#281 The loudest guy at the game

There’s always one.

It’s the beer belly guy with the megaphone, the face-painted lady with the dangly earrings, or the boozy teens with the letters on their chests. These folks don’t rest and we all can attest that they make our entire fan experience better than the best.

The loudest guy at the game cheers the crowd. The loudest guy at the game makes the home fans proud.

The loudest guy at the game … is just really damn loud.


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40 thoughts on “#281 The loudest guy at the game

      1. Really. And hey, if you’re going to stereotype, at least be more realistic. I’d venture to guess dog people are more likely to be enthusiastic sports fans than cat people. ;)

        1. Guys.. Some sound advice that will help you on your travels around the interwebs: Don’t feed the trolls..

          Go back and check out idonthaveaname’s posts over the past two weeks when he/she first showed up on the site. It’s the same deal every day.

          Feeding the troll only encourages it and makes it stronger. :)

    1. I beg your pardon. I am a dog-lady and I am ALWAYS the loudest person in my section. I have a memory card full of bird-flipping pics from opposing fans of when my Saints visits the Deadskins each year.

      WHO DAT?

      1. That is hilarious. I want a memory card full of pictures of people flipping me the bird at sports games.

  1. I’m a loud fan, but there’s always someone louder than me.
    As long as the guy/gal isn’t obnoxious or just being plain stuipid or rude, they are indeed awesome. They give me a good laugh sometimes.

    1. I always think of Neil and vomit together. …wait…what?

      But more seriously, I read your post, and you DID make stepping in cat vomit awesome. And inspiring. Well done!

  2. As long as parents at their children, or fans in the stands, aren’t shouting “Fight to win”, when games were designed to be played for fun…
    then colourfully crazed, skunk drunk, or purple hazed, if in the name of love; there’s popcorn, hot dogs and snow cones, I’m in to catch the wave!

    1. Yeah, I always shout “hug-it-out to win” myself. Who says there should be hitting in football?

      1. I’m somewhat naieve and gullable, so I could be set up here, but if in fact this is what you do…GOOD ON YOU AWESOME:D

    1. Being an Atlanta Braves fan, I cannot stand the city of Philadelphia. But I have to admit they’ve got some dedicated fans.

      1. aww, now – don’t be hating on the philly fans… just cause we’re vicious and mean and throw things at santa… it’s all for the love of the game ;-) there’s really nothing like being at any philly game – as long as you’re rooting for the right team!

    1. Yeah – you seem like the loud, obnoxious type, Lara.. :)

      You want to know who definitely isn’t this guy? Laura – because she doesn’t go to sporting events.

      1. I only go if we’re all in costume (usually some sort of team colored togas) and there is tailgating. Extra points for bringing a slip-n-slide or bbq-ing something other than the standard dogs and burgers.

  3. There used to be a guy like this at my sister’s track meets. You could hear him loud and clear from the other side of the field. And he was perfectly happy to cheer for whomever the person beside him was cheering for.

  4. I’m one of the fans you describe so eloquently today. It’s fun to listen to us (I know because I get many compliments over the course of a Minnesota Lynx season), but it’s even more fun for us to be those loud hardcore fans.
    Being the loudest guy at the (Lynx) game: AWESOME!

  5. Gorgeous “Free Bird” banner, by the way…”What a day for a daydream”…and “Sunny Days” and personifying this:
    Awesome is the wind beneath so many wings flying Happily High! BEAUTIFUL SELECTION FOR SPRING:)

  6. I’m not much of a sports fan (think it has to do with being picked dead last for every game in childhood gym class), but when I do go to a sporting event, I scream like crazy just to have fun! It’s just not as excitingh unless you go absolutely nuts hollering and cheering. I usually have to ask people around me what’s going on and who’s winning (I thought that was a down? there’s more than one? why didn’t he just stay on first base?) so I can at least compose a semblance of knowledgeable cheers and taunts. That guy/gal who is the ultimate fan is so entertaining and just makes the game great for me, so thanks, ultimate sports fan for getting me excited.
    I’m ready to do the wave…
    W A V E
    …it didn’t look so great by myself in my living room, but I’m still excited!

  7. Giving your readers a preview, just like the new book, is AWESOME! It’s like the 30 second clip on a music site or the film trailer for that movie you’ve been waiting for forever. Thanks!

  8. With my team, the Flyers, we have two guys like that. There’s the fat guy always dancing like crazy in the very top row of the stadium, and there’s Sign Man, who sits in the front row right behind the goal and always, without fail, has a sign for a player.

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