#262 The smell of the barbecue

Scratch the crusty grill with the fraying wire brush so all the tiny black flecks spray on your baggy khaki shorts. Twist open the spiderweb-covered propane tank or light the charcoal and then go inside to assemble your plastic tray of food.

Bring out the sauce-smeared drumsticks, homemade hamburgers, or slippery wieners and toss them on there. Let the meat sizzle as you fill the backyard, deck, and neighborhood with that beautifully smoky smell of


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26 thoughts on “#262 The smell of the barbecue

  1. I live in northern Canada, we BBQ all year round here, too. Just have to shovel the snow off of it first in the winter : )

  2. I am convinced that you can barbecue ANY food and it will automatically taste awesome.

    God, I hope the PETA people don’t ruin this awesome post…

  3. this post is definitely amongst my favorites! it has one downside though: I’m at work and can’t stop thinking about food! oO

  4. MMMMMMM………
    I love the smell of just about anything on the grill. So many great times…

    Again, here is some more people with wonderful awesome ideas. A book with all their awesome essays, I love it!!

  5. Olivia from Quebec, I wish I were in your class so I could read your essay book! Hang onto it; it’s sure to be something you’ll treasure even more with each passing year. :)

  6. My husband & I were just talking about grilling out for the first time this spring & now there’s about 10″ of snow covering everything… 75 degrees & tornados one week & a snow storm the next… Mother nature has been a tease! After 5 months of winter, I’m not even mad anymore… it’s amusing :)

  7. Barbecue is disgusting… come on: smells os blood and greasy stuff. Smells death. I’m a vegetarian in Brazil, land of barecue, and I can really say I know what I’m talking about. This is the only post I didn’t like from this wonderful blog.

    1. Do you not bbq veggies ? Or Tofu ?
      I am a vegetarian too & I love to bbq Tofu Kebabs. They taste really good.

  8. there should be an addendum to this one. i don’t wanna say that one barbecue is more awesome than the other, but there’s nothing like the FIRST barbecue of the spring season to really let you know that spring has sprung. the smell or rain on a wet sidewalk and the barbecue, these two posts just let me know that sunny days are SO close :)

  9. Especially awesome for me because my dad is like the best barbeque cook ever. Period. End of story.

  10. Barbeque is DE-LI-CIOUS.

    I enjoy porkback ribs, but every time I eat something like fish soup or any food with bones in it, I kind of feel like a murderer. But it’s so YUMMY.

    Well, an awesome ninja’s gotta eat, no?

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