44 thoughts on “#286 Seeing a dog or cat chasing its own tail

    1. Well, I suppose that just sort of happened now didn’t it…the chase for first place…Congrats Lara, you won!!!

        1. ya, I figured as much but just trying to keep it clean as I promised.
          All in good fun eh!
          A 6 year old girl once said while dancing to “Chikatita”, by Abba , “That one really gets my tail wagging!” and a 4 year old boy said, “R******, will you marry me?!*” a pretend wedding followed. Happy tail wagging:)


      I was busy in meetings all day, so I didn’t get to check in until just now, but absolutely loved this exchange..

      Good job chasing down first place, Lara! ;)

      Maybe your new-found firsties will result in some tail chasing for you after all! Let us know how it goes..

  1. Doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same result…
    SHENANNIGAN’S and top of the morning to you all:)

  2. A dog chasing its own tail is adorable

    But if you wanna see something really cute! Goand see what happens when something gets stuck on the backside of a baby! Now that’s some cute tail chasing!

  3. this is definitely both a metaphor for us and just awesome! sadly though, you rarely get to see this phenomenon unless you watch America’s Funniest Home Videos a lot or you hang out at the doggy mental hospital, because dogs that do this are absolutely nuts. Its like me chasing my own leg!

    1. Wanna know how nuts my dog is? She really does chase her own leg. She starts out cahsing her tail, but she always ends up hopping around in a circle with her hind leg in her mouth. All the time with that same crazed expression as the dog in the picture up top. I like to think of her as the world’s most loveable nut job.

      1. ok, so you and your dog could win the next AFV $100,000 prize.
        you can view on you-tube, “Dog eats Dog”, which we thought was ridiculous to take the win, but we weren’t there to vote for adorable giggling baby.
        Good Luck!

  4. I’ve seen toddlers chase their own butt and that is hilarious, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog chase its own tail in person. I’ve seen it on tv a lot, though…does that count? Still funny on tv, but I’m sure its better in person.

    1. AHAHA i have done this to my cousins little son on his first birthday.

      I tied a balloon to his pants at the back & he sat there for a good half hour chasing it round & round in circles! funniest & cutest thing ive ever seen!

  5. Also hilarious: making a cat attack its own tail. When one of my cats is lying on her back, sometimes I poke her in the face with her tail until she grabs it with her paws and bites it (not hard). Then she realizes it’s her tail and starts grooming it as if that was what she meant to do all along. So funny. :)

  6. we just got a new puppy about a month ago, he is 9 months old and he chases his tail all the time it is so funny, and totally awesome.

  7. When my cat was younger, she used to chase her tail in the most dangerous places. One of her favourites was on the upstairs bannister. There she’d be, a painful fall to the hardwood floor on one side and a death drop down the stairs on the other, scrambling around, swinging over the side, swatting at her tail, with assorted members of the family gathered around, ready to lunge out and catch her should she fall. We didn’t dare try to pick her up and put her somewhere safer because a) we would distract her and then she’d definitely lose her balance and fall, and b) she’d tear our hands to shreds if we touched her. She’s now grown out of chasing her tail (or at least letting herself be seen chasing her tail) and instead entertains herself by chasing the dog’s tail.

  8. My Schipperke doesn’t have a tail BUT she chases her back feet instead! Goes ’round and ’round in a circle til she falls over. CLASSIC

  9. Metaphorically…chasing rainbows, dreams, pot of gold, stardom…anything unattainable,
    Yep, I’ve admittedly played on a few too many merry-go-rounds,
    anyone remember that old tune, “Dizzy, my head is spin’n, like a whirl pool it never ends….” Ya, “I remember when rock was young”, and musicians played electric guitars while riding horse-back, like in Awesome post #389, hilarious. Now this is all good soul food, seriously, Frosted Lucky Charms ARE Magically Delicious!
    Better go eat lunch, I feel dizzy:)

  10. My dog never chases his tail :(

    He DOES chase things (like bugs) that, if you didn’t know what he was doing, would make him look possessed or something.

    1. Growing up I had this one dog that loved to chase and eat lady bugs. He was always going crazy trying to catch them. He didn’t pay much attention to any other bug though.

  11. Most times I feel like the dog chasing his own tail…But then again I’m also one of those people who will walk into a room, forget why he walked in there…then when he leaves he remembers!

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