#260 People who look like their pets


— Email message —

“I moved in with a new roommate in the beginning of this school year and we decided to make our own list of AWESOME! things to hang up in our drab dorm room.  Some of our favorites are: Harmony, walking in the rain with rain boots on, a huge thunder storm, getting your AC fixed, and sandwiches cut into different shapes.  Next year we are getting in an apartment with another girl and we’re going to frame the poster!” – Kaitlin

Photos from: here, here, and here


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36 responses to “#260 People who look like their pets

  1. krisfromparis

    hahaha, awesome indeed! that is my favorite of all Awesome Posts so far…i often get a chuckle, when i walk in the street, and walk past someone who bears a strong resemblance with their dog….too funny! :D

  2. O, I am so happy to see these photos! Thank you for brightening my day!

  3. Laura

    This makes me think of the beginning of 101 Dalmatians! When Pongo is looking for a girlfriend for himself and Roger, he keeps seeing all these wrong matches — and each dog looks like its owner :)

    Even though it’s been 15 years or more since I’ve seen that movie … and even though I had to Google the name of the guy … that was the very first thing that popped into my head when I read the title. Love it!

    BTW, Kaitlin, you and I could hang out and have a good ol’ time doodling with colored Sharpies. I have a slight obsession with them. Between the fine tip, extra fine tip, and chisel tip varieties, it’s safe to say I possess more than 100 of them. I love your idea for a poster of awesome!

    • Cassidy

      That’s pretty much the single classiest movie ever made, and yeah, I totally thought of that scene too!

    • Kaitlin

      The picture is actually my roommate, but I helped too. I love writing with Sharpies, but I can only do it for so long before the smell is overwhelming!

  4. Susha

    ha ha! gr8 snaps! wish i had a pet that looks like me :)

  5. idonthaveaname

    These people do not look like their pets at all.

    • Kathy

      I have to tell you, idonthaveaname, your simple, dry humor cracks me up daily. I’m in an emotional, strange mood today and reading your post sent me into a laughing fit. I was picturing Bob Newhart or Steven Wright saying it. In your own unique way, you’re AWESOME!

  6. Oh my gosh. I LOVE when people look like their pets! It usually only happens with dogs though, which is sad since I own a cat.

  7. wendywithaurora

    When we were young we had shiney golden hair and a soft silky coat,
    pearly white teeth and a love for “skinny-dipping”…
    now, we have tri-coloured hair with silver highlights, “yellow teeth”… are content to go for a river walk, beach combing and a for a ride in the canoe.
    One thing we always have is a love for music, to sing and feel “dancey” !
    She’s a Collie, Shepard and Coyote- I’m told we’re identical-pretty cool;)
    Happy Easter everyone:)

  8. Haha – YES! My husband emailed me pictures of this a couple of days ago! Ironic :) But yes, totally awesome.

  9. That little girl is almost too cute to be real!

  10. Ck

    I work in a veterinary hospital. All day long we see people who have a strong resemblance to their pets. Ill have to get some pics. Today we had a lady with 5 shih tzu’s. It was spot on. Lol

  11. While the post itself is great, I particularly like the captions of each of the photos when you hover over them.

    “they both are bald guys”


  12. i am so grateful that you had pictures. you just made my entire year.

  13. Vasanth

    Good n Great pic !

  14. I have seen a lot of people look like their pets.

  15. Miss oh

    wow! this is my firts time to visit here.
    i already feel awsome!!
    especially, the funny pictures make me more awsome!

  16. Lara

    LOL! That first picture is all kinds of amazing.

  17. The real question – do you buy pets that already look like you? Or do you just start to look like your pets? Because I just bought an English Bulldog and he’s the last thing I want to look like.

  18. Actually, these people scare me!

  19. Dipti

    ha ha………..

  20. well, and people say that i look like my cat lol

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  22. will

    Did the guy poise with the bulldog, or was it the other way around
    Zeal For Life

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  27. pepa

    hola, soy la unica española?,y, si es alucinante (awesome)
    hi, am i the only spanish person here?,and,yes it´s awesome

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