#265 The smell of really, really clean air

Your lungs deserve the best.

Escape the parking garage, forget the fast food fumes, and run away from that photocopying daze in the cubicle farm.

When you get way out in the open, when you’re sailing over the deep blue sea, when you’re climbing to the top of the mountain, just take a breath for you and me.


— Email message —

“My friend Kacie and I went to a beginners yoga class and at one point we were in a pose like the picture attached … I looked over to Kacie and she was staring at me with a big smile on her face… I mouthed “Are you OK?” she smiled.  We went on to another pose, again I looked over and she smiled and mouthed to me “I farted” while beaming… I mouthed back “What?!” and with an even bigger smile she whispered “I. Fart-ed.”  I lost it in a fit of giggles.  Our super chill instructor just smiled as we laughed for five minutes. After class ended we were walking out of the gym and she confessed ‘I think I liked it- I just felt so free!’ AWESOME.” – Rita

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45 thoughts on “#265 The smell of really, really clean air

  1. Oh, I can totally vouch for this, having visited an underdeveloped country full of hot smog, smoke and dust in the air then arriving in the UK. I remember a friend telling me about feeling the same and I just didn’t appreciate it until I was in that same position. The difference in the air was just unreal.

    I kinda take small things like that for granted. I guess this is why I love this blog cos it reminds me not to!

  2. This is perfect and most definitely an awesome thing!!

    Also awesome: when all of the trees and bushes are flowering and every so often when the wind’s just right, you catch a fragrant whiff and it’s not someone’s perfume, it’s just the awesome smell of SPRING! :)

  3. I get fresh air every day living in a small town in coastal British Columbia. Tall trees, ocean, rain and wind all combine to help form the daily air that I can practically *drink* because it’s so sweet and cold. I feel very lucky to live here.

    1. Ah, you are so lucky! I have visited your region many times and just LOVE the air! Not to mention the views! (when it’s not foggy)

  4. i have a confession to make.
    i just opened this site & read the title real quick & the content as i am at work.
    i read the title as ‘ the smell of really really clean HAIR’
    & then remembered that i had washed my hair this morning & proceeded to sniff my hair.
    :) LOL.
    wasn’t only until i started reading the comments when i realised you weren’t talking about hair.
    my bad. LOL.


      1. Agreed. But it’s creepy when you catch someone else sniffing it. The other day, I caught this guy (who I’m not friends with, just sorta know) sniffing my hair and I called him out on it. He admitted to it like it was no big deal and walked away. My friend’s dog also likes to climb up on the back of the couch when we’re watching a movie and shove her nose in my hair, which is less creepy because she is generally a strange pup.

  5. Just about anything that smells clean to me smells like soap or something. Like all those candles that are suppose to be ‘moutain air’ or ‘clean cotton’ or almost anything that has to do with the ocean, all smell like soap to me. But yes, the real thing, that fresh, clean air is most awesome, indeed. I use to live out in the country and getting my daily dose of clean air was hard not to get, but now that I’m living in a city I miss it.

    1. The “ocean” ones bug me the most. I’ve smelled a whole lot of ocean and it’s never smelled like that!

  6. A few years ago, I went to Europe with my family (to visit my great uncle and aunt). They live in Germany so Kaiserslaughten was our main spot while in Europe. That had to be the most clean air ever. Here in Louisiana, I live pretty much right next to a refinery so the air just tends to suck. But Germany made my lungs sing and the air actually had my more energized :)
    I love clean air. The only time I feel like my state air is clean is when I come home from visiting New York

    1. Wow, Lara, you are really jonesing for a tick! LOL Unless they were doing yoga in the bathroom, I’m gonna have to go with “no”.

      To be clear, the ticks are for “bathroom-related” entries, not “bum-related” entries. Therefore, something like brushing your teeth qualifies, but farting does not. Sorry!

      1. I know, I know. I’m just scrounging for scraps here. I’m sure he was thinking about the bathroom when he included it…

      2. so…in the wintertime, when someone warms the toilet seat for you in the morning, that would be AWESOME and get a tick, right?

        1. Oh, that IS awesome! I love when someone warms the toilet seat. When I was a kid, we had a furry toilet seat cover that kept your bum warm…lol!

  7. The air outside where I live and work isn’t exactly the best, but the air INSIDE my work (a print/copy shop) is terrible. Toner, carbonless paper, clean-up chemicals, paper dust, air “freshener” spray (my desk is near the bathroom)…terrible. The best part of the day is stepping outside at quitting time and taking a deep breath. AHHH.

  8. Oh, and as someone with seasonal allergies and a sensitivity to fragrances and smoke, I’d have to put this as the #1 most awesome thing. :)

  9. I love today’s post! Mountain air, ocean air, forest air, it’s all good!

    Too funny to include a letter about farting with this post!

  10. That’s why I love Spring season. The morning freshness along with birds tweeting makes you to jump with joy. No wonder they say, early morning walks are good for your mental health. All the worried night thoughts just vanishes with early morning brightness. Truly awesome!

  11. Even better than that, is the first really fresh smell of new spring air. Usually after it rains, but it’s not the same as normal fresh rain, it’s smells sweeter, fresher somehow. Same goes for fall, that crisp smell the air gets as the season changes over. It’s very distinct, at least to me, and it’s usually the new spring, new fall smell that seems the most distinct.

  12. I thought this said ‘The smell of really, really clean hair’. Which, got me excited because to be fair, that’s pretty awesome too.

  13. The cleanest, freshest air in the world is in Tasmania. My daughter is lucky enough to live in this most beauitful part of Australia. Our family visited at Christmas and enjoyed unbelievably beauitful beaches, stunning countryside and very pretty villages. Hobart and Launceston are great cities but the countryside is the stunner. Along with all of this beauty comes the cleanest air anywhere.

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