like rubbing them until I see colors.

    1. I always forget I have makeup on when I rub my eyes. I look so funny with big black smears and streaks all over my face and around my eyes, but no one will tell me. I have to wait until I accidently look in a mirror and see how much of a clown I look like.

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